How to replace your iPhone 6S Screen

iFixScreens presents to you a DIY video tutorial, for how to replace your iPhone 6S Screen.

Did you drop you iPhone 6S and shattered the screen?

Do you have technical skills for fixing your iPhone 6S screen with your own hands?

Tools You Needs:

  • Screw: to unscrew the parts
  • Suction Cup: Remove the glass
  • Pick: Separate the connectors
  • Plyers: For delicate/small areas
  • Prying Tool: Separates the screen

** In order to keep track of the tiny screws, print out a drawing of the phone to place the screws on.

Easy steps to replace your screen:

  • First, you have to remove the two screws from the bottom of the phone.
  • If the screen is broken the suction cup will not stick, so place a tap on the screen to fix it with.
  • Carefully insert the Prying tool just below the home button and push out.
  • Give it a lift or two, then pull the suction cup.
  • Once inside unscrew the 4 screws holding the metal plate.
  • Place the screws on the paper, in the exact position they were in.
  • Using the pick, carefully separate the connectors.
  • Set the body aside.
  • Remove all 6 screws fro the side of the screen
  • Now remove all 3 screws from the home button plate
  • Notice there is small connector, carefully unplug it using the pick.
  • Remove the home button and set aside.
  • There is one small screw beside the camera, you have to be aware off.
  • Remove the metal plate, and set aside.
  • Unscrew all 3 screws form the top of the screen
  • Carefully take apart the camera, piece by piece.
  • Notice most of the things are clued to the screen, carefully separate them.
  • Test the new screen by plugging the connectors temporarily.
  • Now , we are going to add all the parts to the new screen.
  • Starting with the Camera: Carefully place every piece into it’s original position.
  • Reassemble the camera, piece by piece.
  • Finally place the metal plate back and screw it in it’s place.
  • Then place the home button and the connector back in it’s place.
  • Screw 2 of the screws, leaving the third for later.
  • Place the metal plate back, and screw in the six sides.
  • Now to screw the third screw of the home button.
  • Don’t forget the screw next to the camera.
  • Bring the connector together.
  • Place the metal plate back and screw it in.
  • Push the screen up and in to close.
  • Push down on the side to secure.
  • Finally place the bottom screws in, to lock the screen.

If something went wrong or you decided to have a professional to look into it, please visit your nearest for help.

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