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How To Sell Your Old/Used iPhone In New York? 

If you want to purchase one of Apple’s new iPhones, then you’re probably thinking about selling your old iPhone. Sales of second-hand iPhones are floating, and compared with models from other manufacturers; you can get a good price.

The high cost of a new iPhone can be a hard pill to swallow, but it becomes easier if you sell your old one.

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How To Sell Your Used iPhone At The Best Price?

Finding used iPhones for sale in NY probably has the best chance of success when the place making it available has a strong focus on knowing all about Apple devices, including iPads. That means that they not only sell new and used items but know how to repair each of these items to get them running as good as new.

When Should I Sell My Old iPhone?

The best time to sell your iPhone is right after Apple announces its newest models, but before the new devices hit the market. This means you’ll have about a 10-day window to sell your iPhone.

This is because Apple typically discounts the price of older models by around $100, almost instantly dropping the value of used models in the process.

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Where Can I Make Good Money Selling Or Trade-In My iPhone?

Selling an old iPhone is not a big deal as there are a number of trade-in companies that offer reasonable value for your iPhone. Based on what you want to get, you can choose the right offer. For example, you can get cash or a gift card in exchange for your device.

There are a few options for selling your iPhone – trading it in through retail and manufacturer programs, selling it on buy-back sites, or selling it through an online marketplace like ifixscreens.com. For those hoping to get the best value, you always get the most money for your old iPhone by selling it on iFixScreens.

Since 2012, iFixScreens has been the place to go when seeking to sell used iPhones in NY residents can trust. Putting your faith in us also has supplementary advantages by offering you a one-stop-shop when you need a repair or are looking to sell your phone.

So when you’re on the search for selling used iPhones in New York, it makes perfect sense to check out the knowledgeable and trustworthy staff at iFixScreens.

How Much Money Will I Currently Get For My Old iPhone?

It’s difficult to put an exact value on what you’ll be able to get, and it will depend on the way you take when it comes to selling just how much cash you can make.

You have to check the storage size of your iPhone. A device with 16GB of storage will go for less than those boasting 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB of space.

If you’ve got an iPhone from several years ago (iPhone 5/5S/5C) then you’ll probably be looking at less than £100, but if you’re lucky enough to have an iPhone from the last year or two (iPhone 6S/6S Plus/iPhone 7/7 Plus) your payday could run into the several hundreds of pounds. These prices are based on a fully working phone in good condition with cable and charger.

Steps To Prepare Your iPhone For Sale:

Check for scratches on the screen, marked or damaged bodywork, loose buttons, and ports, and the stability of the SIM tray. Even if your iPhone is a little damaged, you can still get some money for it, but the better the condition, the better price you’ll ultimately be able to get.

  • Unlock your iPhone
  • Unpair your Apple Watch
  • Back up your iPhone
  • Sign out of iCloud
  • Erase your iPhone
  • Clean your iPhone

How Do I Sell My iPhone At iFixScreens?

The trade-in program lets you send in your new or used phone in exchange for fast money. You provide specific details about your iPhone by filling out the form above and receiving an offer amount. If you accept the offer, we’ll provide a free shipping label for you to send your phone to us for verification. If your phone is exactly how you described it, we will send your payment to your PayPal account within 2 business days. If we find that the phone is not as described, then you’ll either receive an updated offer or the phone will be sent back to you, free of charge.

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