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Ave P Brooklyn Location

You'll Love working with iFixScreens Ave P Brooklyn - Your Gadgets Repair Experts

AMAZING!! Absolutely nothing to worry about, Freddy there was really nice and welcoming and really helped me a lot. i Had a very special case and Freddy there took care of me and did the job on the same day. Really great customer service very good prices and also a really cool store. they have everything you need and you they'll take care of you no problem you can definitely trust them with whatever you need. highly recommend. Thanks a lot!
Elliot Rambod
01:10 18 Oct 17
My beautiful girlfriend and I had the most amazing experience here. Freddie was awesome! He was very helpful and gave me great advice. He fixed my phone within 15 minutes. I highly recommend anyone with a cracked screen or broken phone to visit iFixScreens! Thank you, Abe Ash & Joyce Betesh
Abe Ash
01:51 24 Oct 17
Professional, fast, and fair. They had a knowledgeable staff, who really listened and helped with find the best repair option for my problem. I would definitely visit them again, and not just for a broken screen, they do all kinds of personal electronic repair.
Matt Amenta
22:45 12 Nov 17
Most Honest People!! I can’t explain through just this post but highly recommend if you have an issue with your phone GO TO IFIXSCREENS!!
Elliot T Stein
21:02 13 Dec 17
We happened to be in this are of Brooklyn and they gladly stayed late to fix my sisters Nexus. The battery on that phone is horrible and it needed to be replaced. Luckily they had it in stock. As I mentioned they were supposed to close and stayed open late to accommodate us. He handed us the remote and told us to relax while he went to work. A short while later it was ready. Parking was hard to find but hey it's Brooklyn.
Chantel P
16:47 20 Dec 17
Freddy helped me out and hooked me up. He was great, professional and fixed my iPhone 7 Plus screen in less than 30 minutes. Come here if you want to get your iPhone fixed!!
Calvin Liu
23:19 05 Jan 18
Freddy’s customer service was excellent. He really helped me and worked hard to fix myPhone. Would recommend to anybody! Thanks Freddy
Katrina Short
23:31 19 Jan 18
My husband dropped my phone off today becuae i cracked my screen. Very prompt service. My phone will be ready in 2 hours. Highly recommend this place.
Theresa Palermo
17:41 22 Jan 18
Great service, I was in and out within 20 mins after bringing in my totaled iPhone SE for screen repairs. The Rep was very informative and I left satisfied with a phone as good as new with a will to look forward to doing business with this store more frequently.
Edward Busch
17:09 24 Jan 18
I came to this store to replace the screen for my iPhone 6plus. I was impressed with professional service and polite employees in the store. While my phone been fixed I got a lot of information regarding the service and the protection for my phone. People who work there are so amazing and very friendly. Definitely will go again and will suggest everyone to go there if you have any problem with your phone
Alisa B
22:32 25 Jan 18
Excellent service! Highly recommended! My phone was shattered and the lcd screen shot. Freddy repaired it quickly and it works perfectly.
Maria Yohanan
22:11 26 Jan 18
GREAT service. I took my iPad in this afternoon to replace the screen and they fixed it very quickly. Prices are very reasonable. Freddy was very helpful. He answered all my questions. I’m bringing in my husband’s iPhone to get fixed tomorrow. The camera has been giving problems and they said they can fix it!!!
Katherine Gomez
23:33 28 Jan 18
Freddy and Jamshed were both excellent. They ordered and received my part in just a few days and installed it for me in half hour while I waited. They were both very nice and extremely knowledgeable.
F Leslie
23:14 08 Feb 18
Best place in NYC to get your screens fixed. In under 30 min, got my iPhone 6S screen fixed and my Galaxy Tablet. Best prices as well. Highly recommended!
Zenun Vucetovic
19:14 11 Feb 18
Convenient location. The stores smaller than I expected but it’s clean and very neat. A nice organized area for you to wait. The guys in the front are nice and welcomig. My screen was fixed in two days, pretty fast and at a good rate too.
