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Handling Tips Of The Large Screen Smartphones Of Samsung

Handling Tips Of The Large Screen Smartphones Of Samsung The smartphone industry is one of the most dynamic marketplaces out there. Till a few years ago it was dominated by Nokia, then came Samsung and it emerged as the strongest player in the smartphone segment with its release of smartphones run on Android OS. There is hardly a place in the world, where Samsung device and Samsung phone and tablet repairing stores are not found today. Whether it is a feature phone or high-end Galaxy series smartphone, this South Korean smartphone maker has an overwhelming presence all over the globe. Samsung bombarded users with a new range of devices every year.

The introduction of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 series phones helped this tech-giant to dominate the smartphone market with 81,186,900 units sold during the first quarter. The company held a 23.2% market share, marginally down from 24.1% it held during the same quarter last year. According to the Samsung phone repairing experts, people have demanded bigger phones, and Samsung has given them that. This year’s Galaxy S8+ screen is an enormous 6.2 inches from corner to corner, which kind of eliminates the requirements for a Note model any more. But handling the large screen mobiles is a challenging task. So here we are offering you the tips to handle the large screen smartphones of Samsung-

  • Samsung is bringing a fully fledged type of XXL smartphone, a category that’s only getting bigger. So quite understandable if you have bought one of these smartphones and using it for the first time, chances are higher you may face problem handling it due to its enormous size. Samsung phone repair professionals suggest that for the first few months try to exercise extra care and do not take your device in the public places. Enhance your skill of handling the device at home, and when you feel you are comfortable, take your device with you wherever you want.
  • Resisting the temptation of taking your newly-bought Galaxy S8+ with you is a hard task. If you really want to keep your phone with yourself all the time, make sure you use two-hands while operating it. The chances of dropping the phone will be less if you use both the hands while operating it in public places.
  • Stay away from holding the phone with oily hands as you may lose your grip and drop your phone. Try to keep your hands dry and hold your phone tightly while using it. Samsung phone repairing stores receive hundreds of repairing orders of the phones that dropped from the owner’s hand because of negligence in handling.
  • Always use headphones while talking on the phone and keep your device wrapped with a high-quality back cover or protector. Experts also suggest to carry your phone on a separate bag and take the device out of it only if it is absolutely unavoidable.

By following the above-mentioned tips, you can keep your device safe for a long time. Do keep in mind that, only a clever user can make the maximum out of any device.

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