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  • Same-day turnaround to keep the gamers going.
  • All repairs backed by a 180 day warranty.

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Why Choose Us?

Same Day Service

At iFixScreens Victory Blvd, we specialize in cracked screen repair and battery replacement for Game Consoles. Our experts will fix your device within 30 minutes, even when you're in a hurry.

Highest Quality Parts

At iFixScreens Victory Blvd, we prioritize using the highest quality and OEM standard parts for all repairs. Rest assured, our top-notch parts are designed to last, ensuring the longevity of your Game Console's repair. 

180 Day Warranty

With all our Game Console repairs, you receive a hassle-free 180-day warranty against manufacturing defects. The best part is that you can claim this warranty at any iFixScreens store.

Expert Technicians

Count on our expert technicians for all your Game Console repair needs, from simple screen repairs to complex water damage repairs. Our team is trained and certified to provide you with the best possible experience.

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Gamers prefer the iFixScreens Victory Blvd store for gaming console repair services, such as Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. We offer same-day turnaround and a low-cost guarantee, ensuring a smooth gaming experience. If you've used our services, please share your thoughts to guide other gamers to the best console repair store nearby.


Game Console Repair


If your Gaming Console needs a camera Repair, then bring it to the experts at iFixScreens. All our repairs are fast and affordable. Our professionals have years of experience dealing with all kinds of iPhones issues and can love to help you.

Battery Replacement

If you are facing a battery drain problem on your Gaming Console battery. Bring your phone to the nearest iFixScreens store. We do battery replacement less than 3o minutes

Sound Issues

iFixScreens can resolve all kinds of iPhone sound issues.
Many users have already reported the sound issue while making calls with their Gaming Console. If you are facing the same bring it to our expert, they will get it fixed for you

Screen Replacement

No more worries if your Gaming Console screen is Cracked and you need Screen Replacement. Get the lowest pricing on the best quality screen repairs at iFixScreens store near you. Most screen replacements are done in less than 30 minutes or on the same day.

Water Damage

If you dropped your iPhone in the water or maybe forgot it in your pocket while swimming.
Regardless of what water damage has occurred, the chances are excellent to repair your Gaming Console Professional repair of water damaged or liquid damaged iPhone completed by experts at iFixScreens.

Charging or Headphone Jack

Are you facing the issue of your Gaming Console not charging? It might be a logic board, IC burnout, or faulty headphone jacks. Don’t worry! Our professionals at iFixScreens have years of experience dealing with all kinds of Gaming Console issues and can love to help you.

Some Of The Common Problems We Fix

Gaming Console Repair

Hard Drive Replacement

Experiencing issues with your Game Console's hard drive? Visit our nearest iFixScreens store in Staten Island. Our experts can quickly replace the faulty hard drive and get your console back in working order.

HDMI Repair

If your Game Console's HDMI port is malfunctioning and requires replacement, visit our iFixScreens store in Staten Island. Contact us for a free quote or walk in for HDMI port replacement services.

Boot/ Hard Drive

Experiencing a Game Console booting issue due to a faulty hard drive? Bring it to our nearest iFixScreens store in Staten Island, and our experts will quickly fix it at the lowest repair cost.

Lack of TV Display or Lights

If your Game Console is experiencing no image, it's time to seek a game console repair shop nearby. Visit our iFixScreens store in Staten Island for affordable and reliable Game Console repair services.

Water Damaged

If your Game Console doesn't start due to water or liquid damage, our experts at iFixScreens Staten Island can fix it. Don't worry; we handle all liquid damage repairs for Game Consoles.

Low Battery Or No Power

Having trouble charging or powering on your Nintendo Switch? Our experts at iFixScreens Staten Island offer fast diagnostics and solutions for charging and battery issues. Get your console fixed in no time!

Playstation Repairs You Can Rely On

We have a track record of satisfied customers who have entrusted us with their PlayStation repair needs. You can rely on us to fix issues such as faulty controllers, overheating consoles, network problems, water damage, or broken joysticks on controllers. Our team of certified experts at iFixScreens Victory Blvd can assist you with repairing your old PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, or even the latest PlayStation 5. Visit our store and request a free diagnostic to receive a cost estimate for the repair. We guarantee to provide you with the most effective solution at the most affordable price.

Top Rated Xbox Repairs At Affordable Price

When looking for a Microsoft Xbox repair store close to your location, you haveiFixScreens Victory Blvd by your side. With thousands of devices repaired in the past decade, our customer stories are enough to help you decide the best Xbox repair store in your area. At iFixScreens Victory Blvd, our experts can help solve any problems in your Xbox, including faulty controllers, loose connections in the console, network connectivity issues, and even water-damaged controllers. Just walk in to our iFixScreens Victory Blvd store for a free repair estimate.  

Top Rated Xbox Repairs At Affordable Price

My Nintendo Switch controllers are misbehaving. Can you fix it?

Sure, please bring by at iFixScreens Victory Blvd store. Our expert technicians will fix it in a Jiffy!

What is the cost of repair for a faulty PayStation controller?

Can you repair a water damaged PlayStation?

What to do if my Xbox or PlayStaion is over heating?

Do you provide a warranty on gmaing console repair?

Let The Experts Fix It

We at iFixScreens Victory Blvd are dedicated to ensuring that all of our technicians who handle your gaming console repairs are certified. Regardless of the brand or model, our technicians are highly trained and skilled in performing consistent quality repairs. With years of experience fixing thousands of gaming consoles, you can trust us to restore your PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch to its original working condition.

Expert Technicians At Ifixscreens Store

Common Gaming Console Repairs We Perform

From HDMI Port Repair To Nintendo Switch Screen Repair, We Have Got You Covered!