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Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Charge Port Repair

j7 prime charge port repair

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Charge Port Repair

Do you need a Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime charge port repair? Before everything else, Samsung being the leading company that produces smartphones is not a shocker anymore. The world continues to change and so as mobile usage. Samsung makes sure that the devices they release can aid to the needs of the consumers. Due to this, they launch devices with high-quality design and amazing specifications. This is to meet the needs of phone consumers.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime and Its Top Features

One of the highly-anticipated Samsung devices is the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime. It is a part of the Galaxy Series that made a huge impact to the public. The reason for this is that it has speedier performance than the others. Samsung made sure that J7 prime brings comfortability to the users. Moreover, it is made with a brushed metal finish with zero camera lump.

The major catch to this device is that it has longer-lasting battery power. This means anyone can use it for longer hours than the ordinary smartphones. It is great news for those who need to deal with a lot of meetings in a day. Furthermore, it features Ultra Power Saving Mode which helps lengthen the battery power.

The Ultra Power Saving Mode allows the user’s device to limit its performance. The use of WiFi and mobile networks will be restricted. Also, no updated will be installed and other apps that use data will not be accessible. This setting is a great way to save battery power. It will allow users to enjoy their devices for a long amount of time. However, it is important to keep in mind that no matter how good a device is, it will still fail.

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When to Get a Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Charge Port Repair?

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime is a great device. However, with improper use and lack of maintenance, problems may occur. Even though, J7 Prime has longer battery power, it still needs to be charged. But what if it won’t? What are the reasons it won’t charge? Here are some of the signs that you already need to get a Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Charge Port Repair:

  1. Holding the phone at a certain angle to charge it. Using a phone will it is still charging is truly hard to avoid. It is a dangerous act, however, most users still do so. There are times when we hold the phone at a certain angle for it to charge. But, doing this may burn the charge port. There will be a possibility to lose the precious Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime earlier than expected.


  1. Off-colored residue or debris can be seen around the charge port. This is is one of the major signs to get a charge port repair. To check if there are any signs of debris, hold the phone to alight. If you see any, it is best to get a Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Charge Port repair. Why? The black residue may be a part that burned inside the phone. This happens due to an inappropriate charge voltage.


  1. The battery and charger are still good. But why won’t it charge? The culprit lies within the phone. Check if the pins are broken or bent. If they are, then it is the reason why your phone does not charge. Once you discover this problem, be sure to get a Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Charge Port repair.

Losing a phone because of improper use is devastating. Which is why if ever problems occur, it is important to address it immediately. Having problems with the charge port? Get a Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Charge Port Repair immediately. This is the best solution to avoid further complications. Also, it will cost you less instead of buying a new phone.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime charge port problems? Bring it to iFixScreens and get a high-quality repair. They also offer 180 days warranty to all services and that includes a Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Charge Port Repair!

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