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The Apple iPhone has always been admiring due to its elegant functions and delicate design. Moreover, Apple knows how to fulfill their users’ demand and produce cutting-edge technology devices. However, for the past few years, some brands like Samsung and Huawei have become the reason for the reduction in the sales of the Apple iPhone. The biggest reason for all this is evolving technology. Therefore, people are finding new alternatives to the Apple iPhone at lowered prices and expanded innovation.

Which are the Top 3 Contenders of the Apple iPhone?

We have compared three latest Apple iPhones with three Android devices from many perspectives to enable you to make a purchase decision. So, let’s move further and see those comparisons in detail.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra VS iPhone 11 Pro Max

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Vs Iphone 11 Pro Max

Samsung is striving day and night to provide its users with the best experience through innovations. When it comes to competing with the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the Samsung S20 Ultra is a savior and a top of the line android phone. 

1 Display

Well, if we talk about the screen size then, the S20 Ultra has a bit larger display of 6.9 inches, while the iPhone11 Pro Max has a 6.5-inch display. These give the users an experience of watching ultra HD videos up to 120 Hz.

2 Camera

With the 108-MP main camera, S20 Ultra has no doubt an edge over the 12-MP camera of iPhone 11 Pro Max. Moreover, you get to see much clearer and detailed results by the quad-camera of S20 Ultra and a time-of-flight sensor for depth-measuring capabilities makes it even cooler.

3 Battery

S20 Ultra comes with a 5000 mAh long-life battery that gives you enough run-time when compared to the 3969 mAh battery of the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

4 Processor

When it comes to performance, the A13 Bionic chipset in the iPhone 11 Pro Max is somehow better than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset inside the Galaxy S20 Ultra. However, the iPhone 11 surpasses the S20 Ultra at this point.

5 Price

The latest price for iPhone 11 Pro Max (64 GB) is $1099, while S20 Ultra (128 GB) stands at $899

Therefore, you can get the S20 Ultra at a lower price and better features than iPhone 11 Pro Max.


Huawei P30 Pro VS iPhone X

Huawei P30 Pro Vs Iphone X

Huawei is famous for producing high-performance smartphones that are economical as well. This device P30 Pro is a masterpiece from Huawei that has some amazing and interesting features which allow you to let everything go smoothly. 

1 Display

With a 6.47 inches display on the P30 Pro and a 5.8-inch display on the iPhone X, you won’t see a big difference. However, the screen resolution of the iPhone is much better than Huawei. 

You get 2340 x 1080 pixels (398 pixels per inch) resolution in P30 Pro while in iPhone X gives you a screen resolution of 1125 x 2436 pixels (463 pixels per inch). 

This gives the clear implication that iPhone X has an edge over the P30 Pro when it comes to watching HD graphics with higher PPI.

2 Camera

Apple iPhone X has two rear cameras of 12 MP + 12 MP, while Huawei P30 Pro has three cameras of 40 MP + 20 MP + 8 MP.

Although both the phones have more than one rear camera, the Smart HDR in Huawei P30 Pro enables us to take some incredible-looking pictures.

Moreover, P30 Pro wins the game again by having a 32MP front camera as compared to a 7MP front camera in the iPhone X.

The camera features of P30 Pro have explicit victory over the iPhone X.

3 Battery

With a 4200 mAh battery, you get ample screen time in the P30 Pro, while the iPhone X only has a 2716 mAh battery.

iPhones are usually led by android phones when battery capacity is considered.  

4 Processor

Huawei presents you with the HiSilicon Kirin 980 processor in the P30 Pro that is incredibly fast and powerful. It gives you awesome gaming experience and quality.

However, Huawei cannot compete with Apple’s chip because iPhones are known for the best processors in the market. Apple A11 Bionic is second to none when it comes to performance. 

However, we cannot deny the performance of P30 Pro’s processor as it is a flagship chip that is suitable for any kind of operations available today.

5 Price

With a price tag of $1190, iPhone X is considered to be one of the most expensive phones in today’s market. Though Apple is not officially selling this model now on its website, you can get this popular model of the iPhone at your nearest ifixscreens store at a much better price. However, the P30 Pro has a considerably low price of $960. 

If you are not brand conscious then the P30 Pro has a lot for you in the price bracket that you would love to pay for. 


Samsung Galaxy S10e VS iPhone 11

Samsung Galaxy S10E Vs Iphone 11

Samsung S10e is one of the mid-range android devices from Samsung that has a bunch of premium features. With some innovations like a “link to Windows”, this masterpiece of Samsung speaks for itself. 

1 Display

You get a 6.1-inch display panel on the iPhone 11, while Samsung provides you a comparatively smaller display of 5.8 inches. As both the phones are not meant for watching movies and animations due to their small size, so this size gap doesn’t make a difference.

However, S10e excels at the iPhone 11 with its AMOLED panel, as it looks great when compared to the LCD of iPhones.

2 Camera

Both the phones have a wide-angle lens and an ultra-wide lens at the back, but the results with an ultra-wide lens of S10e are much better than iPhone 11.

Moreover, S10e lags with the 10MP front camera, while iPhone 11 gives you a better result with its 12MP selfie camera. This also implies when night modes are considered, iPhone outstrips S10e.

3 Battery

So, the battery of S10e is 3100mAh, while you get 3110mAh in iPhone 11. Both the figures are very close, depicting a strong competition between both the models.

4 Processor

The A13 Bionic chip of the iPhone 11 is a 6-core chip with 4GB RAM that lags behind the Snapdragon 855 processor in our S10e, which has 8 cores and a 6GB RAM. 

The processing speed of the iPhone is no doubt better than S10e, but the RAM of S10e is much higher.

5 Price

S10e (128 GB) is priced at $399. While the iPhone 11’s official price is $699 for the 64 GB variant.

So, with its stunning display and powerful internal hardware, the S10e is undeniably one of the best Android phones available today that gives a strong competition against the expensive iPhones.



We have compared the Monarch of the market – iPhone, with some of the top-notch Android phones available today. In some places, you will see a lot of ties, or some models have an edge over the other. 

However, the specs of Android phones (that we have discussed until now) deserve commendation because they have the quality to compete with the iPhones and provides the users with a remarkable experience.

Moreover, iPhones require us to have a pocket full of pennies while thinking of purchasing them. Nevertheless, if you are not capable of doing so but still want to experience something amazing then these android phones are always here to serve you with their premium features.

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