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  • Same-day turnaround within 1 hour or less.
  • 180-Day warranty on all tablet repair services.

Why Choose Us?

Same Day Service

If you are in a hurry and need the cracked screen of your iPad repaired, or need its battery replaced, you can count on us. At iFixScreens, our experts will fix it for you within 30 minutes.

Highest Quality  Parts

At iFixScreens, across all the repairs we use the best quality and OEM standard parts to make sure they last really long. So you don't have to worry on the quality of the parts used for your iPad's repair.

180 Day Warranty

Across all iPad repairs we perform, you get a 180 Day hassle-free warranty against any manufacturing defects. The best part, you can claim this warranty across any iFixScreens store in the US!

Expert Technicians

Whether you need a simple screen repair for your iPad or a complex water damage repair, you can rely on our experts. All our technicians are trained and certified to ensure you get the best experience.

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Tablet repairs are not an easy job if plan to do it on your own. But with iFixScreens by your side, having your tablet repaired to its original condition is quite an easy job. There are so many reasons why iFixScreens stores are preferred for tablet repair services like the quick turn around with same day repairs, low cost of repair and the warranty on all repairs performed that keeps you covered for so long. If you have experienced these services with iFixScreens, leave a review to help others find the best Tablet repair store close to their location. 

Some of the common samsung tablet problems we fix

Samsung Tablet Repair

Tablet Camera Replacement

If the camera of your Tablet has suddenly stopped working or has cracked. Bring it to your nearest iFixScreens store. Our experts will fix the camera on your Tablet in a Jiffy.

Tablet Battery Replacement

If your Tablet's battery is draining too fast, your Tablet needs a battery replacement. To get a free quote for Tablet battery replacement, give us a call or walk into an iFixScreens store near you.

Samsung Tablet Repair

Tablet Sound Issues

Is your Tablet's speaker crackling or not working? Bring it to your nearest iFixScreens store, and our experts will fix it for you on the same day at the lowest repair cost.

Samsung Tablet Repair

Tablet Cracked Screen Replacement

Did you crack the screen on your Tablet? It's time to look for a Tablet cracked screen replacement store near you. Rush to your nearest iFixScreens store for the most affordable Tablet broken screen repair.

Samsung Tablet Repair

Tablet Water Damage Repair

Did you drop your Tablet in the water or spill coffee over it? And your Tablet won't start? Don't worry; our experts at iFixScreens will fix your Tablet from all types of liquid damage.

Tablet Charging Port Repair

Are you struggling to charge your Tablet due to a loose connection? Our experts at iFixScreens will perform a quick diagnostic and fix any Tablet charging issues for you in a jiffy.

ipad, lenovo, kindle, dell or samsung. We fix it all!

From the most loved Apple iPad to the robust Samsung Galaxy Tab, iFixScreens stores are your one stop shop for any Tablet or iPad repair requirements. Across our nation wide iFixScreens stores, you can get exceptional quality iPad repair services that include iPad screen repair, iPad camera repair or even iPad battery replacement. We really mean it when we say a one-stop-shop for tablet repair services. Because our experts are certified to provide repair services for any brand tablet such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Lenovo Yoga Tab, Asus tab or even the Amazon Kindle tablet. Our services include screen repair, battery replacement, charging port repair, camera repair and even data recovery from a water damaged tablet. So the next time you have any trouble with your iPad or tablet, just walk-in to your local iFixScreens store and start with a free diagnostic to get the best repair experience.

Exceptional Samsung Tablet repairs that fit your budget

With thousands of successful iPad repairs completed, our experts have gained the experience to help you with issues related to your iPad. Just walk-in to an iFixScreens store close to your location and experience the most affordable and wholesome iPad repair experience.

Exceptional Ipad Repairs That Fit Your Budget

My tablet just does not turn on, what should I do?

What is the cost of iPad screen repair?

The cost of iPad screen repair starts from $69.99 depending on the iPad model.

Do you repair iPad Air models as well?

Can you repair my Samsung tab on the same day?

What is covered under the warranty in the tablet repair services?

Let the pros fix it!

At iFixScreens, we make sure that the technicians are capable, certified and experienced to perform any required repairs on your iPad or Tablet. So, you don't have to worry about the quality or the proficiency of the technicians. Just leave it to us, and have a coffee. With more than a million devices repaired successfully, you can easily trust us to bring your valued devices back to life.

Let The Pros Fix It!

Common samsung tablet repairs we perform

From Screen repair to battery replacement on your tablet, we are here for you!