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Tech-titans ( Apple , Samsung, LG) pushed? what to expect from their new soldiers (iPhone 6, S5, HTC One 2)

Years pass by wondering what new cellphone technology will be introduced and how far would these companies go to lead this massive market in innovation, reliability and simplicity.

In the past two decades, all that was expected was the convenient black and white cellular devices to now having your own unique smartphone that can be customized  to your own specific needs. It literally becomes YOUR smartphone; where no two are alike. Technology is moving at a pace that is unimaginable and has made our expectations at an all time high. If you thought 2013 was a good year for smartphones keep reading to see what 2014's technology has to offer in terms of specs and features expected.

Starting with what we have already seen so far this year, the recently announced

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung galaxy s5 i fix screens expect

The design of the Galaxy S5 is more over a sleeker more contoured version of the Galaxy S4. It has the same rounded edges, the shiny design, and the silver edges. There is a slight difference in the Galaxy S5 home button; Samsung has made it a big more rounder than the previous Galaxy S4. Samsung did make a difference to the back cover giving it a new textured pattern for an increase in the grip friction as well as to enhance the design. The Galaxy S5 offers a variety of color options to chose from. Available is the electric blue, charcoal black, shimmery white, and copper gold. Samsung also integrated the heart rate monitor that can be used with Fitness into the back cameras LED flash.

The Galaxy S5 has a 5.1″ full HD AMOLED display which has become more ambient to light but is not much larger then the Galaxy S4 5.0″ display. It comes with a 2.800 battery, and a 2.5 GHz Quad-Core processor with 2.GB RAM. The camera on the other hand has increased, previously the Galaxy S4 had a 13 Megapixels camera to the new Galaxy S5 having a 16 Megapixel camera with face sensor technology. Also, with the new Galaxy S5 you will be able to take photos without unlocking your device.

The subtle differences between the software on the other hand is that the Galaxy S5 is running Android 4.4 kitkat OS which more or less has all the same functions as the Android OS. You will notice a difference when pinching on your home screen to get your overview; it will now show up in icons rather then in a grid format. Also, icons will be different as well as the notifications panel will still have new notifications such as Quick Connect.

The fingerprint scanner is integrated into the screen above the home button, to use it you swipe your finger half way down the bottom portion of the screen onto the home button. The memory holds up to 3 different fingerprints. With the partnership with PayPal you can now authenticate transactions with your fingerprint as well.

The heart rate scanner is located on the back cover integrated into the LED camera flash. To use it you simple place your finger over it, and glows red to take your pulse rate. The pulse monitor is optimized with the S Health 3.0 app which will also be a coach, and fitness tracker.

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LG G Pro 2

lg g pro 2 i fix screens

The design of the LG G Pro 2 has  a  5.9″ full HD display with a 1,080 pixel resolution and measures at 6.2″ long and 3.2″ wide oppose to the previous LG G Pro which had a 5.5″ display.

The color variety available to this device is white, silver, and titan ( or in other words black)

It is powered by a 2.26GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU processor; oppose to the the LG G Pro which had a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with a 1.7GHz quad-core cpu with a 2GB RAM and Adreno 33o GPU. When you open the back cover to the device you will find a removable battery that has an increased capacity of 3200mAh rather then the previous LG G Pro which had 3140mAh

The new LG G PRO 2 has a 13 megapixel camera with optical image stabilization on the back with up to 4K video capture and is held in a slim frame of 3.33mm. The pixel density of the LG G Pro 2 has decreased slightly from the LG G Pro from 400ppi to 373ppi respectively.

When thinking of software improvements the LG team came up with an improved version of the KnockOn which originally was made to wake up the phone by tapping twice on the screen. Now with the LG G Pro 2 you have the KnockCode which allows you to make certain tap combinations separated by four different quadrants. KnockCode's will range from two to eight taps which allows for an impressive amount of different combination possibilities. Each combination you set will represent a distinctive action the device is suppose to wake up to.

