How To Replace Your iPhone 6 Plus Battery

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Do it Yourself: Replace iPhone 6 Plus Battery

Your iPhone 6 Plus battery broke? You have the technical skills to fix it yourself?

iFixScreens presents to you a DIY video tutorial, for how to replace your iPhone 6 Plus battery.

If you want to know how to open your iPhone 6 Plus, watch this:

  1. First, unplug the connectors holding the battery.
  2. Then, using the flat tool, remove the tape from the bottom of the battery.
  3. Very carefully and slowly, pull the tape away from the battery.
  4. Notice some tapes may rip apart before they get pulled out completely.
  5. If that happens, use a tweezer to grab a piece of tape firmly.
  6. Then, try removing tape from the sides, that way you can follow the trall.
  7. Finally, make sure the connectors are fully unplugged.
  8. Then, Flip the phone over and the battery will fall right out.
  9. Place a strip of a double size tape on the phone, in order to stick the battery.
  10. Plug the connectors back together before placing the battery.

If you found that difficult, please visit your nearest location to replace your iPhone battery.


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