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Why Choose Us?

Same Day Service

If you need a quick iPhone screen repair or battery replacement, trust our experts at iFixScreens Hicksville. We'll get your device fixed within 30 minutes so you can get back to your day without any hassle.

Highest Quality Parts

At iFixScreens Hicksville, across all the repairs, we use the best quality and OEM standard parts to make sure they last long. So you don't have to worry about the quality of the parts used for your iPhone's repair.

180 Day Warranty

Across all iPhone repairs, we perform, you get a 180 Day hassle-free warranty against any manufacturing defects. The best part, you can claim this warranty across any iFixScreens store in the US!

Expert Technicians

Whether you need a simple screen repair for your iPhone or a complex water damage repair, you can rely on our experts. All our technicians are trained and certified to ensure you get the best experience.

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Know what customers say about the iPhone repair services we offer at iFixScreens Hicksville. With more than a million iPhone repairs performed yearly, we are ready to serve you with the best iPhone repair experience. You can start by exploring our multiple service options. If you love our services, please drop a review to help others find the best iPhone repair store.

Some Of The Common Iphone Problems We Fix

Iphone Repair

Cameras Replacement

If your iPhone's camera is cracked or showing a black screen, don't worry! Bring it to the experts at iFixScreens Hicksville. Professionals do our fast and affordable repairs with years of experience dealing with all kinds of iPhone issues. We can replace your iPhone camera in under 30 minutes.

Battery Replacement

If you're experiencing iPhone battery drain issues, visit the iFixScreens store nearest to you in Hicksville. Our experts can replace your iPhone battery in under 30 minutes.

Iphone Repair

Sound Issues

iFixScreens can resolve all kinds of iPhone sound issues.
At iFixScreens Hicksville, we have the expertise to resolve various iPhone sound issues. If you're experiencing speaker or microphone issues while making calls, bring it to our experts, and we'll fix it.

Iphone Repair

Cracked Screen Replacement

If you have a cracked iPhone screen and need a replacement, iFixScreens in Hicksville offers the best quality repairs at the lowest prices. Our experts can complete most screen replacements in 30 minutes or on the same day.

Iphone Repair

Water Damage

If you've accidentally dropped your iPhone in water or liquid, there's no need to panic! Our experts at iFixScreens Hicksville can repair your water-damaged iPhone. We have years of experience repairing liquid-damaged iPhones and offer professional repair services.

Charging Port or Headphone Jack

Are you having trouble charging your iPhone? Our experts at iFixScreens in Hicksville can quickly diagnose and repair any charging issues, including logic board or IC burnout problems. Most iPhone charge port replacements are completed on the same day. Trust us to solve all your iPhone issues.

One Stop Shop For All Iphone Models

There is a reason why we are recognized as the top iPhone repair shop in the market. From the iPhone 4 to the latest iPhone 14, our technicians are certified to deliver consistent quality on any repair we perform. Across all our stores, we have performed over a million iPhone repairs; yours could be next on our list. From using OEM quality parts to certifying every technician at our stores, we strive to deliver the best experience for all our customers. So, If you are using an iPhone 11 and need a battery replacement or accidentally broke the shiny screen on your iPhone 11 and need the screen repaired, our highly trained technicians will take care of it. iPhone 8 screen repair, iPhone X screen repair, iPhone 11 screen repair, iPhone 7 battery replacement, iPhone X battery replacement, iPhone 8 camera repair, and iPhone back glass replacement are some of the most common repairs we perform at iFixScreens Hicksville store. 

Affordable Iphone Repair Store Near Me

Providing you with the best quality at the lowest price is our primary goal at iFixScreens Hicksville. At our store, every iPhone repair starts with a free diagnostic, so you know the repair cost upfront without paying a dime. If you get a better offer for the same or better quality repair, we promise to beat that price by $5. To keep you covered on all iPhone repairs, you also get a hassle-free 180-day warranty at iFixScreens Hicksville store.

At iFixScreens Hicksville, we hugely support healthcare workers and Veterans. And thus, we provide a special 10% discount on all repair services and a 20% discount on any accessory purchases made at iFixScreens Hicksville store. We also offer similar values year-round to university students and teachers. So next time don't forget to ask for your special discount!    

Affordable Iphone Repair Store Near Me

What is the cost of iPhone repair?

What is the cost of iPhone Back Glass repair?

The cost of iPhone Back Glass repair starts from $79.99. The cost may vary depending on your iPhone model.

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Let The Experts Fix It For You!

iPhones have become essential to our lives, and we don't want to leave them in amateur hands for repairs, especially when we have already spent so much in getting one, which is why it's essential to find the perfect technician that can bring your iPhone back to life at the lowest cost. At iFixScreens Hicksville, we have performed over a million successful iPhone repairs. We ensure that all our technicians are updated, certified, and capable of delivering a seamless service experience. So the next time you are looking for the best iPhone repair in Hicksville - Long Island, NY, give us a call or walk in.

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Some Of The Most Common Iphone Repairs We Perform

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