Hands-Free Selfie Trend

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Hands-Free Selfie Trend

Hands-Free High Five Selfie Trend

Have you heard about the latest craze storming the internet? As all insane trends start, one guy posted a tweet and it went viral. His post was a photo of his “feat”, a high-five, hands-free selfie trend.


We advise against throwing your phone in the air but if you can’t resist the urge to try, make sure it drops on a padded area like a carpet or cushion. As the Mirror.co.uk  says “New ‘high-five’ selfie craze is the most efficient way to break your expensive phone this season

If you happen to smash or crack your phone i Fix Screens repair shops are here to fix it for you.


“Today is the proudest day of my life,” wrote North Carolina student Seth Schneider, in a post on Twitter that has been shared more than 170,000 times. “I successfully took a picture of me high-fiving myself.”  

Others followed and posted their accomplishments…or fails.




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