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Top 5 Blogs To Fix Your iPhone Issues

Many people are using iPhone because of the thrilling features Apple provides. But it is quite natural that every electronic gadget will encounter some issues afterward. The same is the situation with iPhone too. There are many common issues and easy solutions with iPhone.


 Top 5 Blogs To Fix Your Iphone - Iphone Repair

Here we have given 5 blogs that may fix your iPhone Repair issue:

1. Five Technical Steps to Solve the Black Screen Problem in iPhone Camera:

iPhone is a perfect smart gadget with unique features and functionalities of sleek design and advanced automation technology made by ‘Apple’. Nevertheless, mobile users complain about the malfunctions of the camera in iPhones.

It is often observed that instead of providing the front view or rear clearly, the camera does not function properly and shows a black screen. This issue can be frustrating for the users, so they seek iPhone camera repair services to fix the black screen problem.

Black Screen Problme In Iphone Camera
Common issues:
  • The camera seems to be frozen
  • Black screen on the back camera
  • The camera app is frozen
  • Out of sync flash
  • Missing options


2. Slow iPhone? Apple admits to slowing down older iPhones:

Slow Iphone

You are not alone; Apple recently acknowledged that it is slowing older iPhones to prevent them from unexpectedly shutting down. If you’re curious to find out if your older iPhone is affected and needs to be replaced, then there are a few ways to find out before you spend hundreds of dollars to buy a new iPhone to replace your older slow iPhone.

Follow these three easy steps to find out your iPhone’s battery capacity:


3. How to fix iPhone 6 and 6 Plus “Touch Disease”


Over the last few months, news has covered the touch disease that renders Apple’s iPhone 6, 6S, and 6 Plus non-functional. Analysis of the issue revealed that Apple removed the underfill from the controller chips that govern touchscreen functionality.Iphone Touch Disease

The reasons for iPhone touch disease:

Apple has never legally announced the problem, but individual iPhone repair vendors and Apple Store technicians have said that it is easily one of the most common issues that people need to fix.


4. 3 tips to Prevent your iPhone Screen from Getting Scratched

3 Tips To Prevent Your Screen From Getting Scratched

Apple has merged science and art with innovative design to give a mirror-like shine to its iPhone screens. The magnificence of every Apple iPhone comes from its elegant and highly-stylized screen making it worth protecting like expensive jewelry. In the view of most Apple iPhone screen repair expert, this delicately designed screen attracts scratches far quicker than other smartphones. Even a small blemish on the screen can mar its entire beauty. So it is really important for iPhone owners to take care of their device, especially the screen. Below, we’ve highlighted the 3 tips to prevent your iPhone screen from getting scratched.

5. Your iPhone won’t Turn On! How to Fix It?

Top 5 Blogs To Fix Your Iphone

iPhone not turning on is one of the common issues which can happen to your smartphone. You press the Power button on iPhone and nothing occurs, the screen remains black. iPhone doesn’t respond or just shows the Apple logo and then turns it off. Hope you’ll never face this issue. However, if you’re reading this blog, please keep in mind the following actions that should recover your iPhone.

If your iPhone stopped working because it was damaged by water, or was badly dropped, you may want to try our suggestions first anyway; however, if your iPhone is damaged, you may have to take it to an iPhone repair service center.

Here we explain the reasons and how to fix the iPhone won’t turn on.


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