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Office 2019 Is Now Available For Windows And Mac

What Do You Need To Know About Office 2019 For Windows And MAC?

Microsoft recently released Office 2019, the latest version of its Windows and Mac office suite, with useful new features slotted almost seamlessly into the familiar interface. A distraction-free mode for Word, better pivot tables for Excel, and better graphics and support for digital pencils for PowerPoint are just a few of the many tweaks and improvements to the venerable Office. While these aren’t huge upgrades to the suite, they could be big productivity boons to the right users.

Microsoft Office 2019


The Different Versions of Microsoft Office 2019: Which Is Right For You?

  • Version #1: Office Home and Student 2019

If you need Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote for school or home use, then this is the version for you. Take this version if you’re not worried about getting the latest software updates from Microsoft, and the current features are more than enough for your needs. Microsoft is selling the Office Home and Student 2019 version for only $149.99

  • Version #2: Office Home and Business 2019

According to Litmus Labs, Apple iPhone and Gmail have the lion’s share of the email client market with 27% each (out of 945 email opens). However, Outlook occupied the #3 spot at 9%; this translates to over 85 million emails opened done on Outlook.

If you’re one of those who absolutely need to use Outlook in your workflow, then this is the version of Office 2019 you need to get. Also, you still get Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote with this Office 2019 version, but the extra $100 will get you a licensed copy of Outlook. The listed price of Office Home and Business 2019 on Microsoft’s website is $249.99.

  • Version #3: Office Professional 2019

At $190 more than the second version (Office Professional 2019 costs $439.99), this is the most expensive version of Office 2019. For the extra fee, you get access to 2 more apps – Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Access. The bad news is that these apps are strictly PC or Windows only. 

What Will Office 2019 Include?

Office 2019’s new features allow users to manage work more effectively and develop more impactful content. Some of the most notable Office 2019 features include updates to the following Microsoft programs:

Word: New text-to-speech and learning features, improved accessibility, enhanced inking capabilities, and a black theme

New features in Word 2019 for both Mac and Windows:

  • Collaborate in Word and see others’ changes in real-time (Windows | Mac)
  • Break the language barrier with Microsoft Translator (Windows | Mac)
  • Improve your reading skills with the new Learning Tools feature (Windows | Mac)
  • Draw and write with your digital pen (Windows | Mac)
  • Use Latex syntax in your equations (Windows only)
  • Get all the angles with 3D images (Windows | Mac)
  • Fix accessibility issues with one click (Windows | Mac)

Outlook: New focused inbox, updated contact cards, and @ mentions support

Excel: Enhancements to Power Pivot and Power Query, new functions, funnel charts, timelines, and 2D maps

New features Excel 2019:

  • New functions (Windows | Mac)
  • New charts (Windows | Mac)
  • Enhanced visuals
  • Ink improvements
  • Sharing is easier
  • PivotTable enhancements
  • Power Pivot updates
  • Publish to Power BI

PowerPoint: Roaming pencil case capabilities, enhanced zoom, and 3D image management.

New features and updates in PowerPoint 2019:

  • Morph transition (Windows | Mac)
  • Zoom for PowerPoint (Windows only)
  • Insert 3D models to see all angles (Windows | Mac)
  • Vector graphics for visual impact (Windows | Mac)
  • Convert SVG icons to shapes (Windows only)
  • Easier background removal (Windows only)
  • Export to 4K (Windows only)
  • Recording features (Windows | Mac)
  • Draw or write with digital ink (Windows | Mac)
  • Text highlighter (Windows | Mac)
  • Insert funnel chart (Windows only)
  • Insert 2D map charts (Windows | Mac)
  • Hyperlinks in living colors

Microsoft OneNote 2019 Features:

With the 2019 version of Microsoft Office, OneNote gets a significant update. Currently, there are two desktop versions of this software: OneNote which comes pre-installed on Windows 10, and OneNote 2016.

It’s less confusing for Mac users – the OneNote 2019 Mac app will only unlock stickers. For Office 365 subscribers on Mac, you’ll get the same stickers, but you’ll also automatically receive any future updates.

Should You Buy Microsoft Office 2019?

Microsoft made substantial updates to its core Office 2019 apps, most notably, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. However, all the features baked into your Office 2019 apps are all you’re going to get.

Microsoft is doing a great job with its frequent updates to the Office 365 ecosystem. In fact, most of the new features I’ve listed in this article were released to Office 365 subscribers months, or even years, ago! They’re well ahead of the pack. And the truth is, by the time you purchase your copy of Office 2019, Office 365 subscribers may already be enjoying new features which you’re never going to get.

So, the choice is yours. Get Microsoft Office 2019 for a relatively affordable one-time fee, or subscribe to Office 365 and get regular software updates from Microsoft.

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