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I had a great experience having my cracked iPhone screen fixed tonight. I was a walk-in who was helped immediately was in/out in
Teka Klopfenstein
02:28 08 Dec 17
Had a iPhone 6s that been meaning to fix for the longest time but did not for the longest time. Mostly, because a lot of the small shops that fix screens in Brooklyn are overpriced and shady. I walked in this place and after speaking to Mohammed for as little as 5 minutes gave me the confidence to finally fix my screen at a fair price. He really went above and beyond to accommodate me and wallet! Highly recommend this spot in the park slope/downtown Brooklyn area.
Alex Scalante
22:52 06 Dec 17
These guys are the best! They are like hearth surgeons for smart phones. Great service and awesome good looking technician. Best in Brooklyn. Highly recommended.
Luke Skywalker
18:32 15 Dec 17
I had a great experience at iFixScreens. The person who helped me was Mohammed and he was very friendly and gave me a great deal for my phone that was both cracked and had a blacked-out screen in some parts. My touch features all work the same. Great service for a great price! I would recommend to any and everyone!
Eva Vargas
21:25 25 Sep 17
Mohammed did a great job fixing my iphone7 screen quickly. Nice and clean job and my lower volume button did not work before but after the screen fix it worked again. However, I was promised a tempered screen protector with my purchase and never got it because they wanted to use the more expensive screen on my phone. That was fine with me but the more expensive screen looks pretty faded and dull compared to my original screen. I don’t know now.... But anyway it was a quick and easy fix if you want something fast and convenient.
Chitra Mamidela
14:23 22 Nov 17
Incredible store! Muhammad was great, he fixed my phone so quickly, gave me an honest and thorough explanation as to what was wrong, and, most importantly, works perfectly. They have my business from here on out. Highly recommended!
Anthony H
22:29 17 Dec 17
MOHAMMED IS THE BEST!!! I came in very stressed about my cracked screen, but he totally put me at ease - gave me water, and was able to fix it in about 15 minutes. So easy! He also threw in a free screen protector which was so kind. I didn't know I'd need it, but only a few months later, I dropped my phone again, and this time the screen protector saved the day!! I went back to buy another screen protector (so worth it) and Mohammed hooked it up. You won't regret going here for your cracked screen needs!
Sophia Alan
20:03 22 Dec 17
Mohammed did an incredibly job of fixing my screen. He did it in under 20 minutes and right in front of me so I was able to watch it! They also check your phone very thoroughly to check for any other damages and issues both before and after a screen replacement. The prices here do not break the bank at all and they have excellent service and a wonderful atmosphere complete with music. I absolutely recommend their services!
Julia Lottman
20:56 23 Dec 17
This was by far the best and highest quality repair experience we’ve ever had. The atmosphere is very welcoming and we felt comfortable trusting my 12 year old son’s phone with the technician (Mohammad) right away. The repair was quick and very efficient.I would highly recommend this shop to anyone needing a repair or accessories for their phone.
J. E-C
21:17 23 Dec 17
Truly, I’m in awe at the amazing service I received today from the Manager Mohommed at the park slope location. I was able to get my wife extremely damaged iPad fixed as well as finding the perfect case for my iPhone 7plus and getting a screen protector. I’m very pleased with my service especiallyIn NYC. I’m from Business owner Myself and the intentional and amazing custom service I received today was exactly how I hope that all of my clients and customers feel when they do business my business. I will always use I FIX SCREENS from this point forward if any of my drives need repairing! Thank you thank you thank you for an absolutely exceptional customer experience and devices working as good as the day I gotta purchased them! Cheers,Du’Bois
Du'Bois A'Keen
21:50 28 Dec 17
Best service and friendly workers.My phone was broken so much, I thought it was impossible to fix, but for them no impossible for any thinks to fix.After 15 Minutes my phone look like new. Thank you " IFixScreens" on the 5Th Avenue in BrooklynYou are Best of Best
Beco Lukacevic
16:58 17 Jan 18
Mohamad was AMAZING! Not only did he fix my screen (which was extremely damaged), he was friendly, warm and welcoming. When I came in I was worried, like most of us are when your phone isn't working, but he put me at ease. My phone was back up and running in 25 min! This is my second time at this location and trust me it's worth coming in when you need any device fixed. 5 stars!!!
