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Riverhead Location

You'll Love working with iFixScreens Riverhead - Your Gadgets Repair Experts

This place is the best! Justin the store Manager is knowledgeable and professional! A must go to guy for all your phone repairs. And check out the massage chair. It's a great Christmas gift.
Leslie Tasca
19:22 17 Dec 17
Great price, you can’t beat the turnaround...done in less than 20 minutes at a slow time of day. Justin was extremely professional and helpful. I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.
Todd Plymale
19:09 31 Oct 17
JUSTIN is the best! I finally found someone for all my family's tech needs. He is so knowledgeable, kind and more than fair. And his prices are better than any of the competition. It isn't just for cracked screens but all kinds of tech problems. I will go nowhere else, ever again. He is a shining gem in a garden of rocks compared to other tech repair places. :)Never dread a tech problem again... your tech expert is found. Justin's the one.
Julie Moore
02:03 20 Aug 17
Justin was very quick fixing my screen and also very polite. I will definitely be back with any other problems i have
Stephen Okula
22:33 12 Dec 17
The Friday after Thankgiving, my ipad screen was mysteriously cracked. I would normally live with it but I didn't feel like having cut up fingers so I googled I Fix Screens because I see them everywhere. I walked in and the waited briefly while the man behind the counter helped another customer. Here's where it gets good: the young man behind the counter WAS SO NICE! He suggested that I leave it overnight because the adhesive on the model that I have generally gives issues when being repaired. I asked if there was any way that I could come back at the end of the day bc I live pretty far away and he asked me what time would be good. When I told him to tell me a time he said that it was my decision (amazing) so we agreed on 6:00. When I went back he was busy helping another customer and when they finished he said, "I kept my word for 6:00," and ran back to get the tablet. While back there I yelled, "What's your name?" I knew it was the Justin from all of these reviews-- he said Justin. He is the kind of person that you want helping you in any business. He is the kind of person that anyone in customer service wishes to have on their team. He's friendly and personable, helpful and knowledgeable, and someone that you should travel a little bit further than you normally would to have your super fragile screen fixed because he is that good. Thank you Justin for all of your help.
jennifer Straub
14:33 27 Nov 17
Friendly, knowledgeable, hard-working and fairly priced service. I can't say enough good things about how my iphone was on death's door when I took it here and it was brought back to life. This is the place to go!
dave cobb
21:23 30 Dec 17
This place was amazing! Justin fixed my phone in record time and for a great price compared to other places in the area. The store was comfortable and clean. I highly recommend going if you need your screen fixed!
Sara Lynn
18:37 20 Jan 18
Great place. Been here several times and they do nothing short of an exceptional job. S/O to Justin, we were welcomed in and got help right away. Would definitely recommend these guys for any electronic repair.
Marissa Tedesco
00:50 08 Feb 18
Recently visited the Riverhead location for battery trouble on my iphone. Justin helped us and couldn't have been more accommodating and sincere. He replaced my battery and offered some helpful hints on battery life and chargers. This company is very luck to have quite an outstanding employee! I will defiantly go back again.
Kaitlyn Gristina
21:04 09 Feb 18
Justin was super helpful. He was very professional and did an excellent job answering all my question. Extremely satisfied, my phone looks brand new!!!"
Israel Trinidad
16:11 17 Feb 18
Amazing customer service and good prices! I walked in with a cracked iPhone 6 and I waited in store for the fix. The service person Justin also informed me that the battery should be replaced, which I was so happy to do because the battery life was poor. He replaced it with a real apple battery. He was done in less than 10 minutes! Definitely a five star experience!
Jacqueline Smith
20:33 25 Feb 18
Tolga was very nice and service was very fast. Recommend to anyone
Gabb Green
20:45 13 May 18
Tolga was a very nice guy, fixed I fast and at a great price! Highly recommend it!
Ismael Salguero
16:48 23 May 18
Tolga fixed my dad’s iPhone screen for a reasonable price in under 30 minutes... excellent service!
Gina Carrara
21:49 19 Jun 18
Tonga is an awesome guy! Quick repair with a very good job! Good prices too.
lauren ramos
17:17 20 Jun 18
Tonga was awesome! Helped us out right away with our cracked iPAD screen! Definitely recommend!
