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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Charge Port Repair

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samsung galaxy s10 5g

​Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Charge Port Repair

Being the latest to be launched from the rest of Galaxy S10 series, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is hitting on the shelves as mobile phones worth bragging for. With several key upgraded features better than its siblings’, one will not expect of what could go wrong with this almost-perfect device.

But, true enough with the old saying that “nobody is perfect”, no mobile gadget is really faultless. This is for that significant reason that the model still follows the same design philosophy of Galaxy serious. Therefore, replacement issues may arise is some areas particularly in its microphone and charging ports which are soldered and located in the device’ circuit board.

Take this as a warning! If you feel you can do self-repair on these ports in case of port problems, think twice because there is a lot of de-soldering to do.

BUT, you might at least follow these simple steps before resorting and running to service centers for a real-time port repair for your Samsung Galaxy S10 5G:

  1. Check and clean your charging port

  2. Who knows that it might be just an obstruction, dirt or dust, to why your phone isn’t charging. So, the things you can immediately do are to check and carefully insert a toothpick to remove any hitch present in your charging slot.

  1. Inspect your Samsung Galaxy S10 5G charging cable

    A faulty cable can actually be the reason for your charging issues. You might want to use another charging cable to see whether the problem really lies on the cable. If it does work, then your frayed cable is the culprit.

  1. Check your Samsung Galaxy S10 5G power source

    You might just be overreacting so nothing could go wrong in checking your power source. Before hitting on the panic button, you can try switching to other sockets to charge your phones.

  1. Look for any water damage

    If your phone encountered recent water damage, then this may be the cause why you find difficulty in charging it.

  1. Remove problem causing applications

    If a case happened that after you have downloaded a certain application you are encountering charging problems, then uninstalling it is probably a good way of examining whether the issue is really because of the app.

  1. Avoid using your phone while charging on your Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

    In extreme cases that you are using the phone while charging, the battery consumption becomes really high stopping the device from charging even if it is still connected to the power source. If it is then the root cause, then you must not use your phone and let it charge for a while

  1. Restart your phone for a software crash

    At times, even after trying different cables, switching to different sockets, your phone just stops charging and working. This could be a result of a software crash and can be possibly resolved by restarting or rebooting.

BUT IN CASE that you’re phone isn’t still charging even after trying the above-mentioned procedures, then your charging ports must really be damaged and thus, needs a replacement.

However, as revealed earlier that the soldered features of Galaxy series aren’t possible for self-repair then there is really a need to look for an excellent fixer that will do the job for you.

Great thing, iFixscreens offer exceptional service of replacing Samsung Galaxy S10 5G old charging ports with a new one. You will never (EVER!) feel the pain of not having charged your phones

All you need to do is to drop your device in any of iFixscreens’ locations and be assured that after 1-2 hours; your phone is readily available for use, working efficiently like never before! See it for yourself; visit iFixScreens – your reliable partner to fix faulty charger ports!

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