Tracee Atanda-Owo
17:02 22 Jan 18
Nice place. The power cord kept falling out of my iPhone. Muhammad tried a simple cleaning before replacing the lightening socket and it worked. Plus, he showed me how to do it myself so it wouldn’t happen again. In and out in less than 10min. I’m sure a less reputable guy would have told me to replace the socket and charged a lot more. Fast, honest, cheap, informative and pleasant...five stars.
Powell Scott
13:07 02 Feb 18
Mr. Mohmmad did ANOTHER WONDERFUL JOB. He is so knowledgeable about phone technology. I went to another phone repair store and they told me my phone was not fixable and that I would have to buy a new phone. I brought the phone to Mr. Mohammad and my phone is like new! Definitely a better deal. Thank you for your help!
Charisma Ross
18:14 01 Feb 18
I shattered my iPhone screen. The technician who assisted me, Mohammed was very knowledgeable, efficient and patient with me. My phone was expeditiously restored to full working order. My experience was extremely positive. As a long time south Brooklyn resident I also found it very rewarding to support a local business. Thank you so much Mohammed!
Maria Milin
02:20 21 Feb 18
Very genuine & nice people. Muhammad helped me with a free diagnostic when other repair stores told me they’d charge. He gave me a free screen protector and fixed my screen in less than 10 min. They even had netflix, water, and music - the hospitality was beyond anything else I’ve ever witnessed. 20 out of 10. Would recommend to everyone.
zacarias reed
19:36 23 Feb 18
Mohammad was very fast and nice. He fixed my screen very fast and left me wit much time to enjoy the rest of my day. Very funny guy. Will recommend every friend who cracked screen!!!
Tracy Jones
22:43 03 Mar 18
Absolute CROOKS. I went to the store to get my iPad screen fixed. They broke it, claimed they didn't (held onto it for MONTHS saying they were trying to fix it; then didn't) but told me I could trade it in at the Apple Store for a discount off of a new one. I tried that and was told no money. While I did get a refund for their services I am out $350 so I can replace. AVOID AVOID AVOID.Edit: The owner replied below. I picked it up in July right before I left on my honeymoon for a few weeks. I realized on the trip the device was broken. When I dropped off the iPad the only thing that was wrong was the cracked screen. The iPad worked FINE otherwise. That was not the case when I received it back. It wouldn't stay on and ultimately it died. Just to be clear: It was not a separate issue. I had someone else take a look at it and when they went inside they discovered that YOUR repair people had damaged the processor. One of your workers even admitted to me the person who had fixed my iPad was not very good. Quit lying.
Stephen Shoemaker
18:23 07 Mar 18
I love this place! Mohammed is very nice and does what he can to give you the best price and fastest turn around. I came here to fix the screen on my Apple Watch, which they did. A few weeks later the screen popped off, which turned out to be an issue with the Apple battery expanding (Apple's fault not theirs). Since I had already been there and the man remembered me, he performed the labor for the second fix for free (I still had to pay for a new battery). Prices are good- certainly cheaper than doing anything through Apple. Mohammed also cleaned my screen for free and charger port. Glad to have this place in the neighborhood as I'm sure I'll be needing their services again one day.
Aly McSheehy
23:39 08 Mar 18
Mohamed was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. He special ordered a white screen for me when he didn't have one on hand. The whole process was super quick as well. Would definitely recommend for any screen fixing needs.
Cari Manning
19:22 11 Mar 18
Had a great experience w my cracked screen replacement! They were courteous and informative and quick. Would definitely go back with any tech issues.
Natalia Ron
17:48 15 Mar 18
I've been in the neighborhood for over 30 years and this new shop is a blessing, great customer service and incredible knowledge of all phones. The manager Mohammad was honest and professional. The price for services done comes with a warranty, which is not command. After coming to this location I can now say my family has a new tech friend . I highly recommend this place. Thanks Mo.
john cruz
21:44 20 Mar 18
Go here to get your phone fixed! Mohamad really went above and beyond to fix my iPhone 7+ after I dropped it, he kept on trying and troubleshooting long after anyone else would have just told me to get a new phone, will be taking all my repairs here from now on. He was very courteous and updated my work ticket throughout the day so I knew what was going on with my phone. Cannot recommend highly enough.