Khilola Vahobova
19:34 16 Feb 18
Excellent service. Properly repaired my cracked screen. Very recommended. Reasonable prices.
Inna Lapunova
22:25 11 Mar 18
Chase was very helpful! Fixed two phones quick. Very happy with my experience.
maggie betesh
23:52 14 Mar 18
This place is incredible. Screen was fixed in less than 10 minutes. They were professional and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend them.
c valis
15:43 20 Mar 18
Fred and Djamshad helped me out. Very friendly. They love what they are do. They love phones and know phones inside and out. They fixed my iPhone 8 screen and my iPhone works like it’s brand new. Recommend to anyone who needs a repair their devices. If you don’t know go to an expert.
Amra Ras
02:46 24 Mar 18
Great place! They fixed my cracked iPhone screen in under 20 minutes. Fast and excellent service! Very happy customer.
Rina Lazerowitz
22:36 25 Mar 18
Great service. Got my screen fixed in just a couple minutes! Will definitely come again!
john centeno
16:03 04 Apr 18
The guy there did a great job fixing my sons device , thank you , i will recommend to my friends
Cell Fixphoness
23:57 18 May 18
Ya chenille zdes Telefon ochen bistro I kachestvenno rabotayut
Nodira Ganieva
23:14 24 May 18
Great place n excellent service. I went there for my iPad to have temper glass and he did excellent job. I highly recommend this place.
Kool NY
00:49 26 May 18
Great repair plus you gave me a screen protector im so happy i forgot to rate you last week thank you again !!
Ahmed AL
00:52 30 May 18
My salesperson Fredy helped with repairing my phone very quickly only took 10 mind and afterwards help me put on my screen protecter 5/5 best sales person only go to fredy!!!!
Nick Baskakov
22:46 05 Jun 18
Thanks for the great service. My phone screen wasn't working well, and within minutes, it was fixed and working great! thank you for the fast and amazing service!
Sarala Montag
19:33 10 Jun 18
So happy that I found this place. The technician was so honest and helpful and was able to fix my phone in less than 10 minutes when the Best Buy Geek Squad couldn’t. Very reasonably priced. Will definitely be back when I need repairs.
Brina Schwab
23:32 10 Jun 18
Just had the screen replaced on my iPad 9.7. The store opened promptly at 11 and Eddie started working immediately after showing me the posted price for the job. I was out of there by 11:45. The only disappointment was that he didn’t have the proper size glass screen saver, which was not his fault. The packaging was mislabeled. Small but very clean store with a comfortable leather loveseat provided for customers. Eddie was helpful and efficient. Highly recommended!
Michael Weiss
16:53 08 Jul 18
Quick and efficient service, instantly greeted and felt welcomed. My issue was dealt with and evaluated with care. I would highly recommend this store the world ?
Pierre Cheron
18:42 10 Jul 18
Based on the great reviews I decided to call their Brooklyn store on 7/23/2018. Edward from the store could not have been nicer and was so helpful. Their price was also about 15% cheaper than anybody else. They are open until 8PM so I decided to drop by around 6:30PM. A half hour later my screen was replaced on my Galaxy S7 by Edward. He was very professional and knowledgeable. Would definitely highly recommend the shop for all phone repairs.
Ronny B.
17:31 24 Jul 18
Went here with a completely shattered screen and Freddy was incredible! He fixed it in 15 minutes and was so nice and helpful through the whole process. Definitely recommend Freddy for any phone issues - he’s really the best!
Chedva Vojdany
14:48 29 Aug 18
This place is the best. I have gone to them several times over the past 7 years to get my phone (and once my parents' phones) repaired and they have done a perfect job every time.
