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Kindle Paperwhite VS Oasis. The Ultimate Kindle Comparison

Kindles have been a blessing for those who adore reading but abhor traveling heavily. Well kindle dose that for you, the portability of a pad but usability of a whole library.  It fits right into your bag beside your laptop, and you can take it anywhere including from pools to a private yacht. With its long battery life, Non reflective screen under the sun, and backlight, you can enjoy anywhere the pleasure of reading. So in this blog,  I’ll be going through all the differences between Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite and the Kindle Oasis over here and tell you why it’s worth the extra 130 bucks to get the Oasis model versus the paperwhite model. 

Owning a Kindle has been an absolute lifesaver for getting things done and reading more books. I won’t bore you with all the details right now, as we will be discussing the experience rather than the technicities. 

The Kindle paperwhite is not for everybody; However, if you’re one of these two people, I would recommend Paperwhite. 

  • If you’re on a budget, this kindle paperwhite is a great option for 120 bucks which is 250 bucks for the Oasis model very big price difference. 
  •  Secondly, if you don’t read that much, the Paperwhite is also a good option, but if you read a lot every single day, it’s worth the upgrade to the Oasis model, 

Key Takeaways

  • Exploring the popular Kindle e-reader models.
  • Setting the stage for a comparison between Kindle Paperwhite and Oasis.
  • Contrasting the display features of both models.
  • Resolution, lighting, and overall reading experience.
  • Evaluating the water-resistant capabilities of both devices.
  • Considering how individual preferences affect the choice.
  • Tailoring the selection to your reading habits and desires.
Kindle Paperwhite Vs Oasis Comparison

Monotonous vs Adaptable 

I’ll be explaining exactly why right now, the biggest deal-breaker for many is the Paperwhite does not have any warm light control like the Oasis model does. The difference is that the Kindle Oasis has a better screen with 25 LEDs for brightness control and changes it between a light blue light in warm orangish color light. The Paperwhite has only five LEDs, and it does not have any warm temperature control. It’s only blue light. If you ever use the night shift option on your phone, especially at night before going to bed. You know how big of a difference this makes the Paperwhite is only blue light; no matter what time of day you’re in the Oasis model, you can switch between the two, and if you read at night, this is important as it does impact your sleep.

 Now, put the color temperature aside for the display. One more big deal-breaker is the Paperwhite has no ambient light sensor which means you have to manually adjust the brightness every single time you go to a new environment; if you change rooms in your house, sit next to the window and then go to your bedroom whatever it might be every single time you do that, you’ll probably have to adjust the brightness with the Oasis model. It’s all done automatically you can walk from one room to another, and the ambient light sensor will automatically adjust the brightness according to the brightness of the room; the last thing you want to be worrying about while you’re reading a book is changing the brightness every 10 seconds because you can’t get it just right. Just like your phone, it’s not something you want to worry about. You want it done automatically for you. 

Kindle Paperwhite Vs Oasis Comparison

Kindle Paperwhite VS Oasis: Size Matters

While we’re talking about the display, both the kindle paperwhite and the Kindle Oasis have a 300 PPI display resolution meaning they’re both very crispy when it comes to the text nothing wrong with that. Still, one big difference again is the Oasis is a seven-inch screen. The Paperwhite only has a six-inch screen on paper, this does not sound like a big difference, but when you’re reading a book on your Kindle, this one inch makes a huge difference while reading on the Oasis model you have so much more text on the screen at any given time, it feels like you have a full page of text on your screen; when you put it next to the Paperwhite, it just looks so much smaller there’s not nearly as much text, and it makes a big difference if you highlight a lot to one more thing. 


What I find annoying about Paperwhite are the bezels on the top and the bottom. You have these giant bezels that take up, I would say, like an inch of screen space right there, and you need them there because there’s nowhere else to put your thumb or your hand to hold the Paperwhite, so it does require these large bezels, but even on the left and right, there are still large bezels there too on the Kindle Oasis, every side of the bezel here is perfectly thin and small except for the right side, which is a larger bezel for your hand to rest on so you don’t even see it. The rest of the screen has small bezels, and that does make a big difference in terms of being distracted while you’re reading.


