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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Battery Replacement

Galaxy S10 Plus Battery Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Back Glass Replacement


Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Battery Replacement?

Isn’t your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus amazing? If you own one then I must say you are lucky to have it. It is one of the best for Samsung Galaxy series of smartphones. It was introduced for their new generations. Samsung is one of the leading incorporation serving modern mobile technology to the world. The popularity of their galaxy series is undeniably well known. It is because of its amazing features and specifications.

Towards the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Battery Replacement

It was released on March 2019. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus was gladly welcomed by the techno-savvy consumers. Want to know what are the incredible features of the Samsung Galaxy 10+? Well, it has an amazing dimension of 157.6 x 74.1 x 7.8mm on its overall appearance. This model could weigh up to 198g with an installment of its non-removable lion battery. It is a fast-charging battery on 15 W for a long life action for your phone.

The battery is a core part of a mobile phone. It can store battery power to start all the phone’s operation. The true nightmare is when your battery experiences failure or damage? What a difficult situation for everyone who is suffering from this! Indeed, when you can’t even use your phone for a day? It is a real heartbreaking scenario. A real scene and it can happen to anyone at any time of any day.

When a situation like this happens then find some solution for it. A diagnostic for the battery is a good maintenance practice. It will help you figure out if it is up for repairing or a replacement. It should be checked by an expert technician. They give you the verdict on what to do with it. If it needs Galaxy S10 Plus Battery Replacement? Then go on with it because it is a way to save you from the inconvenience. Does this happen to you? Book for a battery replacement service for your Samsung Galaxy 10 Plus!

Schedule a free diagnostic today.

iFixScreens is offering you their services for repair and device part replacement. They even offer diagnostics that is trusted and the best. Just in case you are having trouble with your battery? Then iFixScreens could save you from this techno-mess.

Going further, what do you think is the existing factors on why a battery can be diagnosed as damaged? Together, let’s figure it out before actually having your Galaxy S10 Plus Battery Replacement.

Below are the factors on why a battery fails to work:

  • Hazardous Charging Practice

A super lengthy charge practice is a big no for the health of your battery. The battery is considered full when it reaches the 100% battery life. It can’t take a lot much wattage circulation when it is full. A short circuit may happen with this situation. In addition, it is important to avoid charging your phone with an extremely low battery percentage.

  • Mismatched Charge Cable

Using a different cable that is not compatible with the charger port of your phone is also a factor. Smartphone and android phone has a different charge cable for their own charge ports. Each phone model has its own needed wattage for the battery.

  • Uncomfortable Temperature

You should choose a spot where you can place your charging phone. The battery might not take a temperature that is very high. It can lead to phone overheating. The battery can bloat with the transfusion of power and the effect of room temperature.

We should avoid all of these instances or else we can have big trouble! Early prevention of these possible incidents is better than doing nothing. You can also check out iFixScreens! They can help you with their best at Galaxy S10 Plus Battery Replacement.

Find Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Battery Replacement Shop Near You


If you can’t get away with your battery problems, then iFixScreens has the solution for you. We can serve you with all of our greatest efforts to help you with your Galaxy S10 Plus Battery Replacement. Visit our store within your location near you. Take us with you now!


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