iPad Air Repair now at i Fix Screens!

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iPad Air Repair is now available at i Fix Screens!


                                                                                               iPad air repair


With the new sleek design the iPad Air is one of  the thinnest and most portable tablets to date. The iPad Air  has been so revolutionized to fit anyone’s specific needs that now a days you can not go anywhere without it; Until it falls! Well, don’t worry i Fix Screens has the solution to that problem!

i Fix Screens now repairs the new iPad Air. Never be without your iPad Air  because whatever the crack may be, WE can fix it. We will fix your iPad Air and return it as  quickly as possible wherever you may be in the USA or come by one of our locations. Our Mail-in address is also available here.

In addition to the iPad Air repair, i Fix Screens also fixes all other iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tablets.

2 Comments on “iPad Air Repair now at i Fix Screens!”

  1. Sonia - iPad Repairs

    I was wondering how you guys were finding the iPad Air Repairs? Are you getting more of them than iPad 2’s or iPad 3’s. I am curious because I am wondering if it is different in terms of volume of repairs comparatively for the US and the UK.

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