Nikki Abbott
20:16 21 Jun 18
Tolga was awesome! Very friendly and provides great customer service
Joanna Messina
21:05 21 Jun 18
Tolga is the best! I brought in my cracked iPhone 7plus and he fixed it within 25 minutes, on a Saturday in the Summer. Staples wanted to charge me $200 to fix my screen but they charged me $109.
Amber Homfeld
18:01 30 Jun 18
Tolga had great customer service! He was kind and efficient. He fixed my phone in only 25 minutes for a fair price. If you need to repair your phone this is the place to come.
Victurus Fitness
16:44 06 Jul 18
Great customer service and guidance. I came to sell my old iPhone and the options were great to my benefit! For sure very reliable and thoughtful business!!!!!
Evelyn Montesdeoca
22:27 07 Aug 18
Fantastic customer service! Fixed my iPhone shattered screen in under 30 minutes! Tolga was the guy who helped me out and I cannot recommend a better place or person to work with!
Aditi Malhotra
19:20 24 Aug 18
Professional service. Repairs done in a timely manner. Have used them a couple of times and never dissatisfied! Will continue to come back!
Catrina Shaw
18:00 08 Sep 18
The best in smart device repair from charging issue all the way up to data recovery, microsoldering, screens, refurbish, buy sell trade, prepaid all under one roof with experienced knowledgeable staff.
NY screens king
18:19 06 Nov 18
Ozzy was great, excellent service done in reasonable time
Jack Kimmelmann
17:54 21 Dec 18
Azi and Jose helped me fix my iPhone 7 Plus LCD that wasn’t working they fixed it for me within 20 minutes which was such a relief. Thanks so much guys !
Nichole Rosado
00:13 23 Dec 18
Very helpful, fixed my screen and saved me from purchasing a brand new phone. Two thumbs up!
Ryan Bower
22:07 26 Dec 18
Azi helped me with my iPhone, he was very helpfull and friendly, definitely hassle-free experience. I highly recommend!
Nidz A.
01:26 27 Dec 18
My experience with Azi is always amazing. He always does a great job on my phones. I would recommend anyone to go see him.
Shahzada Noori
17:33 28 Dec 18
I was in a rush to get my phone fixed and thanks to a gentlemen named “Azi” it was done before I had to head back to work. Thanks for being affordable and considerate of my time. Definitely recommended for affordability and time ??
Maria Corpeno
19:23 28 Dec 18
Showed up with an emergency. My phone was cracked. Azi was extremely helpful. I told him I was in a jam. He took my phone and fixed it in record time. He went above and beyond, I have to say he’s incredible.
Jamshaid Iqbal
19:58 28 Dec 18
Azi, you are amazing. Thank you so much for your help with my phone repair. The screen was broken and you had it fixed within the hour. So worth it, glad I stopped in. I will be recommending people to you. Thanks again.
Roman RakHIMOV
22:37 28 Dec 18
Reet was absolutely fantastic in fixing the issue my phone was giving me the past two months.Highly recommend her to to take care of of any issue you may have.Reet you Rock!!!)))
Mike La Verdi
21:03 14 Feb 19
Reet did an excellent job.She working amazing and they charge excellent as well. Over all she did an awesome job everything was perfect. I would highly recommend !:
Kathry Piller
22:38 14 Feb 19
Reet fixes my screen less then 10 mins. She was awesome. Definitely a place to go. If your phone need a quick fix.
Shawn Brumsey
23:42 14 Feb 19
They fixed my phone sooo fast and make sure that my phone was in working order before I left. I definitely recommend this place.
MaríaJose Hemmings
00:16 24 Feb 19
The experience was great and they mad my phone very nice and it looks like a new phone
Charles Miles
17:08 08 Mar 19
Had excellent service, it was quick fix and were able to help me with my crack phone. Highly recommend if you need a phone or an device to be repaired !