Rachel Yoder
22:57 28 Mar 18
Mohammad did a great job - quick and efficient. If it breaks again, I'll be back!FOLLOW UP - I'm changing my rating from 5 to 2 because parts of my phone screen are now totally unresponsive. It's crazy making trying to write an email, or even a quick text, when none of the letters on the lower half of the screen work! I plan to bring the phone back to have it fixed again, but I'm not thrilled that I have to trek back over to Park Slope to do it.SECOND FOLLOW UP - I took the phone back, Mohammad ordered a screen from a different company and replaced it at no cost. He clearly cares about customer satisfaction and honoring his warranty, and for that I'm changing the rating back to 4. However, I hope that in the future he stocks a better quality product from the beginning.
Katy Wells
15:33 29 Mar 18
The company’s employees dismantled guests !It’s really bad experience, I called the ave P location to asked for a price, and they said is okay to charge $100 to repair my I phone 7plus screen. After I end up the phone I found out the Ave p location is far from my house, so I decided to go to the park slope location instead. When I got there I told them the truth about what the guys told me on the phone call! I swear god I didn’t lied about the $100 price! And the worst thing happened. The guy was calling their store manager! Turned on the speaker talking to the Ave p employees, and persistence in about they never told me the price like that , and this phone call like spent me like more than15-20 mins! And also I have no idea about why the park slope employees show me google start and compare with Ave p location!! I go there to fix my phone! I don’t care how messy for this company management ! if they can’t make it on this price just said they can’t. But they gave me those embarrassments!
julie lee
23:07 13 Apr 18
FANTASTIC SERVICE! Mohammad was quick and professional, offering me a complimentary screen protector and even fixing the home button on my device because he thought it seemed a little off. Worth the trip!
Lee Owens
18:20 14 Apr 18
Great service, great follow through. They replaced my broken iPhone screen quickly. When the new screen flaked out a few days later, they replaced it free and quick.
Colin Rafferty
12:48 30 Apr 18
My phone was run over by 10+ trucks and everything broke: speaker, mic, front camera, back camera, and even the screen. Replacing everything was expensive, so Muhammad offered me a discount because of how extreme my bad luck was. The repair was quick, and they have a nice setup where you can watch Planet Earth 2 while you wait. The next time my camera broke the repair was going to be overnight so he lent me a phone at no extra charge. He is very friendly, kind, and generous with his time. Definitely recommend!
Jack Sutter
23:19 02 May 18
THANK YOU!!! Mohammad absolutely SAVED me. Ok, my phone, but nowadays there’s not a lot of daylight between “life” and “phone”...I wandered in off the street, randomly, and I’m SO glad I did. He confirmed my diagnosis, immediately did the repair fluently and in record time, and then replaced the battery too, all while I waited. He’s smart, quick, courteous and I couldn’t have hoped for more! I’ll be telling everybody I know to head his way. All the thumbs up!!
Jena Starkes
19:46 14 May 18
Fantastic experience. The store manager was fantastic, very friendly, gave us good advice, got phone back same day with text, email, and call reminders. Great service!
Orin Herskowitz
02:24 21 May 18
Popped in here for a quick computer fix after reading the stellar reviews. Was not disappointed. Great service and a friendly, neighborhood feel. Thank you!
Vivian Liao
21:57 21 May 18
Mohamed helped me out extremely today when my phone wasnt charging he provided wonderful service & price. I will definitely keep coming back I trust him with all my phones. I can't thank him enough for helping me out today.
Miranda Morales
23:52 22 May 18
I’m beyond satisfied with both the service itself and the staff. They were very helpful and kind. I had my phone screen replaced very fast. Highly recommend this place.
Henger Ydrogo
00:55 31 May 18
Mohammad was wonderful. Not only personable and amazing customer service -- but we went home with a phone just like new. Thank you so much Mohammad!!! We know where we are going if we need anything fixed again.
