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As we know that every year, Apple makes changes to its product collection, and 2019 is shaping up a considerable amount of major upgrades. Apple is expecting to release many new products this year.

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What will Apple release in 2019?

Here are six Apple products that will release in 2019:

Apple News Paid Subscriptions:

Apple formally discovered its new subscription news service, a tab within its current Apple News app that is designed to crack access to premium magazines and a few national newspapers for $10 per month. At promotion, the subscription will give users access to more than 300 publications. 

Apple News+ gives the best experience to millions of more readers, so they can enjoy the conversation journalism, powerful points of view, and unparalleled visual storytelling they have come to expect from Apple brands.

Apple Music is a seamless example of how the company has been successful with this strategy. Apple broke into the industry to become the world’s second-largest streaming-music service by putting Apple Music. Just four years after its launch, Apple Music has 52-55 million subscribers giving $9.99 monthly.

The News app has three options at the end: Today, Morning Digest, and Channel. With an iOS and macOS update progressing out, that will change to say Today, News+, and Following. Today is focused on the day’s news, the following stands for the media outlets and categories people follow, and News+ is the subscription service.

MacBook Pro:

Many years have passed without an update to the Mac Pro, but a new machine is on the skyline. In 2017 Apple has discussed the MacBook Pro’s features with journalists, first apologizing for the lack of updates and then acknowledging that the trashcan design didn’t work out the way it had expected.

Apple updated the Touch Bar versions of the MacBook Pro laptop line in the month of May, including 9th-gen Intel Coffee Lake refresh processors (with up to 8 cores) to the 15 models. The non-Touch Bar MacBook Pro models remain as it is. As per rumors, Apple has something best in mind. But it looks like we will have to wait for that.

We will see a base model with e twin A13s and higher-end models with more A13s. The 15 MacBook Pro you can buy costs £2,349 to $2,399. These prices haven’t changed in the next few years.

iPhone 11 (XI):

The iPhone’s sales increases may be over, but the smartphone remains critical to Apple’s success. The most reliable iPhone 11 rumors point to a triple camera array which is kept in a large square on the back of the iPhone so that you can capture better photos and get good video quality.

With the iPhone 11 you may also get a more battery life and the reverse wireless charging feature advertised by Samsung and Huawei. Only Apple’s version may be able to wirelessly charge a friend’s iPhone or your Apple Watch. A specs update to make the phone faster than the already-fast previous versions, and new colors to attract the people.

iPhone 11 launch date may be launch in September 2019. There will be three cameras in a central block on the back, a back that looks to be made of glass.

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Streaming Video Service, Apple TV Dongle:

Apple has been working on its streaming video service for years. Apple’s streaming video service is predictable to launch as early as this spring

Multiple tech sites have speculated that the company also might announce an Apple TV dongle to boost the adoption of its streaming video service. The smallest expensive Apple TV streamer is present at $149, while market leader ROKU sells a 4K streaming stick for $40. A more reasonable and compressed Apple TV has been on many wish lists for years, and the new Apple video streaming service may just be the catalyst that finally gets the company gives in to demand.

iPad Mini 5:

Talking of small iOS products that are popular despite outdated specs, Apple will release a new iPad Mini 5 in 2019. The existing iPad Mini hasn’t been updated since 2015 but still carries a $399 starting price. That makes it $70 more than the latest full-sized iPad, which has a processor that’s two generations newer.

Some people felt that the iPhone XS Max, with its 6.5-inch display, left no place for a small iPad with a 7.9-inch display. But it increasingly looks likely that Apple will release an iPad Mini 5 in 2019, as soon as possible. Look for the same form factor, an updated A10 processor, Touch ID, and a lower-cost display similar to the one used in the current 9.7-inch iPad. The cheap display would let Apple drop the price of the iPad Mini 5 to be more competitive.

Apple Watch Series 5:

Reports suggest Apple Watch Series 5 will have a new ceramic casing design, suggesting a return of the Apple Watch Edition. Expanded ECG support for additional countries is also expected in 2019, with the feature likely to be available in Series 4 and new Series 5 models. New health features have also been rumored for years, such as non-invasive blood glucose monitoring. A micro-LED display is a possibility, as are solid-state buttons. We don’t yet know what to assume from the next Apple Watch, but Apple reliably updates it every September just like the iPhone.

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