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Thinking Of Rooting Your Android Device? iFixScreens Is Here To Assist You!

Rooting Rooted Root Android

With the hype going around Jailbreaking iOS makes Android users wonder, is there a bypass for my device software that will allow me to have the same options? iFixScreens is here to answer that question by root.

Yes, there is an option that allows you to do the same, it's known as rooting or to root your device. What is Rooting you ask? Rooting your Android device allows you to gain access of the root directory on the systems partition. In layman's terms it allows you to hack the system software that will give the user access to what the software was once limited to do. You can virtually tweak the software to your specific needs and add features that were once unavailable to you.

Come down to iFixScreens at any of the following locations and let our team assist you to Root your Android device and so much more! Our Mail-in Address is available to to be as convenient as possible.

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