Ann Ceron
14:29 15 Sep 18
Very good service. Good price
Aa Aa
14:56 24 Oct 18
Helped me out with my brand new note 9. Wasn't able to charge my phone for over 5 hours due to water being in the charging port and in 2 minutes he fixed that issue for me with the air compressor and his expertise, highly recommend. Thanks Freddy.
Alvin Martinez
23:40 29 Aug 18
6 stars out of 5: perfect, professional service which luckily for me located in my area. I wish that Sean could also open businesses in construction, groceries, laundry, plumbing, post office & everything else that we need at the same level of professionalism, service, hospitality & care because I don’t break my screen everyday...thank you Sean! ( from Eugene and Iryna)
07:05 13 Nov 18
just spoke with nicole the owner and they will fix the daughters tablet for hanuakkah thank you nicole i appreciate it
on time Carpet
21:47 04 Dec 18
Saif was the technician that I worked with. He was so knowledgeable and helpful. Highly recommend!!
Kayla Rivera
19:48 24 Dec 18
What a pleasant and most knowledgeable technician. Lucky I found him. Highly recommend.
Yeshayahu Greenfeld
00:34 27 Dec 18
Thank you Muhamed for the fast service, and great fix.
Shulamit Simantov
20:43 06 Jan 19
I was very happy with service!!! Muhammed was so nice and kind it was pleasure to work with him!!! Thank you so much!!!
Samira Samira
23:48 06 Jan 19
Before coming in, my iPhone was cracked and it wasn't working properly. At the end of the day they were able to fix my phone and get it working again. The service was amazing and they are very polite and nice. My iPhone looks brand new and the price was great. I highly recommend them
Brayan Galicia
17:28 07 Jan 19
Went here on a whim I called first and from the phone call I can tell how professional he was. He fixed our screen within a hour and charged us a price below anyone in bk. Fast reliable and a nice guy to boot I would def recommend this place to anyone
Javier Rodriguez
01:04 12 Jan 19
My LG G5 LCD and screen were smashed. They had to special order the part and it only took a few days to come in, and then only a couple hours to fix! Price was incredibly reasonable (lower than most places) and customer service exceptional! I lost my receipt between ordering the part and getting the phone fixed but they still honored the original quoted price with no hassle. Phone works great, looks great, they cleaned the screen and tested everything thoroughly before i left the store, and they even tried to throw in a screen protector for me (it didnt fit, but the effort was above and beyond in itself)! If/when I break more of my screens I'll definitely be back.
Callie J. Cox
16:17 17 Jan 19
Great and fast service will definitely be returning here if I ever drop my phone again. Muhammad made my experience here very enjoyable
Jay sin
22:27 31 Jan 19
Did amazing work on my phone and had it ready for me within three hours so I could have it for work the next day. I need my phone for work so speediness was appreciated
Melanie Farina
13:51 04 Feb 19
Changed the battery on a note 5. Overall quick service and the battery had been working well. They cracked the back while opening and I had to pay for the replacement. Also notification of completion text didn't work and I had to call to find out that the phone is ready.
Igor K
00:06 12 Feb 19
The representative who helped me was honest, thorough,Friendly and efficient! He showed that he was knowledgeable and professional! He treated me with great service and offered me refreshments!! He explained everything he was fixing and showed me what was wrong. He fixed my tablet in less than a hour and he made me feel like buying items because the service was excellent. Outstanding service. I am definitely sharing this information and coming back. If you need to fix your device come here!!!! He finished before our scheduled time!!! The price was affordable too
Rebecca St.louis
21:47 15 Feb 19
A lifesaver!! I accidentally broke my screen and needed the phone operational for a family emergency. They fixed it within an hour at a very reasonable price. The service was quick and courteous.
Shimon Katz
22:38 06 Mar 19
Moe at ifixscreens is honest and reliable and they get the job done quick with great prices. I came in with a cracked screen and with the ear sensor not working he fixed the screen and told me that your sensor was good just didn’t work with the broken screen so I did not get charge for that, that is very honest he could’ve easily told me he changed it and charge me. They are all about making you happy and if anything goes wrong after they repair they will fix it with no hassle. Thank you Moe!!
