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Sony PlayStation 5 Latest News – Check Out The PS5 Specs, Price, Release Date Here!

Gamers! Get set to take your gaming experience a notch higher. Sony has finally revealed last week the Sony PlayStation 5 - it’s most powerful gaming console yet.

With an all-new attractive design, dual-sense controller, new set of games, an ultra-high-speed SSD, haptic feedback, 3-D audio, get ready to immerse yourself into a rich & powerful gaming experience never felt before. 

In this blog, we’ve covered in detail everything we know about the Sony PS5 yet.

So, let’s jump right into the article.    

PS5 design:

The most surprising element of the new PS5 is its unique design. Unlike its predecessors - Sony PS4 & earlier series, the new design is sleek, attractive & very eye-catching. It certainly looks like a device from the future. 

Sony PS5 console is a mix of two-tone black & white design with a vertical configuration & the sloping white fins covering the rounded black box. 

Check out the hardware trailer here.

Sony PS5 models:

Sony Ps5 Models
  • PlayStation 5 - Asymmetrical design, support for a disc drive
  • PlayStation 5 Digital Edition - Symmetrical design, supports online games only.

Sony PS5 specs:

  • CPU: AMD Zen 2-based CPU with 8 cores at 3.5GHz (variable frequency)
  • GPU: 10.28 TFLOPs, 36 CUs at 2.23GHz (variable frequency)
  • GPU architecture: Custom RDNA 2.
  • Memory interface: 16GB GDDR6 / 256-bit.
  • Memory bandwidth: 448GB/s.
  • Internal storage: Custom 825GB SSD.
  • Optical drive - 4K UHD Bluray drive

The best upgrade over the PS4 is the new SSD in the PS5 gaming console. The PS5 targets a load rate of 5.5 GB/s  which in theory is almost 10 times faster than the previous PS4.

The CU (control unit) of the PS5 is 62% bigger than the PS4 for faster & efficient processing. Further, the GPU uses both ray tracing & primitive shaders to improve the power consumption & heat management of the PS5 gaming system. These also means no excessive fan noise & the least chances of overheating of the console.

Another inspiring specification of the all-new PS5 is the 3D audio technology. The emphasis on the 3D audio with the PlayStation claims to deliver 3D audio irrespective of the setup used: TV speakers, headset, or soundbar. It uses HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function) to map out an individual’s hearing based on the sound’s frequency, direction & volume. 

The new 3D audio technology with the PS5 uses dynamic AI audio that adjusts the music like changing the tempo to changing the music based on the emotional state of the gamer. 

Sony PS5 games:

Sony Ps5 Games

The newest game to be announced at the PS5 launch is Marvel’s spider-man miles morales will be launched alongside the Playstation 5. Check out the other PS5 games to be compatible with the PS5 as listed below:

Sony PS5 DualSense controller:

Sony Ps5 Dualsense Controller

Sony PlayStation 5 comes with a new remote control gamepad which is a name as a DualSense controller and not DualShock 5 as a name for its predecessors. 

The button layout & the touchpad of the DualSense resembles that of the DualShock 4. However, the two-tone black & white design & color complements the PS5 console.

DualSense features haptic feedback & adaptive triggers that enable the player to feel the actions like driving on a rough road, firing an arrow to shoot making the gaming experience more realistic & fun.

It will also incorporate a built-in mic to speak to your friends while playing the game.

So, that’s all that we know about the upcoming Sony PlayStation 5. With all the new design & upgrades, the PS5 will be the one to watch out.

Common FAQs:

What is the Sony PS5 release date?

- Sony has announced holiday 2020 to be the official launch of the PlayStation 5. That means it will be launched between Oct-Dec, the same time during which Xbox will be launching it’s new Xbox Series X gaming console.

What is Sony PS5 price?

- Well, the price is yet to announced. However, it predicted to be around $499.

Does the DualSense controller come free with the PS5 console?

- Yes, the PS5 comes in a bundle with a DualSense controller. So, it’s free. 

What is the price of the DualSense controller?

- The standalone DualSense controller can be purchase at $59.99

Can I play PS4 games with Sony PlayStation 5?

- Yes, PS5 is backward compatible with most of the Sony PlayStation 4 games. 

Can I prebook or preorder the PS5?

- Well, the pre-bookings haven’t started yet. However you can sign up here to get a notification from Sony as soon as the PS5 gets available for Sale. 

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