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How To Know If Your iPhone Is Hacked? Check These 5 Points!

With phones becoming an increasingly important part of our life, it is essential to keep a check on its integrity. According to research by IDC, over 80% of people reach for their phones the moment they wake up. That is how important our phones have become in our life. So, how do you know if someone is not taking you all the time? Or miss use your data?

As compared to Android phones, the iPhone is difficult to hack. Thanks to the stringent rules and regulations by Apple keeps a tight check on apps that upload to the App Store. Also, it is difficult to find a dependable antivirus app in the App Store because Apple has a lot of limitations on scanning other apps and accessing their data. Very few legitimate applications get through these filters and are then available in the Appstore. Also, even after publishing the app, if the apps happen found to be malicious, Apple has a good history of banning these apps. Even Reddit got banned from the Appstore once due to non-compliance. You can know more about the banning history of Apple here. All this is good. But, this does not mean that the iPhones are not hackable.

Hacker Using Phone And Card

If you think that your iPhone is hacked, or want to know if your iPhone is hacked or not? 

Just follow the below steps:

1. Is your iPhone’s battery is draining faster than usual? These might happen if something is going on in the background without your notice. An app might be processing your data or sending it over the internet. Keep a check on your normal battery usage, and if there is an uncertain rise in it might be fishy.

2. There is a rise in data consumption than regular usage. Most of us did not reach our data limit monthly. But if you start hitting that limit, something might be wrong. It is possible that an application or virus might be processing and sharing your data with a third party.

3. Your iPhone is behaving strangely. If you are receiving strange texts, calls, or notifications or your iPhone is taking too much load and overheating, this is a heads up sign for you to check.

4. Cydia is installed automatically on your iPhone. This application use after Jailbreaking your iPhone and bypasses all the Apple's regulations and rules. This means any third-party app can install on your iPhone without App Store access. If you have not installed Cydia then definitely someone has tampered with your iPhone dropping you highly vulnerable.

5. You are listening to creepy background sounds on calls. It is normal to hear regular background noises, but if you listen to tones like clicks or taps, there is a high possibility of someone else overhearing the conversation or hacked.

So, what’s the best solution if you feel that your iPhone is hacked? Or if you are experiencing any of the mentioned activity on your iPhone?

Just reach your nearest iFixScreens store, and our experts will help you within no time.

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