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Samsung Galaxy S10e Charge Port Repair

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charge port repair

Samsung Galaxy S10e Charge Port Repair

It is an amazing experience to have use Samsung Galaxy S10e right? Using this makes you want to use it for more efficient ways. It has a long battery life than what you expected. It has a lithium-Ion battery that can supply power for your mobile phone to run a total performance. Samsung as a corporate mobile presenter gives you this Samsung Galaxy S10e, with an embedded touch as a new model for this series.

Battery is an essential part that could make you feel that your phone is functioning for convenience. The battery only survives through charging and it makes the phone even livelier than it is from outstanding exterior design. A cellular phone shines brightly with moving displays with a battery functioning so well. Samsung Galaxy S10e is running in a good condition with a great charge practice. Charge ports are the way for a battery to store power energy to mobilize a phone.

The charge ports are ready for some insertion for a sufficient transmission from charging. Charging is a vital function for a battery to be alive. It is more efficient to e practice it responsibly. Charge ports needed to be taken care of for a battery to have an efficient supply that makes it even more useful for batteries. It is a difficult problem if you damage your charge ports and it can affect your whole usage performance of your mobile phone. The nightmare is when your charge port is being damaged.

What can be the solution for a not working charge ports? The charge port repair is a service for your damage port – if it is not charging. The more important thing is you have to deal with this kind of service because a damaged charge ports can lead to no cellphone a day lifestyle. Charge port repair brings life to a dead port that can make a way for a cable to transfer power. Well, if you encounter a problematic charging then consider a charge port repair service.

iFixScreens can make your charge port fantastically working again with their charge port repair service. They can present you with their expert mobile technician and avail their high quality charge port repair service that is guaranteed to be the best. You can also consider a diagnostic before even considering a charge port repair offer. You have to make it up for your phone to not being bothered by the problems with the charge ports.

If your Samsung Galaxy S10e or other smartphone models is experiencing a damaged charge port, consider an immediate repair. If you need your mobile phone to be fix quickly as soon as possible then might consider a charge port repair. Have a schedule now if you are struggling with malfunctioning charge ports.

You have to know the factors behind the failure of a damage charge ports. Below, are the following factors on why charge port fails?


  • Irregular Connecting and Disconnecting The Charge

You’ll have to get rid of connect-disconnect thing because it irritates the charge ports by your irregular insertion. This may cause an imbalance to the mobile temperature while charging and it can cause short circuit later on. If you continue doing this type of practices then you might go for a charge port repair.


  • Unfit Charge Cable

For you to not consider a charge port repair service use the right cable. When your Samsung Galaxy S10e requires you to use the designed cable for its port then you should use it. That would cause trouble if you don’t use the standard charger of your phone. They all have the desired watts for charging towards the battery so that it can manage to perform a full experience with 100% battery life.


  • Overcharging

Charging takes an hour or it takes almost a double hour to fulfill its duty on the battery. Abusive charging is a no and no scene, when it’s full, disconnect it! Avoid overcharging cause battery might not take a continuous flow of battery power when it is due for disconnection – because it is fully charged.If you already abuse the charging action of your phone you might lead into the path of charge port repair action.


You can avoid the following factors above if you use your phone responsibly. But if it is an encountered problem already then an immediate charge port repair is needed.




If you want to protect your phone from an extreme failing charge ports, iFixScreens got your back. You will be welcome with kindness and hospitality by taking your time to check us out. Visit our store near your location


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