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Same Day Service

When you're in a rush and need fast repairs for your cracked Desktop screen or battery replacement, trust iFixScreens Riverhead. Our experts will get it fixed for you in just 30 minutes.

Highest Quality Parts

At iFixScreens Riverhead, we use the highest quality and OEM standard parts for all repairs to ensure longevity. You can rest assured that the parts used for your Desktop repair are of the utmost quality.

180 Day Warranty

For all Desktop repairs at iFixScreens, we offer a 180-day hassle-free warranty against manufacturing defects. The best part? You can avail of this warranty at any iFixScreens store across the United States!

Expert Technicians

Trust our expert technicians when it comes to repairing your Desktop, whether it's a screen repair or water damage. With their training and certification, they guarantee the best repair experience for you.

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At iFixScreens Riverhead, we have completed thousands of repairs for Desktop and Mac, so professionals choose us as their preferred Desktop repair store. With our exceptional service and best quality parts used across all the repairs, you can easily rely on our technicians to handle your Desktop or Mac repair requirements. If you have previously used our services, please leave a review to assist others in finding the finest Desktop and Mac repair store nearby. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Some Of The Common Desktop Problems We Fix

Computer Repair

Hard Drive Upgrade

If you're running out of disk space on your Desktop, don't delete files. Upgrade your hard drive with an SSD or HDD at iFixScreens in Riverhead. Get the best quote for a hard drive upgrade at our local store.

Memory Upgrade

Is your Desktop loading too slowly? Are you facing hanging issues frequently that stop your work? Not anymore! Just visit your local iFixScreens store in Riverhead and ask for a memory upgrade. Our technicians will provide you with the best fix at the lowest cost.

Desktop Screen Repair

Cracked screen on your Computer? Is the screen flickering, or does the screen display an image? Whatever the problem is, we will fix it for you. Bring your Computer to the iFixScreens store near Riverhead, and we will have your screen working like it was brand new.

Virus And Malware Removal

Did you suddenly lose your data or feel your Desktop has got too slow? It might be possible due to a virus or malware on the Desktop. Just visit your local iFixScreens store in Riverhead, and our team will run a PC tune-up to eliminate malicious software on your Desktop.

Data Backup & Recovery For Desktop

Did you accidentally delete an important file on your Desktop? Or did you lose the data due to water damage on your Desktop? Visit your nearest iFixScreens store in Riverhead and ask for a Data recovery service. 90% of the time, we can recover any lost data.

OS Installation & Upgrade

Are you getting a Windows update or license error on your Desktop? Don't worry; we can help you install the latest version of Windows to fix such issues. Ask our experts at iFixScreens Riverhead to upgrade or install any software needed to keep you going.

Apple, Dell, Hp, Lenovo, Asus Or Alienware - We Fix It All!

At iFixScreens Riverhead, we provide repair services for all Desktop and Apple iMac brands. We are your one-stop shop for all your desktop repair needs. The most common repairs we perform are Desktop hard Disk repair, keyboard repair, mouse repairs, motherboard repair, RAM upgrades, processor replacement, logic board repair for Mac, and even data recovery services. If you are unsure what is wrong with your PC or Mac, visit your iFixScreens Riverhead store for a free initial diagnostic for your PC and Mac repairs. Our experts will help you with the best possible solution at the lowest repair cost. 

Affordable Repairs For Pc And Mac

Finding the best Mac repair store close to your location is always easy when you have iFixScreens. If you face any problem with your PC or an Apple iMac, visit us at iFixScreens Riverhead store. Our certified experts will take care of any repairs required to fix it.

Mac Repairs

My PC just does not start, what should I do?

There could be multiple technical reasons why your PC does not start. Like the RAM coould be damaged, the hard-disk might have failed, or there is a problem in the power supply. Just bring in to our iFixScreens Riverhead store, and our experts will identify the correct issue with your PC and fix it.

Can you upgared the RAM on my PC?

I accidentally deleted an important file on my PC, can you help me recover it?

Can you repair my water damaged PC or Mac?

I have a custom built PC. Can you repair it?

Let The Experts Fix Your Desktop Or Mac

At iFixScreens Riverhead, we assure you that all our technicians are certified to perform the necessary Desktop and Mac repairs. Our technicians are trained and skilled to handle repairs for all brands and models, ensuring consistent quality across all our services. With thousands of Desktops and Macs repaired yearly, you can rely on us to bring your Desktop or Mac back to its original working condition.

Expert Technicians At Ifixscreens Store

Common Desktop Repairs we perform

From Logic Board Repairs to Hard Disk repairs, We have got you covered!