Axel Alanis
15:44 09 Jun 19
Azi thanks men..You are amazing. Thank you so much for your help with my phone repair. The screen was broken and you had it fixed within the hour. So worth it, glad i stopped in. great service...Thanks again 🙂
Jonathan John
17:39 01 Jul 19
Thanks Azi for fast and excellent service.Apple said to me they can't fix my phone under 30min...i am glad that i stopped by iFixScreens Riverhead at june 28,2019 thanks AZI and sorry for late review i really appreciate you help.. Fast service with great price..:)
Sam Harry
17:56 01 Jul 19
Great good and great time by Azi’
Judi Sloan
15:52 12 Jul 19
Great work with great price. Thanks To Azi
Erin Hutchins
15:20 17 Jul 19
Azi fixed my screen. Great service and done quickly.
Sean Clennan
22:01 07 Aug 19
Great job great price , azi I was great
Jason Goldfarb
23:18 09 Aug 19
Friendly, speedy service. Good advice on iPhone7+ about its ear speaker.
Toqui Terchun
21:40 27 Aug 19
I brought my iPhone 6s in for a screen replacement. Yoseff was a pleasure to deal with, he was professional and completed the job in under 30 minutes. The price was fair, considering I paid $750 for this phone new. My phone is like a new phone again and I am extremely happy! Highly recommended service. Thank you!
Dee Myers
16:18 04 Sep 19
Very friendly staff. Omar was very helpful and professional. I highly recommend this place for any screen repairs!!!
19:50 31 Oct 19
Azi: Did Fix Galaxy S9 Black. Customer Did Check the Device Before Left The Store They Was Very Happy. After 4 Hours Later Customer Came Back WITH Damage LCD And Lines on the LCD Which is Not On Warranty. People Do Drop They Devices Alot. That's The Only Reason I Always Let Ever Customers Check they Devices Before They Leave The Store B/C You Never Know What Cloud Happen. I don't Understand If You Did Check The Device And Leave With Happy How Come You Can Be Mad On US. After 4 hours Anything Can Happen. You Leave Happy And Now Saying These Words, Totally Don't Understand??! But Very Thankful Who Understand And Very Happy With My Work! Been working For The Devices Since 2013?. Thanks Alot?‍♂️?
Azi Azam
17:56 19 Nov 19
Decent prices good work manageable time
Miguel Hernandez
20:21 19 Nov 19
Azi Did Great Job On My iPhone 7. Work Great. Thanks Azi
Kevin McHale
18:27 27 Nov 19
Azi! Work on my Galaxy Note 9 And Great job. With great price very fast service.
Allan Horton
20:56 07 Dec 19
Azi! Work on my iPhone 7. My screen and LCD was damage. He fix very fast and great price.
David Latoni
23:43 18 Dec 19
Azi! Work on my galaxy S9 plus wasn't working. Now working great. Thanks
Susan Kugler
17:43 13 Dec 19
Azi! Work on my Galaxy s9. Charging port wasn't working. He replace very fast and price was great. Much better then buy new one. Thanks alot
berkeley2325 .
00:11 22 Dec 19
Azi work on my iPhone 8 Plus and it's work great and price very great..perfect 🙂
00:20 19 Dec 19
Azi! Work on my iPhone 8 Plus. Wasn’t coming on and he fix very fast n great price.
Eddilyn Jerez
00:57 09 Jan 20
Azi! Work on my iPhone X. Charging Port wasn’t working he Fix For Me. Great Job.
Frank Green
19:18 11 Jan 20
Fast efficient service! Highly recommended.Ask! Work on my iPhone 7. Screen was Broken he fix very fast n price was great. ?
Kristin Milius
22:25 10 Jan 20
Azi! Work on my Galaxy S8. Wasn't working but he Fix Very Fast N Great Price. Thank you so much. It's help alot. Thank you
Lavor Taylor
17:45 18 Jan 20
Azai was very helpful and fast 10/10 would recommend. he even helped me find a better case (:
Maddie Knight
22:20 19 Jan 20
Azi! Work on my iPhone 6s Plus. My Screen And LCD Was Damage. He Fix With Great Price and Fast Service. Thanks lot
Omar Reyes
16:59 01 Feb 20
Azi! Work on my iPhone 6. My Screen n LCD Was Damage! He Fix it Fast And With Great Price.
Ismar & Amber
17:07 02 Mar 20
This is the best place to get your screen fixed, mine was done in under one hour. Tito was so nice to us and he did a great job! Hope I don’t break my screen again but if I do I’ll be back!
