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6 Technical Solutions For Samsung Galaxy Heating Issue

The Samsung Galaxy Heating issue is one of the most common problems faced by customers, especially Gamers! We are quite specific when it comes to electronic devices. We look for devices that are new in technology, easy and quick to use in considerable size that preferable fits us.  But this was not the same case 15 years from now when Nokia phone was a thing.

Ever since the death of Nokia, we have altered ourselves with new technology that perfectly fits our needs. The two big giants have taken over the majority of the market (Samsung and iPhone). They nearly share 76% of the world market. With new technology comes new challenges i.e., the overheating issue in smartphones. We all must have experienced the same at some stage. iFixScreens blogs will help you rectify the problem and will help you resolve it.

Samsung Galaxy Heating Issue

Several factors have investigated that Samsung galaxy heats up quickly. Samsung Galaxy usually becomes hot (gradually of course) when you load your phone with heavy applications. Additionally, it is also normal for a device to become hot if you use your phone for long hours. Similar issues can happen when you put your phone on charging.

Nevertheless, if overheating gets beyond control then you cannot hold your phone due to excessive heat.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the common reasons behind Samsung Galaxy overheating, like intensive apps or environmental factors.
  • Learn effective methods to cool down your device, from closing apps to checking for software updates.
  • Optimize your device's battery settings to prevent overheating during heavy usage.
  • Keep your device well-ventilated to avoid excessive heat buildup.
  • Be vigilant about temperature warnings and take immediate action to prevent damage.
  • When all else fails, seek professional assistance to diagnose and resolve severe heating issues.
  • Implement preventive measures to keep your Samsung Galaxy running smoothly and cool.
  • Regularly monitor your device's temperature and performance for a trouble-free experience.

Here are the real reasons for Samsung Galaxy Heating Problem:

1. When you downloading heavy/large files

2. While setting up your new setup after purchase or restoring the data.

3. Excessive multi-tasking and Overloading the processor i.e.

  • Playing heavy game for hours.
  • Capturing long videos via your Camera.
  • Using the same application for long hours (Causing Longer Screen Hours).
  • Using multiple applications in the background.

4. Exposing your phone to direct sunlight.

5. Updating lot of Apps together.

6. Charging the phone for long hours.

Now let’s talk about solutions! Let’s talk about how we can solve this issue

How to fix Samsung Galaxy heating issues?

1.Follow the recommended device charging rules.

Commonly, people tend to leave their devices on charging for a longer duration. Sometimes even if the phone is fully charged, we leave it on charging thinking it won't cause a problem.

  • It is safe to charge your device when the battery levels are not too low nor too high (somewhere between 20% to 80%). This increases your phones battery life and will also eliminate the Samsung Galaxy heating issue.
  • Avoid using your device when on a charging. If you continue using your phone for a long time, it will over-heat your phone which also affects your phones average battery life.

2.Frequent Software Updates

Frequent software updates on your phone are another reason which leads up to Samsung Galaxy heating issue. It can also change your device settings without your knowledge. It is recommended that once you update your phone you need to reset your phone settings and re-configure your phone.

  • You have to tap on reset settings again and confirm the action.
  • Check for general management

3.Soft resetting your device frequently

It is recommended that you should soft reset your Samsung Galaxy at least once in 15 days and shut down for at least 30 minutes in a day which will rest your device from overloading.

  • When you soft reset your phone, it allows your phone to clear the cache memory from your device and helps your phone to cool down.
  • With this step you are not at the risk of losing your data and it remains safe and secure which also clear your device RAM.
  • Perform this action frequently and the overheating problem should not occur.

4.Power Safe Mode

This is important that you keep your phone on power saving mode when your device is not in use, this will not allow your phone to use any third-party apps, thus saves your battery and your phone from overloading.

5.Delete unnecessary applications

Delete the unused application installed in your device which may result in the corresponding of the speed of your device and will reduce the heating issue.

6.Hard-Reset or Factory Reset

If none of the above options for you then, try this. This is the most efficient way to eliminate the risk of overheating. Hard resetting your phone means it will delete/erase everything from your phone and remove the bugs and faulty software from your device.

Note: Before performing this action make sure you take a backup of all your files, photos, videos.     

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, addressing heating issues in Samsung Galaxy devices is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and user satisfaction. By following the provided tips and taking proactive steps to manage device temperature, users can enjoy a smoother and more reliable experience with their smartphones.


Q: Why is my Samsung Galaxy experiencing heating issues?

A: Heating issues in Samsung Galaxy phones can be caused by several factors, including heavy usage, background apps, or hardware problems.

Q: How can I prevent my Samsung Galaxy from overheating?

A: To prevent overheating, close unused background apps, avoid prolonged heavy usage, keep your software updated, and ensure proper ventilation around the phone.

Q: Is it normal for a Samsung Galaxy phone to warm up during usage?

A: Some warmth during usage is normal, but excessive heat may indicate an issue. If your phone becomes too hot to touch, it's advisable to investigate and address the cause.

Q: What should I do if my Samsung Galaxy consistently overheats?

A: If overheating persists, try restarting your phone, updating software, and checking for rogue apps. If the issue continues, consult Samsung support or visit a service center for further assistance.

Q: Can certain apps cause my Samsung Galaxy to heat up?

A: Yes, poorly optimized or malfunctioning apps can lead to excessive heat. Identify and uninstall any apps causing issues to mitigate heating problems.

Q: Does using the phone while charging contribute to overheating?

A: Yes, using your phone intensively while charging can generate additional heat. To avoid overheating, limit usage during charging and ensure you use a genuine charger and cable.

Q: Can a malfunctioning battery cause heating problems in my Samsung Galaxy?

A: Yes, a faulty battery can contribute to heating issues. If you suspect battery problems, it's crucial to seek professional assistance for inspection and potential replacement.

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