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Professional Guidelines to Solve Hardware Related Issues in a Computer

The importance of technology in our daily life is undeniable. Nowadays, people cannot imagine their life without electronic devices such as PC, mobiles, laptops, etc. Hardware and software issues in a PC are the common problems faced by users every day. The device owners immediately start checking computer repair near me on the internet when they face any kind of malfunction in their PC. However, the users can collect some ideas from professional technicians to resolve the glitches in their computers and laptop.

Hardware Related Issues In A Computer

Common Hardware Problems and Expert Solutions

1. Computer Freezing

The major reason for the hardware problem in a PC is overheating. Generally, the internal fan (Heat Sink) controls the temperature of a computer. If dust enters the Heat Sink or the Mother Board of the PC then the screen of the computer gets overheated and locked. This issue is known as Computer Freezing.


You can control this overheating problem by removing dust from your computer. Do not cover the CPU and UPS with a piece of cloth, which can be the reason for overheating.

2. System Error Blue Screen

The user often finds a blue screen when they start the computer. This causes due to the disk drive problem. Blue Screen may also appear because of malware-related issues in the PC or laptop.


Reinstall the driver and re-format your hard drive by installing the operating system. Install antivirus to remove the malware on the computer. If nothing works then take the help of a professional computer repairing center to solve the problem.

3. RAM Faults & Error

Your monitor may show a black screen with a memory reference x000xxx as a boot interruption when a RAM fault occurs in a PC. This issue occurs because of faulty RAM chips in the computer. The faulty chips are unable to store the boot loader and NT loader files. Hence, it locks the boot loader that causes the loading issue.


Solve this issue by replacing the old RAM with a new one. Before purchasing a new RAM for your computer check the model compatibility of your motherboard.

4. Liquid Spilled on PC

Water or other liquids may spill on your PC accidentally. In that case, internal damage to the computer may be the reason.


Turn off your device and do not use it before solving the problems. After taking out the components and unplugging them from your computer, wipe the wet surfaces and dry them with a lint-free absorbent fabric. You can also follow other tips of a professional technician.

5. Noisy Computer

When the Heat Sink and the Mother Board of the PC are affected with dust particles the smooth action of the internal fan is disrupted and your computer starts making an irritating sound.


Clean the Heat Sink and the blades of the internal fan with a soft cloth and brush the internal parts to remove the dust specks.

Final Thoughts

Follow the aforesaid tips given by professional computer repair services to solve hardware-related issues and other problems with a device.

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