Joseph Sarway
20:48 10 Mar 19
My S6 is not working at all. Can't charge battery. Have no idea what's wrong with it. Bought it to Ave P store. Gentleman is very kind. took my phone to the back of the store. I have no idea what he did. 10 mins later my phone start charging. Told me if battery die fast again, it should be the battery is bad. Ask him how much it cost, told me it's no charge. I was so surprise. It could be something is simple. But he didn't rob me by saying some parts is bad. He is honest and pro. Thanks a lot. Would recommend.
Henry C
20:16 04 Apr 19
These guys are wizards amongst men. Completely restored my destroyed front screen liken brand new. Phone had a "iPhone is disabled for 1hr" screen but once it Rests it's worked (the timer reset to 1hr twice and I was like wtf, but after the hour was over it worked) so yeah these guys are with the shit
Perry Wilson
11:48 30 Apr 19
life saving magicians. Phone was on top of bahroom sink vanity. phone rings and then it vibrates and phone falls and shatters glass cover on floor. I take it I fix screen and Kevin handled it as smooth as a whistle. Fixed my phone and it is more than brand new.
Earl David
16:59 20 Jun 19
The service was amazing! Previously, my phone started burning up when I connected it to the charger, and afterwards, my phone wouldn't charge anymore. I brought it into the store, and they replaced one of the components in my phone within 1.5 hrs. Now my phone works again! And during this whole process, they also allowed me to stay in the store and watch some Netflix 🙂
Janny C.
17:38 19 Jul 19
Wanted to get the best option for screen protection for my one plus 7 pro; Yusef was super helpful, friendly and honest,even pointing out incredibly minor errors on the install I never would have noticed and offering to fix it. 5 stars for Yusef.
Uri Strauss
03:57 23 Jul 19
Totally satisfied with service. I called iFixScreens in the morning to make an appointment and was told I can bring it in now. Took my phone to the store that same day and was told repair will take around 45 mins. Left my phone and went with my wife to restaurant nearby and I was contacted via text 30 mins later on her phone that my phone was ready for pickup. Pricing was very reasonable and phone is like brand new again. Will absolutely recommend and use their service again.
Joel Archer
20:08 31 Jul 19
This technician specialist Saif in this ave. P branch is awesome. He knows everything and works very hard. He changed my screen of iPhone and helped me a lot. I'll definately visit again here again, 100% sure. Thanks a lot Saif.
Haneol Kim
22:22 06 Aug 19
I had the greatest service ever everyone in Brooklyn should use this store is very helpful and very kind
Daniel Sage
17:23 09 Aug 19
Just did my phone there. Fast and great job
mark konviser
18:39 18 Aug 19
I would recommend this place to anyone. Very professional and Saif truly got the job done efficiently and accordingly. Best service and great place.
Rayan Itani
20:48 01 Sep 19
I was treated very good, I came in with a cracked phone XR screen. And Saif was very excellent in his service to fix it immediately, the apple store would have over charged but they have a great value price, was very satisfied with Saif and his work, will come back again if any future damages on my other electronics, He attended me great, We need more people like him in service stores. ???
david rodriguez
19:44 01 Sep 19
I have been a customer of iFixScreens since they first opened. The staff there are very friendly and knowledgeable. I go to them for all cell phone and electronic needs. I was there last week to buy portable chargers for my upcoming vacation and they took the time out to explain the difference between all the ones they carry and recommended one to me based on my needs, I will continue to be a customer and recommend them to everyone i know.
Cherylin Kanevsky
17:34 17 Sep 19
I came in for a screen replacement and it was completed within an hour. The service I received was wonderful and the man who works there, Prince, was very attentive and had great customer service. While I waited there was a nice comfy couch which was in front of a tv that had Friends on. They even texted me updates about my device. I’m giving this place 5 stars because I can’t give 6.
