December 2016

How To Share Files Between iPhone and Android?

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Here’re 3 easy ways to share files between iPhone and Android One of the crucial tasks you’d need to do frequently is to share your files between multiple devices. Sometime, those devices would be completely different. They would not work the same way or support the same operating system. An obvious example is transferring files between iPhones and Android [...]

September 2016

Google Now on Tap

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One of the greatest features that came with Android Marshmallow is Google Now on Tap. With Google Now, when you long-press the home button, Google Now shows up Google Now Cards that you set up. Now, in Android Marshmallow you can do more with Google Now on Tap. In this article we are going through this great feature and [...]

How To Backup Your Data on Android Devices

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How To Backup Your Android Devices Data One of the scariest nightmares for every mobile user is the fear of losing data. This can happen in many situations. For example, maybe your phone gets stolen or damaged. Maybe you have to buy a new phone because your old one is broken or lost. So, there must be a way to [...]

July 2016

How To Stop App Notifications on Android

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How To Stop App Notifications on Android I absolutely love my android device! Unfortunately I have many games and apps installed on my android device and receive tons of lame notifications to remind me to play or buy something. This is becoming a common practice for many application developers and it may be a tad bit annoying for many [...]

April 2016

Android N Developer Preview New Features

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Android N Developer Preview New Features Google has released its first developer preview of the upcoming Android version, Android N, which they recently admitted to be Nougat, not Nutella after all. Google used to release such preview for the last two versions (Android L and M) at Google I/O. With this version, it's a bit different. Google has released its [...]

September 2015

Save mobile data with Snapchat’s new Travel Mode

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  Last month Snapchat updated its app with a few new features, one of which the company calls “Travel Mode”. This new feature will prevent content from things like stories from automatically loading in the background. This in the past would use your smartphones cellular connection. With this new feature, you can save big on your data usage. Before following [...]

June 2015

Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

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Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone I took the plunge this week and switched to an iPhone 6 plus from my Samsung Note 3. The number one concern I had was how to transfer hundreds and hundreds of contacts from my Android to iPhone. The simplest and easiest way I found to do this was using Google. Google backs [...]

April 2015

Android 5.0 Lollipop Releases

2017-04-19T12:49:14+00:00 By |

Android Lollipop Releases A number of Android devices have just received the Android Lollipop update. Verizon has released the update for the Galaxy Note 3, AT&T and T-Mobile for the LG G2 and AT&T for the Galaxy Alpha and S5 Active. The easiest way to install the update is by using Samsung Kies. Just download the latest version of [...]

February 2015

BlackBerry Phones Can Now Run Android

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New BlackBerry Phones Can Now Run Android Apps from Amazon BlackBerry 10 users can now run BlackBerry apps and Android apps, courtesy of the latest update to the mobile operating system. Launched on Thursday, BlackBerry 10 OS 10.3.1 provides the usual access to the BlackBerry World app store but also adds entry to the Amazon Appstore, where users can [...]