Maia Mallari Kettman
22:14 12 Jun 18
The screen of my Samsung Tablet stopped working. I asked for repair and they told me that a diagnostic test would cost about $50. I am so glad I did not do it because it turned out that a cable was loose. This was a simple fix, which I did by my own in 10 minutes!
Daniel Rohrbach
23:49 26 Jun 18
I came here for my cracked screen and kelvin was most helpful and gracious in telling me my options. This is a great store! Will definitely come back thank you Ifix screens!!!
Stephanie Rivera
22:07 04 Jul 18
This is the only place you should go to fix a phone!!!! One of best services I've ever gotten in this city, and that goes for any kind of industry. Mohammad was so nice, patient, decent, extremely knowledgable, honest and very very fair. He tried helping me and offered a great solution, but recommend going to Apple for even a better one. He charged me very little because he knew I would spend a lot at Apple, even though he spent a good amount of time on my phone. Thanks Mohammad from your Israeli neighbor :)
Anat Livshits
02:04 18 Jul 18
Great service, very friendly and helpful. They made sure I was satisfied and they went out of their way to rush order a replacement battery for one that was defective. I'd definitely go to them again without hesitation.
Tom Taylor
16:21 20 Jul 18
Came to this place on my lunch break cause I cracked my lcd screen at work. They were very pleasant and professional. Was in and out in less than an hour and my phone works perfectly! Thanks guys!
Daju Gajuk
04:30 27 Jul 18
Mohammad fixed my screen less than 10mins. Had a pleasant experience, super polite staff. Good price for its quality, especially when you're on a budget.
Roanna Mae Devilla
13:35 15 Aug 18
I had a great experience at ifixscreens 5th Ave. My screen was smashed and Eddie replaced it in less than 15 minutes. The phone looks brand new! I highly recommend coming here if you ever have a smashed screen! Excellent prices and fast service!
Tala A. Rahmeh
18:34 09 Sep 18
My phone was completely shattered and Eddie was so helpful! I was able to get in and out in less than an hour and my screen is as good as new. If you’re in the Brooklyn area and need your screen fixed on your phone go to Ifix screens (it’s way easier and cheaper than anywhere else)!
Camille Corinne
20:08 09 Sep 18
Eddy fixed my phone, he was super nice, very professional, and quick speedy service! Sooo awesome! Thank u!
andre springer
16:58 10 Sep 18
Eddie was amazing. He fixed my phone in 5 mins and it works as if it was brand new. My experience would have been nothing without his phenomenal customer service coupled with his expertise. Thank you Eddie and iFixit!!
Car B
00:05 11 Sep 18
Great experience! Eddy made this seamless and super easy. Will come back here again. Highly recommend!
Sherica Holmon
21:05 13 Sep 18
My charger port was fixed in under 5 mins.. thank you guys so much! Eddie was Very friendly and unforgettable location for your phone needs.. definitely recommending to friends and family
Adam Ali
20:00 13 Sep 18
Left my iPhone X to be repaired with these guys. Questioned the $700 cost to get it repaired and asked numerous times if my phone would come back like new with Face ID fully functional. I was assured yes, not to worry, and that the $700 is an investment and I can sell the phone after. Face ID was not functional when I received my phone, I cannot sell it without Face ID. $700 down the drain and these guys refuse to remedy my issues. DO NOT USE THEM FOR REPAIRS.
David Kleyman
23:45 17 Sep 18
Eddie was very good. Courteous and efficient. The store was toasty warm, just the right place to be on a cold day!
Lily White
17:39 21 Oct 18
Eddie was excellent and my phone looks great. He knows what is he is talking about. I’m so happy and absolutely recommend this establishment.
Shiane Abramson
20:49 05 Nov 18
It was great. I was nervous, but he just fixed it up fast and the price was less than expected. I would definately come here again if I needed screen help.
Rebec Rud
00:38 13 Nov 18
Nicole was awesome! She was professional, sincere and upfront about everything! And she provided 5 star service. Highly recommend this place. Didn’t think I’d have a working phone, but in an hour and half it looks brand new!!! Thank you so much
Jenny Dhillon
18:53 17 Nov 18
Eddy was super helpful and fixed my screen quickly and very well. He was very attentive to every customer that walked through the door and I had a great experience.
Liz Shader
17:48 04 Dec 18

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