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Retro Goodness This Weekend: Nintendo Switch Online Adds 7 New NES Games

We are calling all retro enthusiasts and those who thirst for classic gaming fun! Nintendo has just dropped a treasure trove of NES titles onto the Nintendo Switch Online service, allowing you to revisit some hidden gems and cult favorites just in time for this weekend.

This new lineup, available starting July 4th, 2024, features a diverse selection of games, from the well-known to the obscure. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a curious newcomer, this eclectic mix has something for everyone.

Retro Goodness This Weekend Nintendo Switch Online Adds 7 New Nes Games

Key Takeaways

  • Nintendo Switch Online added 7 new NES games to their service.
  • These games include lesser-known titles like Urban Champion, Donkey Kong Jr. Math, and The Mystery of Atlantis, alongside classics like Golf.
  • The update also includes Mach Rider, Cobra Triangle, and Solar Jetman.
  • These games are available to play with a base tier Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Lesser-Known Gems Take Center Stage

Nintendo is reaching into the NES library's unique corners this time. They've included titles that may not be on everyone's radar but offer a delightful taste of 8-bit gaming history.

Lesser-Known Gems Take Center Stage

Urban Champion (1986)

Test your reflexes in this side-scrolling street brawler and battle your way to become the ultimate "Urban Champion."

This neighborhood has a simple rule: hit or get hit. Urban Champion, Nintendo's debut 2D fighting game from 1986, pits fighters against each other in a no-holds-barred brawl to achieve the champion – often knocking their rivals into nearby maintenance holes. Victorious fighters are showered with confetti by the locals and gather enough victory symbols to claim the title of the Champion.

However, beware of angry neighbors dropping flowerpots and the occasional police interference, who might break up the fight or make an arrest if time runs out. Challenge a computer opponent or a friend to see who will emerge as the Urban Champion!

Donkey Kong Jr. Math (1991)

This educational title combines everyone's favorite ape with some mathematical challenges. Swing through the levels and collecting numbers to solve problems – is a fun way to sharpen your math skills!

First question: Donkey Kong + Donkey Kong Jr. ÷ Math Homework =? The answer: Numerical fun. Released in 1986, Donkey Kong Jr. Math combines the vine-swinging action of Donkey Kong Jr. with a mathematical twist. In this game, you play as Donkey Kong Jr., tasked with rescuing Donkey Kong from Mario's clutches.

As you navigate vines and platforms, you'll solve math puzzles by collecting numbers and symbols to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Gather fruit and keys along the way while avoiding pesky birds, electric sparks, and chomping hazards. Ready for a test?

Nintendo Switch Online Adds 7 New Nes Games

The Mystery of Atlantis (1986)

(known as Atlantis no Nazo in Japan) This Japan-exclusive platformer finally gets its chance to shine on the global stage. Explore the mythical land of Atlantis and save the day!

The Mystery of Atlantis is a side-scrolling adventure in which players assume the role of Wyn, an amateur explorer determined to uncover the secrets of a lost civilization and rescue his captured master from the clutches of the evil Emperor Zavyra. Armed with sticks of dynamite, Wyn navigates through various exotic locations, such as caves, temples, and even clouds.

The game features 100 interconnected zones, each accessible through warp doors. Players must carefully choose their doors and paths to succeed in this island maze.

Solar Jetman (1991)

Developed by the legendary Rare, this spacefaring adventure tasks you with recovering the powerful Golden Warpship across 12 dangerous alien worlds.

Jetman embarks on a dangerous mission to recover the scattered pieces of the legendary Golden Warpship, a vessel famed for its interstellar capabilities. This early '90s multidirectional shooter places you in the pilot seat of Jetman's Jetpod, navigating through 12 treacherous alien worlds, each with unique gravity conditions.

Along your journey, gather alien goods to score points, which you can exchange for equipment at the Interstellar Marketing Co. Trading Post. Once you locate a Warpship piece, you'll need to tow it back to your Mothership, contending with an increased drag that affects your maneuverability and depletes your fuel—keep a close eye on those gauges!

