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Not Down & Out- The Resurrection Of BlackBerry Smartphones

Blackberry Phone Repair BlackBerry’s image has shifted over the decades from a businessman’s assistant, to a celebrity accessory. It wasn’t just celebrities, politicians, and businessmen using Blackberries, ordinary people had taken them up too. With their sleek and advanced features blended with a splendid look, BlackBerry smartphones are still enjoying massive fan-following.

Every BlackBerry device is the outcome of rigorous research by some talented inventors and tech experts. BlackBerry phone repairing experts rightly said that very few people are aware of the fact that no other smartphone makers invest such a huge amount of money in R&D as BlackBerry does in order to offer a device to the users that is capable of giving a stellar performance for a prolonged period.

In the market where cheap made-in-China mobiles are giving a tough time to the global giants such as Apple and Samsung- BlackBerry is comprehensively maintaining its supremacy among its loyal users. “Once you are accustomed to using a BlackBerry phone, it becomes really hard to switch to another brand”. This is according to an entrepreneur from New York.

Cell phone repair experts viewed that one of the finest features of this smartphone brand is the security it provides to the users. It encrypts messages, which makes business owners more comfortable giving the phones to their employees, who may share sensitive documents and e-mails over the phones.

“iPhone and Androids can give you a thrill. But it is the BlackBerry which gets the work done” said an expert at a BlackBerry phone repair center. Probably this is why most professionals still prefer (and live by) BlackBerry compared to any other mobile / platform. The majority of big businesses and government organizations relied on BlackBerry’s superb security, reliable email, and utilitarian functionality. This is to keep their workers productive on the move. BlackBerry persists today and has refashioned itself as a leisure phone for young multitaskers and doesn’t look to be in danger of extinction.

The BlackBerry Key2 unveils in New York by TCL Communication, the Chinese manufacturer. It took over the rights to the smartphone brand from the Canadian tech firm in 2016. The new device includes a physical keyboard under a 4.5-inch screen and runs the Android operating system. The latest effort focuses on reviving the once-dominant brand and reigniting the love with the users.


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