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How To Backup Your Data On Android Devices

One of the scariest nightmares for every mobile user is the fear of losing data. This can happen in many situations. For example, maybe your phone gets stolen or damaged. Maybe you have to buy a new phone because your old one is broken or lost. So, there must be a way to make you feel safe regarding your important data stored on your device. In this article, we show you how to backup your android devices data.

How To Backup Your Data On Android Devices

Cloud storage:

Is a blessing that is making our lives easier. The concept of cloud storage refers to the ability to store your data on the cloud rather than locally on your machine. The cloud is formed using powerful and reliable servers to make your data secure and available. Google offers many cloud services for its users. One of the most useful services is Google Sync. With this amazing service, you can back up much of your data. With a single Google account tied to all the Google services you use, you can make sure all your preferences are safe. For example, your Google calendar, contacts, Chrome bookmarks, Google+ profile, Google drive and basically all Google services. All you have to do is to sign-in with your Google account and you can have all those preferences and settings from any device.

Super Backup Your Android

Back Up Software:

Also, most phone manufacturers provide their backup software on their phones. This software usually backs up your settings and app data and sends them to the manufacturer cloud. So, you can retrieve them any time by accessing your account. One shortage of this kind of back-up is that it only backs-up app data and settings but not the apps themselves. However, it is still very useful for having all preferences and settings kept in the cloud no matter what happens to your phone.

Backup Applications:

There are some apps that you can use to backup your data and other apps. One of these apps is called “Super Backup”. With this app, you can backup all your contacts, SMS, calendars and bookmarks. You have both options of backing them up locally or sending them to the cloud. If you back them up locally, you can transfer them then to your computer or any removable storage using your USB cable. Then, you can simply restore your backups by transferring them back to the new device, installing the “Super Backup” app and restore saved backups.super backup app

Super Backup App


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