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HoloFlex Smartphone From The Future

A group of researchers at the Human Media Lab of Queen's University in Canada has recently developed a unique smartphone. The new smartphone is called HoloFlex and it makes use of a holographic display. The new device also has a flexible body. Let's have a look at this new prototype in this article.

HoloFlex Awesome Holographic

HoloFlex uses a holographic display, which can view 3D holographic images on a flat screen. In contrast to other available VR products in the market, HoloFlex does not require any additional accessories. You can simply look at the flat screen with your eyes and see 3D images. This is achieved through layers of micro-lens array with more than 16,000 lenses. The phone renders images with the help of this lens array. The result is a holographic 3D image.

Oh No There's One Problem

However, there's a problem with that. Although the screen is a 1080p OLED display, don't expect to see 3D images in that quality. When it comes to 3D constructed images, you'll only get the resolution of about 160×104 pixels which is very low. Maybe, this is the biggest limitation that prevents the phone from being distributed to consumers at the present time.

The Flex Technology

The flex technology in that phone is really new. The phone can respond to bending it as if it was a command. The researchers team has developed the interface for other developers to be able to use bending as an input to their applications. Bending in HoloFlex can be used to interact with the displayed 3D images.


HoloFlex maybe a start to change the way we are using our phones. With the popularity of VR and the introduction of HoloFlex, we can see that the future is going to be very interesting and we should be waiting for more.

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