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iPhone Tips And Tricks: Fixing IPhone Disabled Issue

Iphone Disabled

Although there are a lot of different phone brands nowadays, there’s no doubt that the iPhone is still one of the all-time favorites. However, it is also not a hidden fact that it suffers from sudden problems that we do not even know the reason why or how it happened. One of these issues is iPhone disabled. So what is the real reason for this issue and how to solve it?

When your iPhone is disabled, you won’t be able to unlock your phone. Some people go on a total panic, thinking that something serious must have happened, more especially when the notification says that it cannot be used for the next million minutes. However, although it’s really bothering, it is not bad as it may seem. If you are looking for some help regarding this issue, fortunately, we dedicate this article for you.

The Real Reason Behind iPhone Disabled Issue

In the first place, you must be aware of the fact that all Apple or iOS devices can be disabled. Whether you are using an iPod touch, iPad or an iPhone, once in your life, it is more likely impossible for you not to encounter this issue. However, take note that the notification message can vary. Sometimes, you will see a simple, “iPhone Disabled” message. You can also experience it saying “try again in 5 minutes” or something like that. Plus, there are also times that it suggests that you need to connect to iTunes to solve the issue.

However, some people go real hysterical when they encounter their iOS device saying that it won’t actually work for several millions of minutes. Well, if it would say 23 million minutes, it technically means that you should wait for over 44 years. There’s no doubt that it sounds really bothersome. However, do not fret, whatever message your iPhone must display, it only has one cause — someone must have been entering an incorrect password on your iOS device too many times.

A Little Reminder About Passcodes

Passcodes have always been a great security measure for every mobile or electronic device. Passcodes mean that you have to set a particular password to lock and unlock your device interchangeably. Mostly, when you get your password incorrect six times in a row, your electronic device automatically locks itself. It will most probably stay locked for several seconds or minutes until it let you try entering a new password again. This security measure is an automatic setup on your phone. Why? Because it may mean that someone is trying to use it without your knowledge. To simply put it, your phone or your device is preventing it by disabling itself.

If you will try to enter a new password after being wrong six times in a row, it’s not impossible that your phone will suggest more prolonged and more extended periods of disability until it reaches millions of minutes. However, you would not really have to wait that long, but it still means that you have to wait for a really long time. It is just a sign or a notice for you to better not enter a password again, especially if you are unsure.

iPhone Disabled: How To Unlock 101

If your “iPhone says disabled,” you would not need to really fret. If you are currently suffering from iPhone deactivated issue, you just have to make sure that you must always back up your files from time to time. Here are some tips and tricks to remember that you can definitely apply yourself.

Step 1:

To restore a disabled iPhone, the very first thing that you should do is to try restoring your phone from backup through iTunes. Start by connecting your iOS device to the computer it was synced in. After going to iTunes, find and click the Restore button and then just follow all of the instructions it tells you and your phone will be back again in no time.

Step 2:

If the first step, unfortunately, did not work for you. It will be mainly because your phone was not synced with iTunes. Thus, you can try and use Recovery Mode instead. However, this would mean that you may lose your recent data and the only one that will be left is the last one you have backed up.

Step 3:

If the first two steps still did not work out for you, you can try implementing the third option. Apply the DFU mode. This mode is somewhat a more advanced version of the Recovery Mode.

Step 4:

Last but not least, you can try to log in to iCloud and use the Find my iPhone feature. This feature allows you to locate your device and consequently, erase the entire data saved on it. Thus, this option is only preferable if you have your device backed up.

Whatever step will work for you, as long as your iPhone is restored and you’ve got your backup data, you’ll get your iPhone working again.

To make sure that this issue won’t happen again, set a new password that will be easy for you to remember or use a Face ID or Touch ID feature so you would not need to do anything and just use your face or thumbnail for identification.

These are just the basics of the things you must take note of if you do encounter an iPhone disabled issue. If you want a further checkup or tips to take care of your iPhone or you are suffering from other iPhone issues, you can click here to learn more.

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