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Samsung Galaxy S9 Glass & LCD Replacement Repair

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samsung s9 glass & lcd

Samsung Galaxy S9 Glass & LCD Replacement

Why you need a Samsung Galaxy S9 Glass and LCD Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S9 Glass and LCD is a great feature of this model. It has a digital zoom of up to 8x and is 5.8” screen, which is very light compared to others. Galaxy S9 comes in many different colors more than the other models. More importantly, this model has near the bezel-less, full-frontal, edge-to-edge screen. Aside from its front glass, it also has Glass and LCD made up of the most famous Gorilla 5 glass that is very helpful for many. However, what will you do if you accidentally break your Glass and LCD Replacement? If this happens, you should have a Samsung Galaxy S9 Glass and LCD Replacement.

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Causes of A Broken Samsung Galaxy S9 Glass and LCD:

  • Falling from above 1.6 meters above.

Despite its look, Samsung Galaxy S9 actually can withstand 1.6 meters fall. However, this is still a little disappointing considering the thickness and durability of the glass and the importance of LCD on a smartphone.

  • Extreme heat.

Heat can soften and expand glass. If you expose your phone to extreme heat, then it can make your glass brittle and easy to break. It is also a bad exposure and feel for your LCD.

  • Hitting it from hard surfaces.

It is not a question anymore. You already know that if a glass hits something hard, then it will break, especially if it hit a hard corner. Also, glitches may happen from the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

  • Dropping heavy materials over it.

A smartphone Glass and LCD is pretty delicate. You should avoid dropping hard materials on it if you don’t want it to break. Even by accidentally sitting above it, you can already see cracks forming in your phone.

Reasons why you need Samsung Galaxy S9 Glass and LCD Replacement:

  • To protect your phone.

One of the reasons why mobile users prefer phones with glass material is because it makes phone scratch resistant. Moreover, most of the companies are using this due to floods of great feedback from its customers. If you leave your glass broken, then there is a high chance of your phones getting more damages than it already has.

  • To keep a better look.

Mobile phone looks so much sleeker and fancier with glass backs rather than metals and plastics. However, if you don’t repair broken glass, then it will just look less professional and can even ruin your outfits.

  • To avoid injuries.

Everyone knows that broken glass can cut and dig skins. You can only enjoy your phone by using your hands, and it can cause some injuries. Because it is prone to bacteria and dirt, you might get even get infected.

  • For a good RF transmission

Although it is dense, glass allows radio waves in passing through effortlessly. This is why your phone can get connected with LTE signal, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi more conveniently if you have your glass fixed.

  • Wireless Charging

Rather than metals and plastics, glass backs are the best in wireless charging. It is not a good conductor of electricity. This is why you will not have any worries and being grounded when you have wireless charging.


You can enjoy using your Samsung Galaxy S9 in so many ways. It is excellent for taking pictures, watching videos, connecting to LTE and Wi-Fi, watching good videos, and storing files. Also, it looks very classy and expensive on your hand. However, why would you sacrifice using it in full potential just because of broken back glass? Consult to iFixScreens and have your Samsung Galaxy S9 Glass and LCD replacement now. Contact us at (855) 462-4349.

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