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iPhone 6

As you probably know after all these years Apple does not give much information about products that are soon to come. But you know, Rumors are circling around. The iPhone 6 is going to be announced in 2014, when exactly is undetermined. The release of the iPhone 6 should be in September 2014, Apple has been introducing their new line at a special event around this time every year, so my money is on that.

Their was talk at the June event about a larger screen so this is possibly correct, as its competitors are all moving to larger screens. iOs 8 should be introduced also, as to any new line of iPhone's Apple tends to update their software to it as well.

Rumors of the home button being removed? That is a possibility, but the touch screen is going to somehow be incorporated into the screen? All possibilities. A Retina plus Sharp IGZO with a display of 1080 pixel full HD resolution is also talked about.  Possibility that Apple will launch two different iPhone's may be true, after the shock when Apple launched two separate iPhones last year, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. Rumor has it that it is a possibility that Apple will launch two different size iPhone 6; one with a larger screen said to be 5.7″ and another to be 4.7″.

True or untrue? We will have to wait and see. What we do know is that the iPhone 6 will be repairable at iFixScreens!

Blackberry Q20

The new blackberry according CEO John Chen, will be a "retro" device. The upcoming Q20 blackberry is claimed to attract all the old school blackberry customers who were fans of the rolling ball and keypad. The Q20 will have a 3.5″ display that is touch screen. The Q20 apparently is going to be running the Blackberry OS while also be compatible with Android apps you would like to have as long as they are not from Google.

Blackberry is looking to enter the industry that was once regulated by them which includes the military and medicine field. Blackberry Q20 should be released sometime in the second half of this year, which includes the release of their new software the BES 12.

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LG G3 – Google Nexus 6

June 25th is scheduled for Google's IO conference which is likely we are going to be introduced to the next line of the Nexus device.

So far rumor has it that the hardware that is being planned is going to be LG's 2014 platform for a whole different standard of Nexus line and that this is LG's 2014 best yet in this line , the G3.

So far rumor has been circling around many different ideas but some of the most common are to be that there will be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor. A 5.5″ screen is in the running also which will include all the new featured technologies from the LG G Pro. A richer camera app with optical image stabilization is to be introduced. The camera is said to have a selfie flash as well as have Knock code. As to what software the Nexus 6 will hold will all depended on what is the latest version of Android which till now is a bit indeterminable.

The LG G3 will be repairable at iFixScreens.

Sony Xperia Z2

Launched only 6 months ago, was the Sony Xperia Z1, Now talk around the Sony Xperia Z2 is increasing. Rumors have it that it is a more refined version of the Sony Xperia Z1. It's also rumored that it is going to be larger than the Sony Xperia Z1, but is going to have an expanded screen of 5.2″, front speakers to increase the sound quality,and include a 2.3GHz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and a 3GB RAM. In terms of speed, it is in the running to be one of the fastest phones in the market. It is said that the Sony Xperia Z2 is going to also be running the Android 4.4 KitKat.

The Song Xperia 2 will be repairable at iFixScreens.

HTC One 2

The new HTC One 2 is set to be an upgraded and not extremely modified version of the already existing HTC One. The new HTC One 2 device is set to arrive March 25th with its core focus being on the camera, the video, and the audio.

Rumors circling around have been that the new HTC One 2 will have a simplified camera app, a 5.2″ display, a microSD card slot. It is also being rumored that the battery is said to be 2900mAh, as well as have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800CPU with a 2GB RAM.

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Technology has been moving at a pace that is unbelievable and don't expect it to slow down anytime soon, but then again who wants it to? We have gone from the simple black and white phones to having an enormous amount of options that sometimes makes it difficult to just choose one. The idea that your smartphone may accidentally fall and crack is expected to go through everyone's mind; but worry no longer! iFixScreens is the team that understands your situation and we have a qualified team that will assist you with any of your problems. Come down and let us help you at any of our locations. If you are not located in NY don't worry about it, iFixScreens has a Mail-in Address to be as convenient as possible. iFixScreen is ready for 2014!

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