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Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Water Damage Diagnostic

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samsung galaxy s10 5g water damage diagnostic

​Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Water Damage Diagnostic

​Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Water Damage Diagnostic

Samsung (meaning “tristar” in English) is a South Korean based multi-industry company. One of their biggest includes Samsung Electronics. It is dubbed as the most prominent company. Samsung Electronics is related to information technology and making consumer electronics. Its popular products are household appliances, televisions, and mobile devices.

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Samsung Mobile is a division of Samsung Electronics. It perfected the craft of producing high-end mobile devices. Over the years, their smartphones developed that made them more promising. June 29, 2009, Samsung released its first mobile device. The device runs on the Android operating system. It is called “Samsung GT-I7 500 Galaxy”. It is the pioneer in the long Galaxy series.

Samsung Galaxy is said to be the leading smartphone producer. It was since the release of their S-series on the 4th of June year 2010. Since every released date of Samsung smartphones is anticipated, sales have skyrocketed. Their latest smartphone, “Samsung Galaxy S10+” was released this year, 2019. It is marketed to be their greatest innovation. It runs on Android 9.0 Operating System (Pie) and boasts 8 GB RAM and Octa-core chipset. Moreover, it has long battery life, crisp colors displayed on their signature Infinity Screen. Their six pro-grade cameras which include a 16-Megapixel Ultra-Wide lens.

They also released a better variation of Samsung Galaxy S10. Samsung's first 5G-ready device is called “Samsung Galaxy S10 5G”. It downloads and streams movies fast without even using a Wi-Fi connection.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G has the most advanced technology. It is water-resistant for half an hour below 5 feet of water. Moreover, it is still susceptible to water damage. Obviously, electronics and water do not mix. But sometimes, carelessness gets the better of us. This means, sooner or later, you need to get a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Water Damage Diagnostic. 

Your device ​needs a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Water Damage Diagnostic when it has:

  • Fuzzy growth, discoloration, and corrosion on the headset, memory, SIM, or charging ports.
  • ​The display screen is moist.
  • ​Activation of Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI) / Liquid Detection Indicator (LDI) located inside the tray slot for the SIM.

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If your device gets wet and is not functioning well, these tips might help to prevent further damages:

  • Thoroughly dry your device with a soft, clean piece of cloth. Do not use rough fabric to avoid scratches.
  • Remove the maximum amount of water while drying your device. Pat the primary microphone located at the bottom of the device. The earpiece located at the top front of the device using a soft cloth. Also, dry the accessory/power (USB) connector interface. Don't forget the external speaker located at the back of the device.
  • Avoid ionized water or saltwater. Rinse the device with fresh water when it exposed to saltwater. After that, dry it with a soft, clean cloth to avoid the accumulation of salt to the earpiece, external speaker, and primary microphone when the device dries.
  • It is possible that water will get stuck in the device’s microphone after getting wet leading to the slight decrease of the volume while making calls. Before making a call, it is best to air-dry the device.
  • ​Dust and water resistance can decrease significantly when the device has physical damages such as cracks and chips.

If these tips were not enough and the device is still damaged, you need professional help. ​iFixScreens​ offers high-quality Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Water Damage Diagnostic. You can walk in at their many store locations. Get your phone fixed by their expert technicians within only 1-2 hours. Or, mail them your damaged device and have it back within only three business days. How convenient! Call us at (855) 462-4349 or visit our website at ifixscreens.com to locate a branch near you.

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Utilize our mail in repair service. Just print the mail-in form, fill it out with payment and send the device. Once we receive your phone and the payment is processed, we will fix your Samsung Galaxy S10 5G Water Damage Diagnostic and have it headed back to you within 3 business days.

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