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iOS 16.3 is Now Available With Enhanced UI And Improved Security: Get The Latest Update

Apple recently released its latest operating system, iOS 16.3, with several new features and improvements. This article explains the most significant changes and updates in iOS 16.3 and how they will impact users.

Key Takeaways:

  • The latest update for Apple's iOS operating system, version 16.3, has been released, bringing a range of improvements and new features.
  • iOS 16.3 introduces performance enhancements, making your device run smoother and more efficiently.
  • This update addresses various bug fixes and issues reported by users, enhancing the overall stability and reliability of the iOS.
  • iOS 16.3 offers an array of improvements and new features to enhance your Apple device's functionality and user experience.

iOS 16.3: Security Key Authentication For Apple ID

With the release of iOS 16.3, users now have the option to enhance their Apple ID security by adding a security key authentication. Advanced-Data Protection for iCloud was introduced in iOS 16.2 and is now available to U.S. iPhone owners. Apple rolled out this feature for iPhones, iPads, and Macs in January and made it available in iOS 16.3 and MacOS 13.2. The physical security keys serve as an additional layer of protection to Apple's current two-factor authentication, especially for iPhone owners at higher risk of hacking due to their public profiles, such as celebrities, politicians, and journalists.
Once enabled, accessing your Apple ID account will require a physical security key and a second form of authentication. You can look at our guide on iOS 16.3 and hardware security keys if you'd like to learn more about how this feature works.

 Security Key Authentication For Apple Id

iOS 16.3: Global Advanced Data Protection

The iOS 16.2 update provided U.S. iPhone users with the Advanced Data Protection feature, which offers end-to-end encryption for iCloud storage services. iOS protects data stored in the cloud, excluding Mail, Contacts, and Calendar data. Reports from users who tested the iOS 16.3 beta suggest that Apple has fulfilled its promise to bring the global security feature to other regions with future iOS updates. To activate Advanced Data Protection, go to Settings, tap your name, and select iCloud. From there, you can turn on the security feature.

Ios 16.3 Global Advanced Data Protection

iOS 16.3: Support For HomePod Second-Gen

A new guide has been added to the Handoff feature in iOS 16.3, making it easier to transfer music playback from an iPhone to a HomePod speaker. This upgrade to Handoff is especially significant with the recent release of the Apple HomePod 2. The guide clearly outlines the steps for using Handoff, including bringing your iPhone close to the HomePod to view playback controls or transfer audio and repeating the process to transfer audio back to the phone.

Support For Homepod Second-Gen In Ios 16.3

Classic iPhone Wallpapers Get Widgets & Unity Wallpaper

The release of iOS 16 allowed users to customize their lock screens and add widgets but, unfortunately, left out the classic iPhone wallpapers. However, with iOS 16.3, users can now add widgets to these wallpapers.

Please take note that this feature is exclusively accessible to users who had one of the classic wallpapers on their iPhone during the update to iOS 16. If you updated to iOS 16 with a different wallpaper, you would not be able to customize these classic wallpapers.

Unity Wallpaper: The latest iOS 16.3 update has brought a new iPhone wallpaper, included as part of Apple's Black Unity Collection. The collection comprises the wallpaper, a distinctive Black Unity Sport Loop for the Apple Watch, and a mosaic watch face.

Classic Iphone Wallpapers Get Widgets &Amp; Unity Wallpaper

Emergency SOS Calls Via Satellite Call Modes.

With the iPhone 14, users can already reach Emergency SOS through satellite in remote locations. However, the iOS 16.3 update introduces two additional ways to access this feature.
The first new option is "Call with Hold and Release," which replaces the previous "Call with Hold" function. This feature allows users to access Emergency SOS and trigger an alarm by holding down the power button and a volume button instead of using a call slider, which may not always be possible in an emergency.
The second new feature, "Call Quietly," allows users to make an emergency call without activating an alarm, which may not be appropriate or could even put them in further danger.

Emergency Sos Calls Via Satellite Call Modes.

iOS 16.2 Fixes Bugs And Issues

The latest iOS 16.3 update has several improvements and bug fixes listed in its release notes. One of the most significant ones addresses the issue of horizontal lines appearing on some iPhone 14 Pro Max models when waking up. The update also solves various problems related to Siri, CarPlay, and the lock screen on the iPhone.
In iOS 16.2, Apple introduced a new architecture for its Home app, but it quickly removed it due to user complaints. The architecture was causing some HomeKit devices to become stuck in an "updating" or "configuring" status and others to be missing from the Home app. However, with iOS 16.3, the new architecture returns, apparently after Apple has resolved these issues.

Ios 16.2 Fixes Bugs And Issues

Final Thoughts:

Apple's latest iOS 16.3 update has brought several significant changes and improvements to its operating system. A significant change is the security key authentication for Apple ID, providing users with an additional layer of protection. iOS 16.3 also introduces the Advanced Data Protection feature globally, which offers end-to-end encryption for iCloud storage services. iOS 16.3 upgraded its Handoff feature to support the second-generation HomePod, making it easier for users to transfer music playback. With iOS 16.3, users can customize the classic iPhone wallpapers with widgets. The Emergency SOS feature improved, such as making quiet emergency calls without alarm sounds. In addition to these updates, iOS 16.3 also fixes several bugs and issues with the Home app, Siri, CarPlay, and the lock screen.

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