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Same Day Service

If you are in a hurry and need the cracked screen of your iPad repaired, or need its battery replaced, you can count on us. At iFixScreens, our experts will fix it for you within 30 minutes.

Highest Quality  Parts

At iFixScreens, across all the repairs we use the best quality and OEM standard parts to make sure they last really long. So you don't have to worry on the quality of the parts used for your iPad's repair.

180 Day Warranty

Across all iPad repairs we perform, you get a 180 Day hassle-free warranty against any manufacturing defects. The best part, you can claim this warranty across any iFixScreens store in the US!

Expert Technicians

Whether you need a simple screen repair for your iPad or a complex water damage repair, you can rely on our experts. All our technicians are trained and certified to ensure you get the best experience.

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Whether you had an outstanding experience at iFixScreens or you think there is room for improvement, please let us know. We appreciate your valuable feedback above anything. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we work hard to make sure our customers walk out with a smile every time. If you have any additional suggestions, please feel free to reach out and let us know. We would love to assist you. If you already loved our services, please drop a review to help others find the best iPad 10.2 7th Generation Repair store.


Ipad 10.2 7Th Generation

 iPad 10.2 7th Generation Camera Repair

If the camera of your iPad 10.2 7th Generation has suddenly stopped working or has cracked. Bring it to your nearest iFixScreens store. Our experts will fix the camera on your iPad in a Jiffy.

 iPad 10.2 7th Generation Battery Replacement

If your iPad 10.2 7th Generation's battery is draining too fast, your iPad needs a battery replacement. To get a free quote for iPad battery replacement, give us a call or walk in to an iFixScreens store.

iPad 10.2 7th Generation Sound Issues

Is your iPad 10.2 7th Generation's speaker crackling or not working? Bring it to your nearest iFixScreens store, and our experts will fix it for you on the same day at the lowest cost of repair.

iPad 10.2 7th Generation Screen Replacement

Did you crack the screen on your iPad 10.2 7th Generation? It's time to look for an iPad screen replacement near you. Rush to your nearest iFixScreens store for the most affordable iPad screen repair.

 iPad 10.2 7th Generation Water Damage Repair

Did you drop your iPad 10.2 7th Generation in the water or spill coffee over? And your iPad won't start? Don't worry, our experts at iFixScreens will fix your iPad from all types of liquid damage.

 iPad 10.2 7th Generation Charging Port Repair

Are you struggling to charge your iPad 10.2 7th Generation due to a loose connection? Our experts at iFixScreens will perform a quick diagnostic and fix any iPad charging issues for you on the same day.


With over a decade of experience and fixing thousands of iPads every year, iFixScreens has become the most trusted and preferred iPad 10.2 7th Generation repair store in New York, Georgia, and Florida. At iFixScreens, we take pride in having our experts certified and capable of performing the most complex repairs needed to bring your iPad back to life. If you are looking for an iPad 10.2 7th Generation screen replacement, iPad 10.2 7th Generation battery replacement, iPad 10.2 7th Generation camera repair, or iPad 10.2 7th Generation charging port repair, iFixScreens is your one-stop-shop. Our experts can perform repairs for all iPad models, including the iPad Air, iPad Pro, and the latest generation iPads. Just walk into your nearest iFixScreens store, and our experts will take care of it. Across all iFixScreens stores, you are assured of getting identical and finest quality repairs. All our repairs come with a 180-day warranty on all repairs against any manufacturing defects.


Providing you with the best quality iPad Repairs at the lowest cost is our primary goal at iFixScreens. At iFixScreens, every iPad repair starts with a free diagnostic so that you know the price of repair upfront without paying a dime. Our experts will explain the repair needed and its relevant costs to you in detail. If you get a better offer for the same or better quality repair, we promise to beat that price by $5. Further, to keep you covered, you also get a hassle-free 180-day warranty on all iPad repairs. You can claim this warranty across our nationwide iFixScreens stores.

At iFixScreens, we are a massive supporter of frontline workers and veterans. So, we provide a special 10% discount on all repair services and a 20% discount on any accessory purchases made across any iFixScreens store. We also offer similar discounts year-round to university students and teachers. So, the next time you visit an iFixScreens store to get your iPad fixed, don't forget to ask for your special discount!

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What is the cost of iPad 10.2 7th Generation repair?

Generally the cost of iPad 10.2 7th Generation repair starts from $49. The cost of repair is subject to the type of repair required and for which iPad model it is.

How much does iFixScreens charge to replace an iPad 10.2 7th Generation battery?

I dropped my iPad 10.2 7th Generation in the water, what should I do?

How much does it cost to fix iPad 10.2 7th Generation charging port?

What is the average cost to replace an iPad 10.2 7th Generation screen?

Do you provide warranty on iPad 10.2 7th Generation screen repairs?

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Many of us don't need a computer other than an iPad.
The iPad is a single convergence product that has replaced so many devices. But these great iPads are ultimately machines, and they fail too. When so much of our lives are dependent on these fantastic devices, We don't want to leave them into amateur hands for repairs, especially when you have already spent so much in getting one. This is why it's essential to find the perfect technician that can bring your iPad back to life at the lowest cost. At iFixScreens, we have performed over a million successful iPad repairs. We also make sure that all our technicians are updated, certified, and capable of delivering a seamless service experience for you. So the next time you are looking for the best iPad repair store nearby, give us a call or walk in.

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