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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Front Camera Repair

galaxy s10 plus

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Front Camera Repair

A Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus front camera is what you need! Selfies, pictures of your meals, travel photos – these are only some of the pictures that one can see when they open social media accounts. In the digital age where selfies are as important as your daily meal. Basically, it is essential to have a phone camera that is as good as your eyesight normal vision. Well, Samsung Glaxy S10 Plus has it for you. With its clear camera that lets you take selfies at any time of the day.  Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is probably one of the best camera phone one could ever have. For this reason, a lot of people avails this phone model in the market.

Released last March 8, 2019, S10 Plus has three back and two front cameras. The rear cameras are suitable day and night shots as well as zoomed shots while the front cameras are perfect for taking selfies and group photos. But what if you use your S10 Plus and notice that there is something wrong with it? Well, worry no more! You can now book for a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus front camera repair service.

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Below are some of the things that can cause damage to your S10 Plus’ front camera:


The building up of moist in your camera means that moisture has penetrated the outer protection. Such thing happens when there is a dramatic change in temperature and humidity. Eliminating liquid invader in your phone camera can be a lot of work. Furthermore, not being able to remove this condensation on can cause further damage to your phone’s camera.


Dust is everywhere and whatever you do, you can never prevent it from sticking to your pone. Sometimes, dust gets through the exterior covering of your front camera and can affect the quality of the images you take. Dirt in the lens of your camera may cause obstruction on the image that you take. While a few dust can only affect an image quality, letting it stick in your camera’s lens may cause damage over time. When this happens, you need to find Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus front camera repair service provider in order to save your selfies from getting obstructed.

Improper handling

Admit it, you have this habit of shoving your phone inside the back pocket of your jeans. Well, almost everyone has this habit. The most obvious risk of doing this is of course, breakage. Secondly, some people have the habit of putting their phones on surfaces with its screen facing downward. By doing this, you give death to your phone’s camera because the surfaces where you put it can be rough, or if not, there are some dust particles on it. These factors can cause scratches on the exterior covering of your phone.


Using the bathroom can be boring without music. For this reason, some people bring their phone with them while taking a bath or even when they are doing their morning rituals like brushing their teeth and washing their face. But what will happen if you put your phone on the sink without knowing that water is already seeping its way past the external protector of your front camera? When such thing happens, the electrical components of your phone incur the damage. It is not only your camera that gets broken, your whole S10 Plus will be put to risk.


Your S10 Plus’ camera may be durable but it is never invincible, so, when accidents happen to it, make sure to contact a trusted repair service provider. Go to iFixScreens and we will do your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Front Camera Repair to save your selfies from suffering.


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