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IOS 8 Tips And Tricks

Apple's New Operating System iOS 8 Is Now Out. If You Have An iPhone 4S Or Newer, You Can Download It For Free From iTunes. Please Make Sure To Back Up Your iDevice.

Awesome New Features:

  • Send last location to Apple before your battery dies — We've all misplaced our precious devices. This feature allows iPhone and iPad users to send its last known location to Apple and iCloud holds this information for 24hours.

Ios 8 Tips And Tricks I Fix Screens


  • Siri will identify songs — Siri is now integrated with Shazam and if you ask Siri "what song is playing?" she will listen and identify the music for you.

Songs- I Fix Screens

  • Find which app is using the most battery life — A feature in settings that allows you to view battery usage by app. This lets you monitor specific apps that drain your battery.

Battery - I Fix Screens

  • Hide images from Photos app — Pictures and videos can now be hidden in the Moments, Collections, and Years view in the Photos app.

Hiddenimages- I Fix Screens

  • Automatically delete messages — In Settings > Messages, enable "Automatically Delete" messages after 30 days to 1 year. This will free up memory in the device.


  • Remove yourself from group messages — In group message, tap "Details" then tap Leave the Conversation.

Remove Yourself From Group Messages - I Fix Screens

  • Camera Timer — Set the camera on timer for up to 10 seconds.

Camera Timer - I Fix Screens


  • Recover deleted photos — A photo can be retrieved by tapping on the trash can icon in the photo app.

Recover Deleted Photos- I Fix Screens


  • Add photos to Notes — Photos can be inserted into the Notes app from Photos. Notes has also has rich text editing.

Add Photos To Notes - Ifixscreens

  • Activate Siri without hands — — Turn the feature on in settings and just say, "Hey Siri!" when connect to a power source.
  • Request desktop site in Safari — Allows you to load desktop site rather then mobile.
  • Panoramic mode for iPad — It used to be only for the iPhone!
  • Credit card scanning — While making online purchases in Safari you use the camera to scan in credit card information.

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