Is it worth the upgrade? – macOS Big Sur Vs macOS Catalina

Breaking news for all the MacBook users! The macOS Big Sur is finally here and available for most of the Mac devices. Say Goodbye to macOS Catalina, macOS Big Sur is here! However, it has also concerned many MacBook users about its application stability, performance issue, and other bugs, for which they might have to wait for another bug fix update.

DO NOT WORRY! Let us help you decide.

Is it worth the upgrade? – macOS Big Sur Vs macOS Catalina

macOS Big Sur is a major upgrade by Apple, not just from macOS Catalina but also from OS upgrade from two decades. It has been 20 years that Mac has shifted from macOS 10 to macOS 11. As expected, macOS Big Sur has also changed the compatibility of its devices to macOS Big Sur.
macOS Catalina was the only device that was designed, to support Mac devices from 2012 and newer models whereas macOS Big Sur includes the 2015 or later MacBook models, 2014 or Later Mac mini models, 2014 and later iMac, 2013 and later MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook’s.

The old Catalina look has now been designed with a much classy, neater, and simpler look. Apple has added these new elements to Control Centre and a set of unified icons in the dock which now similar to the iPhones look.

The Browser – Safari
macOS Big Sur is neat and a lot of new features compared to macOS Catalina. Beginning with Safari start-up page is now customizable which allows you to edit the background image and place your image. It also allows you to customize the toolbar of the browsing tool. Whereas the previous versions of macOS including macOS Catalina didn’t come up with this feature.
Moreover, macOS Big Sur also comes with an exciting feature of webpage translation in Safari i.e., macOS 11 Big Sur. The feature has been claimed to be powerful and works as a timesaving as you do not have to worry about webpage language anymore. However, Apple has limited the translation languages to a limited number which includes English, Spanish, German, Chinese, French, and Russian. This is a new feature that macOS Catalina and its previous versions were missing.

Apple claimed that macOS 11 Big Sur will bring big advancement and change for Mac users. Messages are one tool that has received the finest update from its previous version, macOS 10.15 Catalina. Several new Memoji's have unmasked in this new version. It allows Mac users to create Memoji's with no time and effort. Besides, it allows gaining access to the image library and GIF. Moreover, it also allows attaching fun animations.
In the previous versions including macOS Catalina, it was difficult for a user to reply to a specific dedicatedly text in a group or individually, but it is different this time with the new macOS 11 Big Sur, users can reply to particular text thereby (an amazing improvement by apple). Similarly, Big Sur also enables you to Pinout (highlight) your most important conversation can be kept on the top of the list. The feature doesn’t end here, now it is possible to directly reply to a specific person in a group by typing their name.

Menu Bar and Notification Centre
When compared to macOS Catalina, the new macOS 11 Big Sur comes with a defined and organized notification center compared to its previous version macOS Catalina. The major upgrade with Big Sur can be seen in Mac’s notification center in the Menu bar.
The notification center in Big Sur is easy to use when compared to its previous versions macOS 10.15. It comes with no background and a difference in the list of notifications from the Mac device desktop.

Final Verdict
What macOS Big Sur brings to the table is the biggest advancement done by apple. It is still early to decide if it is worth it or no.

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