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OnePlus 7 Pro: 10 Interesting Features You Should Know

OnePlus recently launched the OnePlus 7 Pro, the company’s latest phone that once again toes the line of a budget-friendly phone that’s affordably priced. Granted, it’s the most expensive OnePlus phone we’ve seen to date, but it’s a tremendous value.

From a pop-up camera on the notch-less display to new software features, the OnePlus 7 Pro has many to offer. Long battery life, impressive display, and fancy new camera tricks — but the question is how do you use that pop-up camera, Zen Mode, and other features?

Here, We Show You How To Do All The New Features Of The OnePlus 7 Pro:

1. Where’s The Front-Facing Camera?

One Plus 7 Pro - Popup Camera

One of the main things you notice about the OnePlus 7 Pro is the lack of an obvious spot for the front-facing camera. Usually, you will find a camera above the screen. More recently, device makers have used notches. The OnePlus 7 Pro has neither.

That’s because the front-facing camera slides out of the phone. Anytime you activate the front camera, be it launching Snapchat or activating it in the Camera app, it will pop up.

2. Auto Drop Detection

If you drop the OnePlus 7 Pro when the front camera is out, the phone will detect that it’s dropping and retract the camera before your phone hits the ground. We don’t recommend testing this feature.

3. Zen Mode:

Zen Mode - Oneplus 7 Pro

Zen Mode is a new feature from OnePlus that will lock your phone for 20 minutes. But yes you can place emergency calls, you’ll receive any incoming calls, and you can also use the camera, but outside of those few functions, you’re locked out. Not even a restart can exit Zen Mode.

Add Zen Mode to the quick settings panel by clicking on the pencil icon and dragging Zen Mode to the panel. Then, you can enter Zen Mode by tapping the icon. After you confirm you want to enter Zen Mode, a countdown timer will show up on the phone’s screen.

Screen Recording Oneplus 7 Pro 4. Screen Recording

Screenshots are a fantastic feature of smartphones, but the OnePlus 7 Pro has a built-in screen recording feature. As with Zen Mode, you’ll need to add the option to the quick settings panel. Once you’ve done that, tap the screen recorder button to display the recording controls. A small graphic will float above whatever’s on your screen — tap on the red record button to start recording, the gear icon to change settings, or the “X” to close the screen recorder.

5. Adjust The Alert Slider

The OnePlus alert slider is just above the power button and has three different positions.

  1. Silent mode
  2. Vibrate mode
  3. Ring mode

You can once again modify what happens to your phone’s sound profile depending on the position of the alert slider. Go to Settings > Buttons & gestures > Alert slider.

6. Disable That Annoying Shelf

If you do not want to use the OnePlus Shelf that is situated to the left of your home screen, you can disable it in the home screen settings. Find and long-press on an empty spot on your home screen, then select Home Screen settings and toggle the Shelf button to the Off position.

7. Switch To Gesture Navigation

OnePlus already has fully gesture-based navigation built into the 7 Pro. For activation you need to Go to Settings > Buttons & gestures > Navigation bar & gestures.

Oneplus 7 Pro: 10 Interesting Features You Should Know

8. Change Fingerprint Sensor Animation

With the fingerprint sensor under the display, OnePlus shows an animation to help with finger placement. You can change that animation by going to Settings > Security & lock screen > Fingerprint > Fingerprint animation effect.

Ambient Display

9. Ambient Display

The OnePlus 7 Pro has the ability to show the time, music controls, and pending notifications on the lock screen, but you have to enable it. Ambient display is like an on-demand version of the always-on display feature we’ve seen Samsung and Google use on their devices.

To enable ambient display open Settings > Display > Ambient display.

10. Quick Launch

There’s a quick launch feature built into Oxygen OS that uses the fingerprint sensor to trigger a series of shortcut options. When your phone is locked, place your finger on the sensor and then leave it there. Your phone will unlock, and after another second or so, a horizontal list of actions will show up. You can do things like open Google Assistant, open app shortcuts, or launch a specific app.

Turn on the feature in Settings > Utilities > Quick launch, and then customize the shortcuts by selecting Shortcuts settings.

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