Maybe it’s just me, but I do not like these large bezels. I had an iMac before, too, and I recently got a new monitor for my computer setup, and now that I have a smaller bezel on my screen, I can’t even think about going back to an iMac’s just one of those things once you change it to a smaller bezel, it’s really hard to go back to a larger bezel. 


One other small detail that I realized about the Oasis model is it has autorotation? I’ve used this a few times, but when I rotate my hand or rotate the screen when I change my hand, that does help the Paperwhite doesn’t have auto-rotation. So it has all these little things that are missing from the Oasis model, all these quality of life things that you expect any device these days to have the Paperwhite doesn’t have. 

Kindle Paperwhite Vs Oasis Comparison

Kindle Paperwhite VS Oasis: Functionality and Design

Let’s talk about design and build quality for just one minute here the Paperwhite has this awkward design element; the power button is at the bottom next to the charging port; I’ve never seen that on any other device before, and on top of that one thing I don’t know why it’s doing this, but on my Paperwhite, I have to swipe to unlock after I press that power button, whereas the Oasis model, I press the power button once, and then I got right to my book. So there’s this extra layer of swiping to unlock. I’m not sure if that’s because I bought the model with special offers built-in, meaning they’re ads on the screen saver, whereas in my Oasis model, I pay the extra 20 bucks not to have that. So I’m not too sure if it’s because of that or because the Paperwhite is just a weird device. 

After doing some research, I also realized the Kindle Oasis has a better processor than the Paperwhite model. I don’t see much of a difference using it compared to Paperwhite. There is a small difference between changing pages. It loads a little bit faster, but overall this is not a deal-breaker for me; going back to design, the Paperwhite does not have any page turn buttons, whereas the Oasis model does have page turn buttons. So don’t think again this is not a deal-breaker.

The Oasis is nice to have, but the touch screen is fine for changing pages. I didn’t use the page turn buttons as much as I thought I would, but it just seems silly. the thing there are two buttons. Why can’t they have two more buttons on the Paperwhite to have that feature again, small things missing? The biggest difference in terms of build quality is the oasis model is an all-metal design, whereas the paperwhite model has a plastic rubbery feeling on the back of it. 

Kindle Paperwhite Vs Oasis Comparison

Why Oasis and for Whom??

This is a big difference if you like that premium feel. The Oasis model is the only one you’re going to have to get for that, but honestly, the paperweight does not feel that bad in my hand. It feels durable. I feel like you throw it around my bag. I don’t feel like I have to protect it too much, whereas for the Oasis model, I bought a case for it because it feels like I want to protect it like buying a new iPhone, you don’t want that thing just living around without a case on it. So you want to get a case the same with the Oasis in terms of a few other small things; both devices do not have a USB-C. 

They’re both micro USB which blows my mind. In 2021 we’re still using micro USB. I hope that changes in the future and the Oasis model come in black and gold options, as Paperwhite has better color options. I got the blue one do enjoy that, but having nice colors alone does not make the Paperwhite worth buying.

If you are an avid reader and you want to invest a little bit of money into something you’ll be using for a long time ahead, I would strongly recommend purchasing the Oasis model over the paper white’s worth the extra 130 bucks so that you have a device that you know will last you for a while especially if you want to invest in your reading habit just that color temperature display the bigger display, the better build quality it all adds up tremendously.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, when comparing the Kindle Paperwhite and Oasis, it's essential to weigh your reading preferences and budget. The Paperwhite offers a fantastic reading experience at a more affordable price point, while the Oasis caters to those seeking premium features and a luxurious design. Ultimately, both devices excel at their core function—providing an exceptional e-reading experience—making your choice a matter of personal preference and priorities.

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Kindle Paperwhite, Oasis Comparison

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