23:43 19 Mar 20
Azi! Got the iPhone 7 White. Work Great. Thanks alot
Penny Czelatka
18:14 13 Mar 20
Azi! Fix my iPhone 7. Screen n LCD Was Damage. Great Customer service.
Christopher Suskevich
18:47 29 Feb 20
Azi Work On My iPhone XS Max. My Screen And LCD Was Damage. Nothing Was Working But He Fix It In 20 Min. Work Great And Price Was Good. Thanks!
Chris Hemsworth
18:34 16 May 20
Got Done iPad 6th Gen From Azi. It's Work Great And Very Fast Work.Friendly, Knowledgeable, Hard-working And Fairly Priced Service. Thanks Again Azi
Jos Renner
20:17 16 May 20
Azi Fix My iPhone 8 Front N Back. Good Great And Work Great. My Screen And Touch Wasn't Working But Now Working. And Great Price Too. Thanks Again Azi
John Smith
18:24 16 May 20
Extremely Satisfied, My Galaxy S10 Plus Looks Brand New. Thanks Azi.Price Is Great Too.
Robert Holland
19:05 16 May 20
Azi fixes my iPhone 7+ screen and LCD gave me a good deal on screen protector and new case!
Elvis J Carrillo
17:36 15 Jun 20
Extremely Satisfied, My iPhone 8 Plus Looks Brand New. I Did Save My Time And Money. Way Better Then Upgrade. Now In These Day's Devices Are Very Expensive. Thanks To Azi a lot!!! Great Work!
Robert Mark
20:59 23 Jun 20
They Fix My iPhone XR. The Price Was Good And After The Repair My Device Was Great Condition And Work Great! Azi Did Great Work. Thanks.
Mark Chris
17:31 23 Jun 20
Azi Work On My iPad 6th Gen. My iPad Work Great And Price Was Good Too. Also He Fix It In a Hour Which Is Very Great For Me. Way Better. Thanks! Great Work Azi!
Paul Tom
17:37 23 Jun 20
Good people fast repair ...
aybe zia
13:01 28 Jun 15
Galaxy s10 Lcd Was Damaged Azi the Empolye who did a great job he put the new lcd and he was quick.
Asad Bhullo Speaks
17:10 05 Jul 20
Got Iphone11 front fixed by Azi great service quick in and out, Highly recommend
FuFu Johnson
19:17 08 Jul 20
My friend Amy had a great experience. iPhone 8plus screen an LCD was damaged. Azi fixed her iPhone in 10 minutes. She highly recommends their services.
Stephanie Romer
18:26 15 Jul 20
i Got Fix My iPhone 8 Plus. My Screen And LCD Was Damage. Azi Fix My Device Very Fast And Great Price. If Some Customers Broken They Devices or The Screen Again That Not His Fall. He Make Sure i Check Everything On My iPhone Before Leave The Store. Great Work Azi! You Are Doing Great Work!
John Care
00:12 16 Jul 20
My Galaxy S8 Plus Was Damage. Azi Fix My Device. work Great With Good Price. Thanks
Luis Gonzalez
14:45 17 Jul 20
My iPhone 7 Screen Was Damage! Azi Fix For Me Very Fast And Great Price! Thanks
Peter McDermott
19:16 19 Jul 20
Azi did a great job repairing my IPhone XR LCD screen. Thank you so much !!
Abigail Adair
14:37 28 Jul 20
Very quick and pleasant experience. A very nice man, Tito, took care of us.Highly recommend I Fix Screens in Riverhead.I have a IPhone, which needed a nee battery, screen and protection shield.Easy breezy & affordable.
Dorian Harkoff
17:10 06 Aug 20
My iPhone 11Pro Touch Wasn’t Working Well. Azi Fix For Me Very Fast And Work Great. Thanks
mario silva
14:29 11 Aug 20
Had my screen replaced and it broke within 3 days. Brought it back and was replaced no charge and had me out the door in 20 minutes. Great service
Marcel Israel
14:51 18 Aug 20
Dealt with Azi in the store. He was fantastic. Knew exactly what I needed. Had it in stock. Done in less than an hour.
George Pammer
21:37 30 Aug 20
Excellent service today
clayton hodges
03:09 09 Aug 19
Riverhead Location

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