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Google Launch Gallery Go App: Alternative To Google Photos

Google has just announced a new application called “Gallery Go”. It is from the Google Photos team, and is supposed to offer an alternative “liter” app for people who either just want a Gallery App with simple editing features, OR don’t want or cannot upload their photos to the cloud.

It’s a tiny app (10MB), and it doesn’t rely on cloud backup services like the regular Google Photos app (it’s basically a lightweight version of that). Instead, the app is designed for developing markets where numerous amounts of device storage and internet access aren’t always available.

Google Gallery Go App

The GO APPS have some things in common: like Android GO, they are –

Targeted at low-speed phones – hence being small in size, and not requiring a lot of performance power.

Targeted at people who want online alternatives, or for people in slow internet areas – for example, if you don’t want to upload your photos to Google Photos, or if the data costs are high, etc.

Gallery Go will organize your pictures into selfies, food, animals, etc. All this will be done offline apparently. This shows how effective Google AI is getting with pictures. That all that can be done offline on a 10MB app without having to send data back and forth between the Google Cloud and your phone probably points to the already teased “Next Gen Assistant” being pretty mind-blowing.

Features Of Gallery GO Application:

  • Automatically organize photo memory:

Gallery Go automatically manage your photos by the people and things you take photos of, so you can easily find your favorite selfie, remember where you had the best puff, and keep track of important documents. You don’t have to manually label your pictures and all these features run on your phone, without using your data. You can create folders to manage your photos, and Gallery Go works with SD cards, so you can easily copy them from your smartphone. It’s not immediately clear if all of the features work with photos stored on SD cards, or if they have to be transferred to the internal storage first. It would be a benefit if it did work with photos stored on MicroSD cards though since you can buy high memory capacity cards far cheaper than high memory capacity phones.

  • Simple-to-use editing tools

With Google’s Gallery Go it’s easy to get good-looking photos in just a few taps. Use auto-enhance—one of the best editing tools in Google Photos—for instant fixes. You can also select from a variety of filters to get a new look, and easily rotate and crop, so your photo looks just right.

  • Light and offline by design

Gallery Go has been designed to work offline, to help you manage your photos using fewer data. And at just 10 MB, the app won’t and leaves space to store more memories.

Gallery Go is available in the Play Store for devices running Android 8.1 (Oreo) or higher. While the app is available worldwide, some features such as organizing photos by people aren’t available in all countries.

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