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Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Battery Replacement

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samsung galaxy j7 prime battery replacement

Battery Replacement

Need a Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Battery Replacement?

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime is an Android smartphone. It is produced by Samsung Electronics. This phone was the first J Series smartphone. Also, it features an Aluminum metal chassis. It was launched alongside the J5 prime. Which makes a lot of happy and contented customers for choosing this phone.

But it is no doubt that it doesn’t matter how fancy and expensive your phone is. If you are not knowledgeable enough on how to take care of it? Then there will be cellphone issues. Issues like LCD replacement and battery replacement are unavoidable. Whether you have Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime or not, you should know the reasons why your phone dies fast. Also, the causes why you are encountering problems with it.

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Facts about Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime was released in August 2016. It has an advanced 64-bit class system on a chip backed by a 3 GB RAM.
  • It has enlarged screen features flowing curved edges for optimal viewing.
  •  Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime has long-lasting battery power.
  • It has a F1.9 lens that allows for bright images even in low light settings.

Not yet decided if you want to get a Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Battery Replacement? Then here are the following reasons why a battery needs replacement:

  • Charging yet Using the Phone. – This is one of the major problems of a cellphone user. Using the phone while it is charging. This will seriously cause a problem in battery life and performance. High temperature causes imbalance performance on both voltage and power.
  • The High Battery consuming phone applications and activities. – Every cellphone user loves multitasking. Listening to music while browsing the social media accounts. This is one of the certain factors that can affect battery life. This also affects the performance of any cellphone.
  • Wi-Fi is on even when not in use. – Keeping your Wi-Fi on while sleeping can somehow affect the battery life. If you are doing it often, then your battery is at risk.
  • Outdated Software. – Smartphones nowadays are sending updates when the software needs to get an update. Does your phone do not have the latest update? It can somehow add up to battery life problems.
  • High Screen Brightness. – Reducing screen brightness can actually save some power. Remember that the battery drains quickly if the setting screen is too bright.
  • Overcharging. – Too much charging can damage your phone. It can cause overheating on your phone.

Does the above mentioned are the reasons why a battery dies quickly? Here are some tips to maximize battery life:

  1. Make sure to turn-off battery-draining features. This includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, phone apps, and live wallpapers.
  2. Close the applications when you are not using it. It is one of the major causes which affects the battery.
  3. Charge the phone using the smart charger that is compatible with it.
  4. Keep your battery cool.

Find a Reliable Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Battery Replacement

The battery is an important part of a mobile device. Checking the battery is important. Batteries may have a tendency for faster draining. Also, from sudden blackout from a negative power imbalance. There are also some cases that a battery becomes useless. The reason? Because of irresponsibility.

iFixScreens are confident enough to provide high-quality Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Battery Replacement. So, you will still be able to use your phone longer for an affordable price. Also, we give 180 days warranty to all our services!


Would like to know more about Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Battery Replacement? Then see it for yourself by stopping at local iFixScreens store near you!

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