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Resolve the suspended issue in Laptop/Computer:

If you find your PC turning unresponsive at times and freezes suddenly, it’s time to get a thorough check of your system. Initially, you need to identify the actual cause behind the computer freeze issue to detect if it is software specific or hardware related.

Computer not responding?

Fix Computer/Laptop Hanging Issue

Reason for the hanging Computer/laptop :

In most operating systems (Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP, etc.) people suffer from hanging issues. Either because it is intermittent or because it is different from other hardware in the computer. Hardware can also become imperfect over time due to dirt or heat damage. Sometimes it happens due to overheating problems. If multiple apps and programs are running or an insufficient RAM, your PC will run slow.

How to fix laptop/computer hanging problem:
• If your laptop/computer not responding:

The best and easy way to unfreeze your PC/laptop is to press and hold the “Ctrl”, “Alt” and “Del” buttons in that order. This may unfreeze the computer, or bring up an option to restart, shut down or open the task manager. Open the task manager and see if a program is listed as “not responding.” If there is one, click that program title and click “end task.” Also, you can turn off your pc by using the power button.

• Protect PC from viruses:

Malware software may also cause random hangs and other performance problems in Windows. Antivirus software can sometimes contribute to performance problems in Windows. This is particularly common if your antivirus software is out of date, or if you are running more than one antivirus software on your PC at the same time. If you have multiple antivirus solutions installed, uninstall all but one. Check for install updates for your antivirus software.

• Knowledge of hardware configuration:

• Open the back of the laptop, remove the RAM, clean it with care and place it back.
• Clean the fan and air coming area

• Replace the hard drive’s data cable:

If the cable that connects the hard drive to the motherboard is damaged or not working, then you could see these kinds of issues while Windows is loading – including freezing, stopping, and reboot loops.
• Uninstalled useless programs:

Most laptops freeze because of the number of unnecessary programs installed within the system as they are wasting a big part of your disk space, so uninstall them quickly or reduce them.

• Click Start and then click on Control Panel.
• Now Click programs Uninstall a program (Unnecessary).
• Select a program and click the Uninstall button.
• Now follow the setup.

• Contact a certified technician if issue not solved:

Do not ignore the serious problem of hanging your PC/Laptop and take it to a reliable computer repairing shop. The experts can follow appropriate procedures to fix the issue of freezing and not responding.

• Computer/Laptop repair near your Location:

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