Need to Jailbreak your Apple iOS device?

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Jailbreak Ios Idevice

Everyone loves their Apple devices; you can customize it to suit your every need. However, when you think about it can sometimes be limiting because you are restricted only to the App store. At iFixScreens, we solve this issue by offering the option to Jailbreak your Apple devices. 

People sometimes ask why should i jailbreak my iDevice? With large companies such as Apple they include in their software a Digital Rights Management which limits the software to allow it to do certain things and not allow it to do other things. The App-Store is extremely strict and users who aim to publish an App on it must follow these strict guidelines; where in some cases they are rejected by Apple. Jailbreaking on the other hand, allows you to bypass the Digital Rights Management and gives you access to download Apps or features that was once restricted, through another form of an App-Store, Cydia. Cydia allows you to tweak your iDevice to exactly how you please.

Come down to iFixScreens and let our team of trained professionals Jailbreak your iDevice; and enjoy all the extra feature that it comes with. All this can be done and more at any of our locations. A Mail-in Address is available to be as convenient as possible.

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