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Reasons To Buy An Apple Watch Instead Of Fitbit

Apple Iwatch Vs Fitbit Versa

When it comes to deciding whether you want a Fitbit Versa or an Apple Watch, the main thing you should consider is what you want it for. Though there are a lot of similarities, where the Apple Watch and Fitbit Versa differ will make all the difference.

The world of smartwatches is getting competitive with recent additions from companies that are more famous for making GPS devices. If you are looking for a lifestyle smartwatch that can also handle your runs or Cross-fit sessions, two names still glide to the top: the Apple Watch and the Fitbit Ionic.

The Apple Watch has features to improve the lives of anyone and everyone.

Here Are A Few Reasons Why Apple Watch Is A Better Choice Than Fitbit Devices:

Apple offers more styles, finishes, and bands for the Apple Watch

Apple is currently selling 5 types of smartwatches.

·Apple Watch Series 1

·Apple Watch Series 3

·Apple Watch Hermes

·Apple Watch Nike+

·Apple Watch Edition

All of these come with unique designs and colors. Also, Apple has different types of bands in plenty of colors. Fitbit smartwatch only has limited bands and colors. So, it is now proven that Apple Watch is more customizable than Fitbit’s Versa.

Apple Watch comes in two sizes, whereas Fitbit Versa only comes in one.

Apple Watch is available in 2 sizes (38mm or 42mm). The reason why the Apple watch is best is that is perfect for people who have small or large wrists. Also, it depends on the choice of the users.

If we talk about Fitbit’s smartwatch, it comes in only one size which is about 34mm.


The weight of the 38mm Apple Watch Series 3 is 26.8 grams and the 42mm Apple Watch weighs 32.4 grams (which is a perfect weight). On the other hand, Fitbit’s Versa is 38 grams. 

People who wear a watch the whole day will prefer always a lightweight watch which is Apple watch instead of Fitbit.

Apple Watch Has A Bigger Screen And Slimmer Edges — Called Bezels

The screen size really matters for a smartwatch user. The screen of both Apple watches is larger than Fitbit Versa’s 34mm display. If we ignore the screen size then the Apple watch has many slim edges than the Fitbit which means the screen will look more prominent to the face.

Also, all Apple Watches have an OLED display, versus Fitbit Versa’s LCD screen. OLED displays typically look better, brighter, and have more contrast than LCDs.


The Apple Watch lets you use Apple Music and podcasts, and 16GB of memory means you can keep your favorite songs from iTunes as well.

Fitbit has a storage capacity for 300 songs. That’s a bit less than Apple’s storage capacity, but it’ll likely get you through your run.

Apple Watch Has Built-In GPS:

Apple Watch has built-in GPS features which means you can track or get directions easily when you are out. However, the Fitbit Ionic has built-in GPS while the Fitbit Versa does not.

Fitness Tracking:

Apple partnered with Stanford University School of Medicine on the Apple Heart Study, a research study to advance the study of heart science. The study uses an app to alert Apple Watch users if it detects an irregular heart rhythm.

Since Apple rolled out the feature, several Apple Watch owners have claimed that it saved their lives.

While Fitbit Versa does have a heart-rate sensor, it’s not yet able to measure irregular heart rhythms or alert you if it senses something wrong.

The Best Function In An Apple Watch: The Siri

This feature is built-in in the Apple watch and is very useful. To talk with Siri, Apple has inserted a microphone in the watch. So you can talk to Siri and can get the answers loudly.

Siri is a smart assistant for iPhone while Fitbit didn’t come with any similar smart assistant.

These are some of the reasons why you should buy an Apple watch instead of Fitbit’s Versa. If you have found this article interesting then share it with your friends and make them not buy any third-party smartwatch.

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Cellular Connectivity:

Apple now offers a cellular version of the Apple Watch Series 3, which is denoted by a red dot on the watch’s crown. A cellular connection means you can leave your phone at home and use the watch to listen to music, answer calls, and send texts.

Best For iPhone Users:

From setup and pairing to day-to-day use, Apple Watch’s operating system works seamlessly with iOS. And if you’re someone who wants to use the watch for calls and texts, there’s almost no reason to buy a third-party watch.

Trade With New One:

If your Apple Watch is starting to slow down, or you’re simply ready for an upgrade, Apple lets you trade in your watch for an Apple Store gift card of up to $175 to use toward a new device. If it’s not eligible, Apple will recycle it for you.

The Fitbit doesn’t have a similar trade-in window yet, although it does offer a 45-day money-back guarantee on the Fitbit Versa.

Also, you can sell or repair your Apple watch at an Apple watch repair service near you.

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