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Tired of how you always seem to have your cellphone water damaged?

Purchasing a new cellular phone to replace your water-damaged device is too costly, why pay more when you can pay less! iFixScreens ‘5’ steps could save your cellphone.

Everyone has experienced a problem here or there with their cellphone, and usually when it comes to technical problems depending on the cellular phone you own you just take the battery off or simply restart your phone. and voila it’s fixed. Let’s go deeper though, what if the issue was more on the side of your cellphone falling into the sink? or even worse the toilet! What if I told you there is a solution to fix this watery mess yourself without it leaving a dent in your wallet? Keep reading to see how you can fix this issue with these common household items.

 iFixScreens suggests you follow these steps to help save your cellphone from water damage,

First, you need to grab that cellphone from the sink or toilet as quickly as possible. You can always wash your hands later, but the faster you grab it out the higher the probability you can repair the water damage.

Second step to do is to grab a paper towel and wipe down the cellphone and try to get it as dry as possible. The quicker you wipe that cellphone down the less time you have to wait to use your device again.

Third, get a bag that’s a little bigger than your device and fill it up 3-quarters with uncooked white rice. 

Fourth, with cellular devices that have a removable battery for example Samsung Galaxy, remove the battery and place it in the bag filled with rice alongside your cellular device. If you have an iPhone do not attempt to remove the battery, it will cause more harm than good.

Lastly, after you have placed your cellular device in the bag filled with rice, place it in a warm area and let it sit for at least 24 hours before turning your device back on.

iFixScreens has tried this method and it has been proven effective. Give it a try! If you need more help or questions come to visit us at any of the following locations. Don’t forget, if you need a screen repair come down and let iFixScreens assist you. If you break, we can repair it! Our Mail-in address is also available to be as convenient to you as possible.


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