The mission to recover all the pieces is daunting, but Solar Jetman is humanity's only hope!

Mach Rider (1985)

Buckle up and race through a post-apocalyptic future in this vehicular combat game. Take down enemies with your machine guns or use them as obstacles in your path to victory.

Earth – the year 2112. A solitary motorcycle warrior is the last line of defense between invaders and survivors. You are Mach Rider! In the primary Fighting Course mode, race through twisting highways, eliminating enemies with your machine guns or smashing them into obstacles.

Test your survival skills against the clock in the Endurance Course, or opt for the Solo Course for an enemy-free ride. Mach Rider also features a Design mode, allowing you to create and race on your custom courses.

Nintendo Switch Online Adds 7 Unique And Classic Nes Games

Cobra Triangle (1989)

Another rare gem, Cobra Triangle, throws you on a thrilling speedboat adventure. Navigate treacherous rivers, battle enemies, and rescue helpless swimmers in this action-packed title.

Have you heard of the Bermuda Triangle? That's a vacation compared to what awaits you in Cobra Triangle. Test your skills and reflexes at the helm of a Cobra Class Speed Boat in this 1989 NES action game. Combining boat racing and vehicular combat, you'll face high-speed challenges such as cannon-equipped enemy craft, endangered swimmers, lethal sea monsters, dangerous whirlpools, and ticking bombs.

Navigate through 25 stages of aquatic chaos, collecting Power-Up Items scattered throughout to enhance your speed and firepower, which is crucial for escaping the Triangle in one piece!

A Touch of Nostalgia: Play the Classic Golf by Satoru Iwata

This update also features a beloved title for many gamers - Golf (1986). This simple yet engaging sports game was programmed by the late Satoru Iwata, a highly respected figure within Nintendo. Originally hidden as a tribute within the Switch's operating system, Golf is now readily available for everyone to enjoy a piece of Iwata's legacy.

Golf is an open-world 18-hole golf simulator that can be played solo or with a friend. Our unique ball-hit engine allows you to precisely determine the point of contact for a more authentic golf experience.

Choose from four golf clubs (driver, iron, wood, and putter) with varying power levels. View the PAR for every hole on the screen and move to any hole to practice. Golf offers a play-as-you-want, endless game that provides hours of fun anytime, anywhere.

How to access these 7 NES games on Nintendo Switch Online?

How To Access These 7 Nes Games On Nintendo Switch Online

These new NES titles are included in the base tier of the Nintendo Switch Online subscription, alongside access to SNES and Game Boy games. If you crave access to Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, and Game Boy Advance titles, you must upgrade to the Expansion Pack tier.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into these classic NES games and revisit (or discover for the first time) the golden age of 8-bit gaming!

Final Thoughts

These NES titles are more than just games; they're portals to a simpler time. It was a time of pixelated graphics, catchy chiptune music, and the thrill of conquering a challenging level. With this new Switch Online lineup news, Nintendo has allowed us to revisit those cherished memories and create new ones. So grab your Switch, settle in for a retro adventure, and let the nostalgia wash over you.


Q. What games are included in the recent update to Nintendo Switch Online?

A. The recent update to Nintendo Switch Online adds 7 NES games, including Golf, Urban Champion, Donkey Kong Jr., Cobra Triangle, Math, Atlantis, and Mach Rider.

Q. Which classic game was added to the Nintendo Switch Online roster?

A. The update brings the classic title Golf to the Nintendo Entertainment System library on Nintendo Switch Online.

Q. When were these 7 NES games released initially?

A. These 7 NES games were released between 1986 and 1989, offering players a blast from the past.

Q. How does Nintendo Switch Online's expansion of games benefit its users?

A. Adding more NES games to Nintendo Switch Online's library offers users a wider variety of classic games to play and enjoy on the platform.

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