Reasons to Use Sterling Screen Protectors for Your OnePlus 6 Phone

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Screen-Protectors-Oneplus-6After buying a costly smartphone OnePlus 6, you need to be careful because the delicate screen may smash down and result in a web-spider crack. Once your mobile device receives cracks by accident, it will adversely affect the internal part, camera, and display. The tempered glass of the screen protector may safeguard the 6.3-inch OLED display of the handset from daily hazards.

Benefits of covering OnePlus 6 phone with screen guard

Durability: The 3D tempered glass screen protector has 9H hardness and its anti-scratch feature protects the screen of the OnePlus 6 from drops and smashes.

Smudge Resistant: The oleophobic coating of the screen guard helps to reduce the fingerprints and keeps the gadget smudge-free.

Edge Protection: The ultra-flexible film bends over the curved edge of the screen helps to protect the edges of the handset.

Grip: Extra tactile coating is infused while manufacturing the screen guard that provides extra grip to the phone.

Virtually Invisible: The original sleek look of the device helps to make the fingerprints on the screen invisible.

Custom Design: The custom design of the screen protector is portable from the points of the camera and other outlet parts of the device help the user to access the buttons and ports easily.

Best 5 new brands of Screen Protectors

You may have a look at the features of some finest screen protectors with multiple qualities:

1: OnePlus Protection Bundles

Accessorize your smart device with a OnePlus tempered glass screen protector. The oleophobic coating of the screen guard assists to protect the display and reduce fingerprints. This protector is a bit expensive around $ 20, but one shouldn’t compromise the safety of the OnePlus 6 phone just to save money.

2: LK Tempered Glass Screen Protector [3-pack]

LK offers you with three-pack of tempered glass screen protectors to safeguard the display of their device. The black border around the display covers the edges of the handset. This screen protector is facilitated with laser cut to find the camera lenses and sensor. The oleophobic feature maintains the display and proves smudge-free. The rate of ‘LK Tempered Glass Screen Protector’ is around $9.

3: IQShield Matte Film Screen Protector

Some users of the OnePlus 6 phone do not like the tempered glass screen guard. They prefer using a film screen protector, which cut down the screen glare. This wet-install film ultra-thin screen protector is made with a matte finish that safeguards the screen of the handset from glare from sunlight. The average price of this screen guard is around $8.

4: Mr. Shield Tempered Glass Screen Protector [3-pack]

The 3-pack of the tempered glass screen protector is made with crystal clear finishing that showcases the display of the device transparently. Mr. Shield offers the screen protector with a lifetime replacement warranty covering installation issues and damage from use. A kit is provided while purchasing the glass screen guard that includes clean installation. You can buy the protector for around $8.

5: Wellci Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Wellci provides two types of tempered glass screen guards for your OnePlus 6 phone. This ultra-thin protector has a sly border to safeguard the edges of the handset. It maintains the original touch sensitivity to the screen. You may purchase this protector for around $8 to $9.


The accident may occur at any time and your phone may drop down from your hand, but good quality screen protectors will help the gadget’s screen from smashing, safeguard the screen from sunlight and resolve other freaks.


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