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4 Easy Tips To Speed Up Android Smartphone

Your phone is not as fast as it used to be anymore? Do you experience some lag while trying to do the most basic operations on your phone? You can’t scroll fast enough to keep up with the news? In this article, we give you some tips you can apply to improve the performance of your phone.


Low Space Problem

One of the most common reasons for this problem is low space. Maybe your memory is overcrowded with apps, videos, photos, and music files. That definitely affects the performance of your device.

You can check your space by going to Settings ? Storage.

This will show you how your storage is used. For example, how much space do install apps take, the same for photos, videos, and others? If you touch Apps, for example, you can see a list of installed apps and how much space each app occupies.

In Android Marshmallow, you can touch any app name and you have the option to either clear app data or app cache. You can also uninstall the app by touching the top right info icon.

Uninstalling apps you don’t use much and deleting cache data periodically greatly saves storage space and hence improves performance.

Checking Your Storage

Checking your storage by going to Settings ? Storage

Checking Installed Apps

Checking installed Apps

Here You Can Clear App Data

Here you can clear app data, clear cache, force stop, or uninstall an app

Uninstall Or Stop An AppUninstall or stop an app

Check Running Services

Another way to judge your apps is by seeing how they affect performance.

Go to Settings ? Developer Options ? Running Services.

Here, you can see the running services and how much they use of the RAM.

You can surely see a nice graph on the top which shows memory usage.

It is divided into three parts: System usage (which is the amount of RAM used by the Android System), App (the overall usage of all apps of RAM), and Free which is obviously the free amount of RAM.

If you have a small amount of free RAM, scroll down and see which services use the biggest share of RAM and stop it. You can also uninstall apps that you notice consuming lots of RAM.

Viewing Ram Usage From SettingsViewing RAM usage from Settings ? Developer Options ? Running Services

Battery Could be the Problem

Your phone slowdown can be also due to the battery.

If your battery is low, many devices switch to a battery-saving mode which runs the device in low-performance mode. If that’s the case, charge your phone as soon as possible.

Restart Your Phone Now

Another cause may be your phone needs a restart. You may forget to turn off your phone or restart it for weeks or months. Trying to turn off the phone for a minute or two or restarting it won’t hurt.

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