Peter Pinto
16:44 11 Nov 19
Prince did a great job on my phone, it's like brand new. Thanks!
Artem Cherne
16:55 15 Nov 19
Wow! Saif goes above and beyond customer service. I thought he was the owner with his work ethics. He fixed several devices of mine as the shop was closing and said it was his pleasure. He engaged my 11 yo son and also answered his question. I came back a few days later to have Saif give me advice on some other electronics. Fair and honest. Above great customer service.
Keith Wann
15:54 21 Nov 19
I had Great service by prince, Very professional, he fixed my phone very quick.
mili erlich
03:08 26 Nov 19
Prince was great. Prompt service, phone is like new!
Lola Omishore
22:16 02 Dec 19
Saif - an employee on Ave P location of ifixscreens, special Thanks to him and his awesome job he’s done!!! He is professional, very helpful and very kind person! I wish to have such people like him more, and more in the world!!! Also, Big Thanks to other employees who working at this location and fixed my phone’s screen with high quality of service!!! I’m very appreciated and so lucky to have them close to me!!!! Very Recommended!!! ????????????
Kelly Molina
18:00 10 Dec 19
Very good attention from Prince and staff. Clarifies any misunderstanding and concerns. Very good at communicating with customers
Cesar Marcelino
23:07 15 Dec 19
I went to the iFix screens store on ave. P a few days before Christmas and was able to have an iPhone and iPad repaired in one day. Prince was very nice and helpful. He kept me posted on the progress of my items and they were done in a reasonable time.
Tammy Acevedo
01:30 24 Dec 19
Came in with my phone apart Prince took the phone was very professional and fix within 25 min. Place was awesome
jose raposo
17:29 29 Dec 19
Prince was excellent, very professional . He took care of my cracked screen in just a couple of hours. He communicated possible problems that might come up in advance and made sure to have a means of contacting me when everything was done. A+
Aline Sutton
00:56 09 Jan 20
Is it fine if I bring a PlayStation 4 for diagnostic to check if it’s functional.? Because I’m trying to do a trade and worry if it’s functional or not.
Kane Klaso
01:10 12 Jan 20
Prince, the technician. Is a true professional. Every question and request was answered with a yes. The service and workmanship is truly impeccable.Thank you Prince. Steven A.
Steven A
18:46 12 Jan 20
Great place. Needed my iPhone 6s screen replaced and Juan helped me out. Juan was amazing, friendly and extremely professional and knowledgeable. He replaced my screen within 15 minutes and fully reviewed everything pertaining to my phone. And all at a great price. Juan, thank you very much. Niko
Niko G
14:29 21 Feb 20
He is very good guy I buy iPhone 7 , was a really good phone , works 100% thank you Freddy gave me a tempered glass and discount on a phone case
Sapika Chu
19:06 11 Sep 18
Ave P Brooklyn Location

Broken Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer? iFixScreens Ave P in Brooklyn, New York offers iPhone Repair, iPad Repair, Smartphone Repair, Drone Repair, PC & Mac Repair Services. Our store carries a range of accessories and protection plans for your gadgets. We carry refurbished smartphones, tablets, and computers. Get prepaid wireless plans to save you money on your wireless bill, pay your bills and refill your prepaid plans with gadget repair experts at iFixScreens Ave P in Brooklyn, New York. Come see us today! No Appointment is needed at #1 iPhone repair nyc experts! Most repairs are completed on the spot.

If you don’t have the time to stop by, utilize our quick and convenient mail-in repair service to allow you to get your phone fixed without stopping by. All repairs feature an 180-day warranty on all parts and repairs and come with the iFixScreens guarantee of the most economical prices around for repairs and parts.

Ave P Brooklyn LocationAve P Brooklyn LocationAve P Brooklyn Location

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